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Toys & GamesFidgetschulte stainless steel metal spinning top glass spinning top base
Schulte Stainless Steel Metal Spinning Top & Glass Spinning Top Base
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Schulte Stainless Steel Metal Spinning Top & Glass Spinning Top Base

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Bruce Charles Designs - Schulte Stainless Steel Metal Spinning Top & Glass Spinning Top Base Starter Set, Mental Focus, Spinning Toy with Glass Top Set, Desk Toys for Office Relax your mind with this Steel Spinning Top and Spinning Top Base Starter Set from Bruce Charles Designs. Watch as the metal fidget toy spins in our premium glass lens base to beat boredom or distractions. Cleverly and meticulously designed, this steel spinning top and base set is made for smooth spins and long spin times. Challenge your family, friends, and co-workers in a fun spinning competition, or play alone to refresh your mind. Made with attention to detail from quality materials, our CNC- machined spin top has the perfect form, weight, and balance. An alternative to a wooden top, the glass base is a double concave lens that is 3.93 inches in diameter. It’s made of fused silica glass with a smooth, slick finish. So, your steel top can spin smoothly for longer periods. These functional toys are also great conversation pieces and desk toys. Bored? Is your mind all over the place? Relax as you watch the metal top spins for 10 or more minutes. Its knurled upper surface provides a better grip for victorious spins and unrivaled performance. Spin it on the Glass Spinning Base included in the Starter Set. Recommended Age: 16 years old and above Choose this classic starter set of spinning top and base as a gift for men, women, and teens who appreciate beauty in form and function. To make your gift more special, this set arrives in a premium gift box with a top bag and a blank card where you can write a personalized message. Spin your boredom or distractions away with this Steel Spinning Top and Glass Base Starter Set from Bruce Charles Designs!

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Manufacturer: Bruce Charles Designs

Dimensions: 3.93 x 3.93 x 0.4 inches

Weight: 7.1 ounces

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29 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I wanted a small but unique gift to celebrate my husband’s new job/office, and this top and base did not disappoint! It’s high quality and chic - perfect for any desk - but it’s also just a fun fidget toy! My husband said he and his colleagues challenge each other on how long they get it to spin. A great Amazon find!
October 17, 2023
4out of 5
This top spins for quite a long time. It is very well made and high quality.
Love this set! It is the perfect starter set for my husband who recently started working from home full-time! Can't wait to add to the collection.
5out of 5
We received our top and base quickly and the packaging was nice. The top is fun for our whole family, we have had a few spin offs to see who can make it spin the longest on the base. Great quality product, will buy from BCD again!
5out of 5
I have a lot of desk fidgeters in my household and they are always searching for new ways to “burn cycles” while working. One of mine loves tops especially so this immediately intrigued me. It arrived safely packaged and once opened I realized it comes with a round glass surface for the top to spin on. (Hence why I’m not rating this as super durable, the top may be metal but the plate it spins on is glass and this should not be given to younger kids) the top spins well and while I didn’t time it, it does spin a long time on the glass. It is a pretty silver polished metal top. It is heavy and I don’t know but it might mark up delicate surfaces so just make note of that. Or just use the glass plate they included with the top. I’m going to surprise my fan of all things spinny with this.
I've always loved tops and was really glad to get this one. The first time I spun it, I was surprised at how long it kept turning. It was kinda unstable at first because I didn't do a good job of spinning it up, but it soon evened out and turned for a long time (over 4 minutes). It looked so smooth that it was kind of hard to tell it was still going. The glass base is really cool too because it keeps it from going off of the table.
Love my starter kit!! We love it so much I’m gifting this to all of my customers and family!!! I love the way the top spins endlessly and keeps me focused while in conference calls! Beautifully and well crafted gift!! Can’t go wrong.
This desktop toy is very well made and feels solid. Great as a gift or as a fidget for your desk.