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Wooden Lacing Beads for Toddlers
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Wooden Lacing Beads for Toddlers

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Enhance your toddler's fine motor skills with TOP BRIGHT Wooden Lacing Beads, a perfect Montessori toy for 2-year-old boys and girls. This threading toy is an ideal birthday gift for two-year-olds, promoting their development while ensuring fun.

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Manufacturer: TOP BRIGHT

Dimensions: 12.2 x 2.2 x 8.5 inches

Weight: 12 ounces

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4out of 5

2058 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
These are bright and colorful. Really easy for a young toddler to play with. The wooden pieces on each end make threading the assorted pieces very easy for tiny hands. I wish they came with a storage case, but we figured that out.
5out of 5
Bought for my 20 month old grandson and he loves it! He will bring it to me to play along. He loves threading the pieces onto the string and saying the colors or shapes. We are working on the numbers. I do wish there was a stopper on one end so he could wiggle it around on the floor once all the pieces are threaded on, but the safety latch in the center is a great idea. The “flower” piece can be turned to make ratcheting sounds and the caterpillar makes squeaking noises but he’s not strong enough so I have to pinch it to make it squeak.
December 08, 2022
5out of 5
The media could not be loaded. These would be a nice gift. They seem durable with smooth edges and well done numbers and shapes. The string(s) that came with it have easy to hold ends made of wood. They can hook together or be used separately. Either way there’s nothing to stop the beads from falling off once strung. I will have to figure something out that will be child safe. The video shows the numbers side and the picture shows the corresponding dots side of the blocks.
April 22, 2020
3out of 5
This is a fun sturdy toy for my son. However the pieces are definitely small enough to choke on. They can easily fit through a toilet paper roll with room to spare. Also there’s no stopper, so when my son strings a bead it just falls off the other side, you have to string a bead twice to lock it into place which takes away a lot of the length as the string is pretty short. I would recommend maybe going with something with larger beads.
May 31, 2023
5out of 5
Our grandson loves to play with this. Easy to handle for his little hands. It's is made of good quality.
October 09, 2023
5out of 5
Our OT therapist recommended this to help with grasping and it became our son’s favorite new toy. Mostly to chew on the string, but the blocks are colorful and two of the bigger ones make noise.
My 2 year old likes this but I’m waiting until she’s older to let her play with it. She likes putting everything in her mouth and she can actually fit the entire pieces in her mouth. I wish they were just a little bigger and the string wasn’t quite as long. It’s a good motor skills toy but I wouldn’t have it listed as 2 and up
November 22, 2023
5out of 5
Was looking for something similar to Lovevery's bead stringing toy and this is perfect. My 16 mo old is totally into it!