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Robobloq Qoopers 6 in 1 Robot Kit for Scratch Arduino Python
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Robobloq Qoopers 6 in 1 Robot Kit for Scratch Arduino Python

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Unleash your child's potential with the Robobloq Qoopers 6 in 1 Programming Robot Building Kit. This comprehensive kit includes a remote control, LED Matrix, Ultrasonic Sensor, and more, providing a hands-on experience in Scratch, Arduino, and Python learning. It's not just a toy, it's a coding adventure that enhances problem-solving skills, encourages creativity, and introduces the fundamentals of robotics. Perfect for kids who love to explore and learn.

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Manufacturer: Robobloq

Dimensions: 0.77 x 0.72 x 0.33 inches

Weight: 4.18 pounds

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4out of 5

104 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

January 13, 2020
4out of 5
Unable to give honest review as it was a Christmas gift.
My dad loves to build things. He use to do radio control airplanes and then he has this robot and he loves it. Our dog loves playing with it too!!!
January 15, 2021
5out of 5
Great present for my 7 year old grandson. He just loves it. Big hit.
POOR documentation - when I purchased this, I was under the impression it could be all sorts of robots, when we opened the app (directions), again, implies you can build all these robots - you can, just if you buy ALL the other kits. The issue, Lego Mindstorm ALSO shows tons of different robots, but the one kit can build them all!! This is not that... this is, each kit can build a specific one, but not all... the app (directions) don't really make this clear either which left my son and I trying to build lots of robots that were not part of our kit. They show 6 in 1, they consider a robot to be one with no LCD screen, then another robot (second) is the actual screen attached... in my opinion, that isn't 2 robots, that is one, the first one just has less parts on it. either way... the actual robot, once built is cool... but the fact that this kit can really build a very limited number, 1, that makes it frustrating... my initial review was 1 start - but I decided to change it to 3, since it is more a documentation / advertising issue. My son, after many failed starts with robots that we could not build in our kit, we finally find one we could, so that was great! original review: I looked through the directions (I am an adult), I purchased this for my son... it shows that it includes all the parts listed, so nothing is missing from the box... BUT, you cannot build 95% of the ROBOTS!! the first part it is looking for is a 3/3 elbow - that part is not listed as being in the box and guess what it isn't... but it IS listed as step 2... so we tried to build another robot... NOPE!! it is looking for an oversized green base... also NOT included!!! so it implies you can build all these other robots which, sure, if you purchased a bunch of extra parts... my son is 8... this is a complete mess!! Legos... they show 12 robots on the box and you can actually build them (not at the same time of course)... what else is infuriating... they DO NOT tell you which robot you can actually build with this kit???!!! WTF!!! so I can't even point my son and say, you can only build this one... he is starting each design, we run into a part that is missing (again, it was NEVER included and NEVER listed as being included)... so he starts, we go until we find there is no part... then he has to start completely over... what a waste!!!
2out of 5
Thought this was going to be a kit that would be easy enough for a 12+ year old to assemble. The tools they provided were not the best to assemble this efficiently. Luckily we have tools of our own that made the job easier. The instructions did not have any words they were just images and at times were not very clear. Our son struggled to keep interest in the build process. With adult help/encouragement we were able to finally assemble the robot. When we purchased this product we thought you could build multiple Robots with this kit. It even comes with a few extra upgraded pieces, but the kit only gives instructions on building one robot and doesn’t give you options to use the extra parts. Just for experimenting purposes we added the ultrasonic sensor to our robot even though the instructions didn’t use it in the assembly (it’s in the front). We might need to remove it to use it. We haven’t played with it yet. Hoping to do that tonight. At first glance I’m not very impressed with the app. But I’ll give an update after playing with it in more detail. Our son is in the Robotics program at school, he is a natural engineer so this shouldn’t have been that challenging for him. We really thought this would be a great toy to encourage his interest. We really wanted something modular that he could make into his own creation eventually. This is a kit to build only a single robot, you do not get to choose which one, it is the one pictured in the AD, called Qoopers. I would suggest this toy for older kids 16+. Honestly even adults wanting to learn robotics probably would enjoy this kit. I can say the quality of the parts seem excellent. The way everything was packaged and organized made it easy to find the parts required for each step. I will update this review after we play with the app.
February 14, 2020
4out of 5
Good Gift for kids
5out of 5
My son love it
1out of 5
This is a good piece of hardware that is unfortunately not supported by similar software or documentation. The primary programming method recommended by the manufacturer is a tablet or phone. The mobile app supports a variant of Scratch Jr rather than the entire programming interface, resulting in this serving as little more than a slightly programmable remote control toy rather than an educational STEM device. Additionally, implementing any extensive educational programming in Scratch is better served by the large screen available on a full computer rather than a small mobile device. The manufacturer does have a desktop app however I was not able to consistently maintain a connection to the device through USB and was not able to establish a Bluetooth connection at all. I also expected there would be instructions for at least an introductory project. The website has almost no documentation at all. As an IT director, I have high expectations from my tech equipment and unfortunately, this device did not meet those standards. I returned the device and have since purchased an mBot Ranger from Amazon and have been very happy with the product. None of the problems described above exist in the replacement product.