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Talking Hamster - Repeats What You Say - Plush Animal
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Talking Hamster - Repeats What You Say - Plush Animal

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Discover the Homily Talking Hamster, a delightful plush animal toy that repeats your words. This electronic hamster mouse, adorned with a stylish red tie, is the perfect gift for boys, girls, and babies. Its interactive features make it a must-have toy for fostering creativity and language development.

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Variants: Red, Blk01, Brown, White, Peach

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4out of 5

2967 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

December 11, 2023
5out of 5
This little guy was the hit of the party, young and old. It repeated everything with a clear voice and his shoulders moved up and down made it more entertaining. I will be buying more of these in the future for kids birthdays! Just make sure you have batteries on hand, not included.
January 19, 2023
4out of 5
It’s cute and my two grandkids couldn’t put it down. I just wish it was not so chipmunk sounding when it repeats but in all fairness, I believe it said that in the specifics. I purchased it for my two year old grandchild because he isn’t a big talker and thought it would make him talk more only problem was, the four year old confiscated it😂
5out of 5
I gifted this to my 30 year old brother and he LOVES it. That poor hamster has likely repeated some things that would make your grandmother beat you with a rolling pin.
3out of 5
I thought it would repeat everything said in its vicinity, but it doesn’t. It only repeats sometimes and seems to’go to sleep’ after just a few repeatings. 30 years ago my son had a repeating teddy bear that worked better.
5out of 5
I bought 2 of these for my 2 grandkids and of course I had to take them to work with me to see them in action. (I'm a cashier at a gas station as well as a child caught in an old lady's body) Not only was I cracking up over this thing but the customers all loved them and hung around to watch other customers enjoying talking to the little hamsters. It mimics your voice very well. And the more you laugh, the more it laughs and it's just non-stop laughter. (matter fact, the other day a customer came in asking if I had them with me and I felt that I broke his heart a little telling him no I didn't, that they were gone. Another customer went on Amazon and bought one for his gr/kid but sadly his dog had gotten ahold of that one. (Keep out of reach of pets) But the two of those hamsters going back and forth with each other was a hoot!! I did finally have to come up off of them for one of the grandkids and he was having a blast with it. I'm going to be buying myself one just to take to work!!
December 10, 2023
5out of 5
My husband has Dementia. I purchased the Homily Talking Hampster for him and it has been such a blessing! He spends hours interacting with it! Words and sounds are so clear ! The laughter and joy it brings him is a real blessing! I find myself talking to it also because it sounds so real and has such a funny voice ! He shakes with excitement when he laughs or talks! Have ordered 3 backups ! my husband has dementia
December 04, 2023
5out of 5
Great gift and quality
November 28, 2023
1out of 5
Only repeats a few words. If you speak a 5 word sentence it *might* repeat 2 words back. Terrible waste of money. The return window closed or else I would get my money back.