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Toys & GamesSports & Outdoor Playarmogear laser tag game 2 pack balloon battle ideal for boys 8
ArmoGear Laser Tag Game, 2 Pack Balloon Battle, Ideal for Boys 8+
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ArmoGear Laser Tag Game, 2 Pack Balloon Battle, Ideal for Boys 8+

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ArmoGear Laser Tag Shooting Game | 2 Pack Kids Laser Tag Balloon Battle | Indoor and Outdoor Target Shooting Toy | Ideal Gift for Boys Ages 8 Plus | Laser Tag Sets| Perfect Sports Gifts for Boys Balloon Battle - 2 Pack. You know firsthand how shopping for better kids' toys can be complex. We're parents too and have set out to make raising your children – as well as our own – all fun and games. There's so much more to toys than their entertainment factor alone. We all want our children to enjoy happy playtime that is safe, age-appropriate, educational, affordable, and loads of fun. And at KidzLane, we meet each of these benchmarks in every one of our toys.

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Manufacturer: ArmoGear

Variants: Spider Set - 1 Pack, Mini Battle - 4 Pack, Balloon Battle - 2 Pack

Weight: 1.68 pounds

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Amazon's Top Reviews

4out of 5
Got 3 boys...all under the age of 10. These are perfect size and simplicity for them. To reload you spin the cylinder and fire away. We've had other laser guns like the Nerf, Laser X and some others off Amazon here; these are by far my kiddos favorite. Guns are light, shoot well inside the house and decent accuracy. If your looking for a set to get these are great guns for kids under the age of 10 for sure.
October 11, 2021
3out of 5
My son loves this. Our only issue with it is that it takes AAA batteries, and it only works with alkaline batteries. The bug itself will NOT work with even fully-charged rechargeable batteries because these have a slightly lower voltage than alkaline batteries. To make matters worse, when you use alkaline batteries, the bug stops working well before the batteries are empty. If you buy this, and your kid likes it, understand that you will end up paying far more for batteries than the toy itself over the life of the thing.
4out of 5
Product worked as expected. Kids enjoyed balloon aspect of laser tag.
4out of 5
Great game when we gotta keep at least 6 feet apart. So far so good. Customer service is prompt and courteous.
All worked but too complicated
May 07, 2021
5out of 5
My 2 and 5 year old kids like to hand the ballon to shoot and pop , they can also turn gun function to shot each other on or off , which is fun. You don’t need to use the gun pop and just shoot each others guns. The volume is good. Simple , fun for kids, allows a few simple options. The spinning barrel to reload is pretty cool. Kids like that a lot.
December 21, 2020
5out of 5
**I have tested the unit** I bought this as gift which has not been given yet, so its not gone through kid testing. I opened the package up as there was something rattling around when I received it and I didn't want to give a broken gift. Thankfully it was only the instructions and some loose pieces of cardboard from the manufacturing process of the box. I since it was opened I put in some batteries and tried it out with my buddy (the father of the child this gift is for) and we tested it out and it seemed to work as advertised (we tested from about 10 ft. apart). For fair play the gun should always be in the line of site of the other guns as the guns also serve as the target/hit detection for the game. Overall I know I would have enjoyed this toy when I was child and unlike nerf guns you don't have to worry about keeping track of ammo. A note: When this item shipped, it shipped only it its retail packaging. If buying this as a gift and amazon offers you the ability to get in put in other packaging, I would take it or get it shipped somewhere where the intended recipient wouldn't see it.
December 13, 2022
5out of 5
The product works well and is fun for our 4 year old!!