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NERF N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster with Rotating Barrel
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NERF N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster with Rotating Barrel

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Experience the thrill of rapid-fire action with the Nerf Strongarm blaster. This N-Strike Elite toy blaster is designed for speed, mobility, and long-range accuracy, firing darts up to 90 feet (27 meters). With a quick-draw, fast-firing mechanism, the Strongarm blaster allows you to unleash a wave of foam darts in no time. The barrel flips open for easy loading and holds up to 6 Nerf Elite darts, enabling you to fire 6 darts before reloading. The blaster features slam-fire action for rapid firing and comes with 6 Official Nerf Elite darts that are tested for performance and quality. No batteries are required for this blaster, making it a perfect gift for Nerf beginners and a must-have addition for Nerf fans. The Strongarm blaster is compatible with most N-Strike accessories (sold separately) and is a trademark of Hasbro. Experience the power of the Strongarm blaster and dominate your Nerf battles.

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Manufacturer: Hasbro

Dimensions: 7.01 x 12.76 x 2.76 inches

Weight: 1 pounds

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29174 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I ordered 2 of these. One of them came with a slightly disappointing paint job but that's quite minor. For $10 this is a must have. It is a huge upgrade from the Maverick which was already so popular. Why? : - The barrel is smaller because of the new plunger/restrictor mechanism. - The barrel extends further upon reload, exposing more dart chambers. - Priming mechanism feels fluid but yet light and not clunky. Great for the slam fire feature - Barrel now rotates AFTER firing and not WHILE firing, unlike the Maverick. This means better accuracy because the dart is aligned prior to firing. - It has greatly increased accuracy and power. You can feel a bigger punch when firing this model, and the other Elite models for that matter (Eg. Retaliator, Rampage) - Lastly, like the Maverick, this gun is compatible with most darts!!! Not only does it fire the elite and regular streamline darts, it also fires the dart tags and even the old whistle darts with the larger heads. I've tried and tested this on both my Strongarms. They fire with the same degree of power and accuracy. Aesthetics wise, it looks a little sleeker than the Maverick in my opinion and the colors are nice. If for some reason you do have a complaint. If it came faulty , had a manufacturing defect, or even if it started to malfunction after a short while, it's most likely just a matter of quality control and you got unlucky on that piece. Just contact Amazon and get a replacement. Amazon has always been more than helpful with any issues I've had in the past. This model is really just worth having. It's great for the kids because its small, packs just as much of a punch as some of the bigger models and it's cheap and easy to replace if the kids break it. Also one more last thing, I read a bad review about someone who experienced a problem with the darts being depressed at the bottom and did not fire properly after. The darts would just fall out the barrel. This happens when you leave the darts in the gun for a prolonged time without use. If you're going to store the gun for a long period of time, remove the darts and store them separately in the box. Make this a habit for all nerf guns and your darts will last you longer.
5out of 5
First I would like to give a "shout out" to Mackenzie Johnston for his review. It was the reason for my purchase. My wife an I adopted two cats one is a black tuxedo cat and and little orange tiger. The tiger is a bit of a discipline problem he may not be a "D-Bag" (read Mackenzie's review) ours is a step lower we refer to him as a "Nut Job" at times (NJ). Day 1 1/19/18. It arrives and it is well made a bit bigger than expected...its the "Dirty Harry" of nerf guns. it has excellent range I can sit in one room and it goes into the next. The Strongarm is packaged well and has simple instructions, written for us and to our neighbors to the north and the south, who my also need to train a varmint. My test firing was my wife shot at me (I didnt want to sleep in the garage with no heat. It was 15 degrees last night. It sting a bit..ok it will do the trick. Time for target practice. "NJ" didnt keep me waiting. He started to jump on the dining room chair. First shot missed but it got his attention. He started again second shot closer and he gave me a look..the third shot i grazed his front paw and jumped. He has been good so far. I have patience stay tuned as the saga continues... Next day "NJ" is a bit naughty. Got a few shots in most missed him. He also did a Wiley E Coyote run on our laminate floor. He is starting to run away at seeing the gun in my hand. Note: This gun fits nicely in a full size bath robe pocket. Only two days after having the gun it did its job. I keep you posted. Oh yes my wife liked it i ordered the smaller "3 shooter for her....Happy Hunting yall. Michael Sites Carlisle, PA
These Elite Strongarms are great beginner Nerf guns. They don't require batteries, they aren't too hard to load and cock, they are relatively inexpensive, and they have been reliable. I have also purchased the Nerf Triad Ex-3 (similar to the Nerf Jolt), and the Nerf Modulus (a battery powered magazine loading gun). Pros: They are inexpensive compared to the battery guns. The Triads were cheaper, but only held 3 shots, and 2 of 3 stopped working after half a year. They have been reliable. I initially bought 2 in 2018 , as in my experience Nerf guns don't always work out of the box. Both are still going strong, and I bought 2 more as gifts last Christmas, both of which also performed great out of the box. No battery needed. No need to wait for the electronics to spool up before firing. Accurate as any unmodded Nerf gun I have used. Cons: To cock the gun, one needs some grip strength (as opposed to a battery gun). A 6yo shouldn't have too much of a problem, but a 4yo probably would not be able to. They only hold six shots, and you reload by inserting the darts in a swing out cylinder, which is kind of slow. So choose your opponents wisely... Other: These are also fun to fiddle with, as they have both a cylinder that releases and flips out, as well as a slide that you can cock. Also, although my Strongarms have been reliable, the swing out cylinder might be a weak point for a child who excels at breaking things. Also, I purchased mine through Amazon, so they came in a generic looking cardboard box. Only important if you want someone to think you spent more money than you actually did... :D