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Toy Rocket Launcher for Kids
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Toy Rocket Launcher for Kids

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Kids' Toy Rocket Launcher: Top-Rated Slingshot Rocket Toys - Secure and Fun Slingshot Toy for Boys and Girls - Foam Finger Rockets Suitable for Kids Aged 6-8 and 8-12 - Perfect for Easter Gifts, Party Favors, and Boy's Stocking Stuffers - Available in Multiple Colors

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Manufacturer: Refresh Sports

Variants: Multicolor, LED

Dimensions: 5 x 2 x 2 inches

Weight: 4.2 ounces

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4out of 5

145 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

2out of 5
previous versions of this would shoot across the room and give some ability to "hit" our target. These are useless for aim or shooting. The flop forward and down and are more visually a rocket than actually able to move through the air.
5out of 5
My 4 year old loves these rockets and is able to do them himself. But they are so fun that we love doing them together. I love that we can use them indoors because they are lightweight enough to fly without breaking anything. 😂 He loves the variety of colors and that they shoot super high in the sky or across the room indoors. They are definitely well made and durable and I can't wait to try them in a pool in the summer. Definitely a fun purchase.
5out of 5
This cute toy is very durable. It comes with 4 Foam heavy durable darts with a very strong sturdy and durable rubber band for your finger. The rockets can shoot pretty far if you have a powerful finger for launching it. It's fun, easy to use and fun for all ages.
5out of 5
I am all game for new toys and anything that will help entertain my kids especially if it's something very self-explanatory and something simple that my kids can do on their own. These are fun to shoot up in the air and chase after them. It keeps the kids entertained for quite some time. They're nice and small so that you can pack them when you go to the park. They makes for some great hours of entertainment. I highly recommend them!
5out of 5
We had a blast with these - no one was safe.
September 06, 2023
5out of 5
We love this product! Durable and easy to use.
February 09, 2023
5out of 5
My kids and I enjoyed launching these in the house on a rainy day. They're soft, easy to launch and fun. They can go pretty far too!
July 25, 2023
5out of 5
The 10 year old girl and the 55 year old man equally enjoyed trying to outdo each other. Fun and inexpensive!