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Toys & GamesFidgetshashibo shape shifting fidget cube 70 shapes 1 pack
SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Fidget Cube - 70+ Shapes, 1 Pack
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SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Fidget Cube - 70+ Shapes, 1 Pack

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> Cherished by some, still a hidden treasure

Discover the award-winning SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box, a patented fidget cube equipped with 36 rare earth magnets. This innovative toy transforms into over 70 shapes, offering endless fun and stimulation. Part of the Original Series, the 'Spaced Out' design is a standout choice. Download the Fun in Motion Toys Mobile App for even more interactive play. Brought to you by Fun in Motion Toys, creators of popular products like Spinballs, Mozi, Glozi, Shashibo, Wandini, and Karmagami. Our toys are designed to keep you moving, grooving, and never sitting still. Perfect for those who love to fidget or learn new activities, our range of products provide mesmerizing movement and activities that stimulate both mind and body.

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Manufacturer: FUN IN MOTION TOYS

Variants: Mystic Ocean 1, Spaced Out 2, Chaos 4, Holographic - Vapor 1, Moon 2, Mystic Ocean 2, Chaos 2, Jumbie - Disco Plaid 1, Holographic - Polar 1, White & Black 1, Earth 1, Spaced Out 1, Confetti 4, Optical Illusion 1, Optical Illusion 4, Confetti 2, Jumbie - Chameleon 1, Undersea 1, White & Black 2, Blue Planet 1, Optical Illusion 2, Blue Planet 2, Earth 2, Moon 1, Elements 2, Mystic Ocean 4, Blue Planet 4, Bundle of 4 4, Elements 4, Spaced Out 4, Earth & Moon 2, Confetti 1, Gartel 4, Earth 4, Undersea 4, Moon 4, Wings 4, Holographic - Solar 1, Wings 1, Chaos 1, Elements 1, Jumbie - Fire Goddess 1, Undersea 2, White & Black 4, Wings 2

Dimensions: 2.28 x 2.28 x 2.28 inches

Weight: 4.2 ounces

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4out of 5

53062 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

4out of 5
It’s definitely not worth the value. With that said I was surprised at the quality and its internal design. Smart design— good job. At the end of the day it was a click bait item and I fell for it but I wasn’t all that mad with it. Don’t fall for buying multiple to make different objects it’s literally just putting one design side by side with another and calling it a masterpiece—they don’t even click together.
I have to start off by saying I am a huge Puzzle Lover and a (Rubik’s) Cuber. From riddles, illusions and physical puzzles, I am addicted to all things puzzles. I have a ton of physical puzzles like Puzzling Obscurities and Rubik’s Cubes. This puzzle serves as a very easy and laid back coffee table like puzzle. Very easy to solve and make shapes, magnetics are so tactile and pleasing to the touch, and makes for a very passive puzzle experience. The cube is plastic shapes held together with decorative strong stickers. The magnets are there to hold shapes and combine more than one cube together. The instructions says if it doesn’t feel right it isn’t right when shaping the Shashibo. Here the fact about the Shashibo’s different shapes, there is just very few and the rest in between are just floppy in between messes less satisfying or useable. I put it at a level 6/10 for difficulty. Shashibo has 4 separately decorated side that will always face a particular direction in different configurations. Basically, if the cube is red as the smallest cube configurations and also has yellow, blue and green; well, the cube will always be red in that configurations and cannot simply be twisted around and closed back up with a different color. The different configurations will always have the same decorative sides in their exact same place. So buying one is a waste of money. $25 and can form the same 4 basic major shapes (the other shapes are rather useless and unsatisfying). Buy 2, 3 or 4+ and that’s where this product shines. 2 Shashibos have a couple of combinations that are rather satisfying, 3 and you can cleverly hide a cube within the others in a couple of shapes, 4+ and now we are taking. The 4 cube set seem to be the sweet spot in your purchase. The most satisfying use of this product for your money and you save just a little bit from individual purchases. If you buy 1 it is a dull and short experience with Shashibo. You need more or you’re going to immediately want more. Save you money and go straight for 4. 1 Shashibo has a bigger diminishing return than just buying 4. Combining these cubes is where all the magic is at for this product. A standard sized Rubik’s Cube will fit inside 1 Shashibo cube for those who are curious. In the end, it is a fun and relaxing product that I would say has a coffee table fidget charm to it. I definitely say go straight to more than one for your first buy, and in my opinion 4 cubes is the sweet spot to get the most out of this product.
4out of 5
I bought this on a whim, with gift giving in the future in mind. My husband wanted to see what it did, so he fooled around with it for a bit. It was confusing as to how to unfold it, refold it, and manipulate it to create the shapes on the included paper that just had a few shapes one could make with the toy and instructions on how to treat it. There were no handling or 'how to use' instructions. We figured out there are magnets at certain corners and there are only a few shapes one could make with it, as once it is opened, forms a kind of circle. He was able to make one of the shapes shown, but not any others. He has good spatial abilities so this was confounding even for him. After a while, he got it back into it's original cube shape and I packed it back up to be put in the gift closet. We will have to be careful to whom we gift it to - will they think we do not like them and gave them a torture device or think highly of them because it is a higher level thinker toy??
November 24, 2023
5out of 5
This is my favorite fidget toy by far. Bought the 2 pack so my daughter could have one. It took her alittle bit to get it back into a cube but once you do you'll never stop. The paper is slightly coming off in the corners but it was still worth it for us and doesn't effect the usage at this point.
I bought this for a grandchild for Christmas. She loves this kind of thing and I thought she would enjoy it. They are a little steep in price and I must say, I was a bit surprised when it arrived in a tiny little 2.5 x 2.5 inch box, (From the pics, I was expecting something about double that size). I wanted to be certain I was getting a decent quality item, so I removed it from the box and started messing around with it to check quality and entertainment value. Well, we are now 3 days closer to Christmas since it arrived and I am no closer to getting back into that 2.5 x 2.5 box it came in. It is ridiculous how many times I have tried to fold it back into a tiny little square! To be honest, I simply feel frustrated with the whole damn thing. I even had ideations of tearing it apart and gluing it back together. (Then I remembered what I paid and I thought better of it.) The quality certainly seems decent. I am basing that on the fact that it didn't come apart yet and I think I have folded it every which way to Sunday. On the upside, my granddaughter is probably going to love it! She is just 9 yrs old, but will probably get it back in the box in 5 minutes!! So, I guess what I am reluctantly saying, is that I think the entertainment value is there. I still have 20 days to get some help (probably from a kid!) with getting this back in the box it came in. Otherwise, I will find a new box to wrap it in and keep the old box - so I can show the granddaughter how it looked when I got it. It is a little embarrassing that I have found this to be so difficult. But, I am trying to be transparent here and forewarn you that UNLESS you have some help from a genius (ok maybe exaggerating there), DO NOT take it out of the box to try it out if it is a gift for someone else! If they weren't so darn expensive, I would have simply just ordered another one and kept this one for my dumb self. 😜 EDIT: 01/24/23 - I did order a second one for myself (and company) Mind you, I did not even get it out until several days after Christmas. Today is the 24th of January and so we maybe had it opened 3 weeks. It has been played with quite a bit by kids and adults alike, however it is tearing apart at one of the seams. So, frankly we are a bit disappointed for spending $20 on something we thought we would enjoy a bit longer. After only 3 weeks, it is clear this one is not going to last much longer. I guess on the upside, $20 is really pretty cheap entertainment these days, when you consider the cost of going to a movie or bowling, eating out or any other activity. We probably did get at least $20 worth of entertainment, but still. 😢