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Flybar - My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids
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Flybar - My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids

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Introducing the Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper, a fun and safe pogo stick designed specifically for toddlers. This jumper is perfect for encouraging outdoor play and physical activity. Our goal is to transform your backyard into a playground and inspire a love for outdoor adventures, just like the good old days. Say goodbye to screen time and hello to active, outdoor fun with Flybar's Foam Pogo Jumper.

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Manufacturer: ‎Flybar

Variants: Pink Mff Jumper, Unicorn Mff Jumper, Orange Mff Jumper, Paw Patrol Chase Mff Jumper, Blue LED Mff Jumper, Blue Police Mff Jumper, Red LED Mff Jumper, Poop Emoji Mff Jumper, Frog Mff Jumper, Blue Mff Jumper, Robot Mff Jumper, Red Mff Jumper, Rainbow Poop Emoji Mff Jumper, Red Fire Mff Jumper, Red Paw Patrol Marshall Mff Jumper, Pink Princess Mff Jumper, Rocket Mff Jumper

Weight: ‎16 Ounces

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47324 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

December 11, 2023
5out of 5
This pogo jumper is a user friendly toy for even the littlest walkers to try. It isn’t high up like spring pogos and they don’t have to be bouncing to stay upright. It is easy to stand on the foam base and build up to bouncing when ready. It works best on hard floors to get bounce, rather than carpet. If anyone has concerns about the squeaker, I was able to pull it out without damaging the toy. It isn’t overly loud so many will find it okay. I just have one sensitive child who likes quiet. It’s a fun toy.
My kids love it. It is an affordable gift and it will keep them entertained. My daughter is turning 3, so the balance is not there yet. For her I need to be careful not to use it in a space where she can hurt herself as she is falling a lot. My son is 5 and he can do it for hours.
5out of 5
Not a bad indoor toy for my little one. It squeaks which is super fun when he's hoping around. It lights up sometimes (why is why I took one star. It just came out of the box and won't always light up so I imagine the batteries are nearly dead and there's no way to change them.) The pedometer works and my son is already trying to stay on it to break his record using the counter to keep track. Very fun, great purchase! Perfect for colder weather, indoor play.
5out of 5
Kid is absolutely obsessed with this thing. We did do squeaker removal surgery (highly recommend to all parents out there) which was a little more difficult than anticipated. But they will come out have no fear, just keep pulling!!! All parts of this toy are soft or padded so if you have a kid that can really do some bodily harm throwing things around, don’t worry this thing won’t hurt. Seems to be pretty durable too!
November 19, 2023
5out of 5
This is a great toy for toddlers. It keeps them jumping and active. My toddler can't get enough jumping done on this toy. Will definitely recommend.
December 10, 2023
3out of 5
Cool concept for a toy however it isn't very sturdy and fell apart fast. Also the squeak toy inside that squeaks when jumping is very annoying.
So much fun for little and big kids. I love that it provides physical activity. We received one as a gift years ago and now it’s a favorite gift to give.
5out of 5
I was hesitant to order this ingenious product because my children already have enough noise-making toys to drive me insane. I was sold on the concept of an age-appropriate, balance-training pogo for my toddler but I dreaded the idea of the squeaker feature. I poured over user reviews on Amazon and the manufacturer’s website, hoping that some other sane human being had the same concerns as I, but found only complaints and no confirmation that the squeaker could be easily removed without damaging the product. With my son’s birthday coming up I decided to take the risk and order it. I figured that if I couldn’t kill the squeak I’d just return it before he saw it and knew what he was missing. I’m happy to report that I was able to silence this toy and gift it to my son! There are two small, plastic, bulb-shaped squeaker inserts, one at each end of the foam base. I inserted my finger into the opening to feel around the squeak mechanism and confirmed that it was not glued or permanently attached inside. I used needle-nose pliers to grasp the stem of the squeaker while depressing the bulb with my finger and slowly stretching the foam around it as I carefully worked it out. The foam does have some elasticity but I didn’t want to force it too quickly and risk tearing the foam. Each squeaker came out intact and the foam block shows no scars or signs of the surgery. All in, I probably spent less than two minutes investigating and removing the squeakers versus the hour or so that I spent scouting the internet and debating whether or not to buy it. I hope my detailed review may save someone else the trouble. As I write this, my three-year-old son is happily hopping around the house (wearing his bike helmet) with no sound other than his laughter and joy. My eight-year-old daughter gave it a go and is jealous so I may have to buy another! I also gave it a try and was surprised at how much air you can get due to the elastic bands that connect the handlebars to the foam base. The product seems very well made and the colors are great.