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TravelLuggage & Bagscoolife luggage expandable suitcase 3 piece set with tsa lock
Coolife Luggage - Expandable Suitcase - 3 Piece Set with TSA Lock
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Coolife Luggage - Expandable Suitcase - 3 Piece Set with TSA Lock

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Experience seamless travel with Coolife's Expandable 3 Piece Luggage Set, featuring TSA Lock and Spinner Wheels. Available in vibrant red, the set includes suitcases in 20in, 24in, and 28in sizes. Note: Only the 28in suitcase is expandable. Perfect for all your travel needs.

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Variants: purple 3 piece set, dark green L(28in), champagne 3 piece set, purple M(24in), red 3 piece set, sliver 3 piece set, dark green 3 piece set, sliver S(20in_carry on), lake blue S(20in_carry on), Grey M(24in), white 3 piece set, Grey L(28in), lake blue M(24in), blue L(28in), champagne M(24in), blue 3 piece set, sliver M(24in), white M(24in), champagne L(28in), Grey S(20in_carry on), lake blue L(28in), dark green M(24in), blue S(20in_carry on), white S(20in_carry on), white L(28in), champagne S(20in_carry on), Grey 3 piece set, lake blue 3 piece set

Dimensions: 31 x 19 x 13 inches

Weight: 12 Kilograms

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4out of 5

8164 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I’ve only used it once but so far so good! I got the teal ones not only do they look great they’re also easy to spot when going through the conveyor belt at the airport. They come in 3 different sizes and the wheels roll easily. I highly recommend ordering a plastic cover to keep them looking good and protect them from getting scratched up.
I really like the quality of the suitcases. They are attractive, lightweight and yet durable, and maneuver well... until a wheel breaks. We bought the set of three, and one year and 11 months later, an airport broke off a wheel on our largest bag. We contacted the company asking about a replacement wheel and were offered a $40 refund. I replied that I didn't want a refund, just a new wheel. They don't replace wheels, so they sent us a brand new suitcase. Outstanding customer service that you just don't find any more. Thank you Coollife! :-)
February 22, 2022
5out of 5
I just travelled by plane with my new set and it was perfect! My favorite color, and it makes it easy to identify on the luggage carousel. The smallest was perfect for the overhead bin, and I nested the medium inside the small so I'd have an extra bag to come home with in case I was bringing a bunch of stuff back. The 360 wheels move so smoothly, so they were very easy to navigate. I could put my personal item (a laptop backpack) on top of the carry on to make it easy - no back pain or awkwardness of items falling off my shoulders, and so easy to move (unlike the older wheel styles that you have to drag and the weight pulls your arm/shoulder down. Effortless and cute! I also love the protection of the hard case, that one side zips up inside to contain all the smaller packed items, and that the luggage opens in half (at the mid-point) so you can evenly distribute your clothes, making them easier to access. The rubber guards on the corners protected from wear and tear and the built in combo lock that is TSA approved/accessible was a huge plus. Icing on the cake: all three pieces nest for easy storage.
I made a short trip with these shortly after receiving them, and only used the carry-on piece, which was the proper size (there were some questions as the measurements given show it to be about 1/2" too long compared to the American Airlines size limits for carry-ons). But I checked by putting it in the sizing bin near the check-in counter and also asked the attendant there if that was considered a fit, and they said it looked fine. No issues putting it in the overhead bin, and it was really easy to wheel around the airport. I had only ever had the ones with fixed wheels so you had to drag it behind you. This one has spinner wheels that allow you to walk with it next to you vertically on all four wheels which I could never do before and was sometimes handy in the airport. I have long legs so sometimes dragging any luggage behind me would catch my feet at times. This piece worked very well. I like the TSA lock as well, which was easy to set. Very pleased with my purchase and would recommend.
5out of 5
If I wasn’t a shorter, less buffer, funnier version of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson my 50 lb luggage would have been impossible for me to carry for 3 weeks in Europe. My very first flight on August 21st the wheels got destroyed. Do yourself a favor and spend more money. I am currently in the first week of my three week tour of Europe. It’s going to be a nightmare moving this around now on my next flights (multiple) and train rides (multiple). I honestly was concerned at the low price but my friend convinced me otherwise - she actually mentioned it’d probably break so go cheap first. Guess she was right. I wish I hadn’t listened and spent more money on a better product. Other than it breaking immediately, it seemed like a good product. The wheels did look weak and... well... here we are 🙃 *** update Sept 12th *** Just got back to U.S. on my 9/10th day (third flight) the second and third wheels broke. That was a major pain going across cobble stone in Denmark and through the trains of Germany. On my return flight on day 21, 24 hrs of travel, I finally lost my last wheel. Seen in my last photo. He made it so far. I thought he was going to make it home. I cried and we are holding a funeral for him. Do yourself a favor - spend a little more money and get something better. Honestly, I am decently strong (like... a gorilla 😎) and carried this by hand through streets, trams, buses, planes, up stairs, down stairs etc. It was tough. For a normal person, it would have been impossible. ** October 13th Update ** I have been given a full refund. LETS GO!
5out of 5
This is by far the best luggage I ever owned. The material is durable and quite scratch resistant based on my application thus far. I recently used this set on an international trip and I am really impressed. Its also the smoothest rolling set of luggage wheels I've ever experienced. The zippers hold up really well under extreme load. On my recent trip, I was on the move for about a week with only the carry on and boy oh boy it held up strongly. 10/10 recommend. Great for the price. I utilized and luggage cover for the 28' and the 24' so this may have aided with the scratch prevention. Happy with the purchase and I love the colour!
4out of 5
We needed new luggage and this three piece set is great for family vacations. The quality is good considering the cost of the set. Purchased blue ones on prime day. Took 28 and 20 inch ones on one trip and so far no issues. The carryon is rather small and didn’t fit as much stuff. The wheels rolled smoothly, it was a breeze to maneuver the case in any direction or way that I wanted! And the color is pretty and easy to spot at baggage claim (we chose the blue) Very pleased!
October 16, 2023
5out of 5
These cases are extremely easy to move about and have good durability. I love the corner guards which help stop the damage a case receives when it is thrown around during air travel. This is the second set we have bought as the colours also make them easy to spot, the locking mechanism means they haven’t been tampered with and they are just so easy to manoeuvre at airports whilst being sturdy enough for frequent worldwide travel.