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SEMKY Military SR-71 Aircraft Building Block Set (183 Pieces)
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SEMKY Military SR-71 Aircraft Building Block Set (183 Pieces)

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Unleash your creativity and passion for aviation with the SEMKY Military Series SR-71 Reconnaissance Aircraft Jet Blackbird Air Force Building Block Set. This 183-piece set offers hours of engaging fun and learning, perfect for both kids and adults. Ideal for military enthusiasts, this set not only enhances fine motor skills but also stimulates strategic thinking. A great gift for any occasion, this building block set is a must-have for those who love building and military toys. Experience the thrill of constructing your very own SR-71 Blackbird and embark on countless adventures.

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Manufacturer: SEMKY

Dimensions: 48.3 x 22.7 x 3.7 inches

Weight: 1.28 pounds

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4out of 5

133 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Overall rating ... Very High I would asses the instructions as some picture angles are challenging for novice builders. Enjoy and have fun.
4out of 5
Well packaged and bigger than I thought it would be but it went together easily. Instruction book is big and easy to see. Construction layout and progression is good. On some sections they add an overhead view to see exactly were a piece is placed and I wish they did that more (and other companies). All my pieces are well made. A few pointy mold stubs and string-flashing on some long part edges that's easy to remove. Lots of specialty parts, which I like. Overall looks very good and sturdy and rolls smoothly on it's landing gear. I don't care for stickers (common complaint of brick lovers) but I would buy this again. Fun and easy build of a favorite plane (SR-71).
This set is very similar to the traditional Lego sets. The instructions are great and simple to follow. The plastic is high quality and the fit is just as good as lego. A bit cooler than Lego in the fact that they have a lot of cool custom parts. Honestly a great value compared to the big brand.
December 28, 2022
4out of 5
My son is obsessed with blackbirds and he loves this, but was a little frustrated when a large piece on the back won’t stay in place. We will super glue it but other than that he is very proud of it and it’s quite larger than we thought! Amazing details
May 22, 2023
5out of 5
My son loves legos and was very excited to see that the quality of these semky blocks are of similar quality. He loves military vehicles and lego is very limited in their options. I have also purchased the bucket of ships by semky and was just as impressed. Definitely worth the money! I will happily buy again and again and again!
My model was missing the two cone tip points for both engines. I noticed the plastic parts had scratches on some of them like they were used before or not handled with care. Easy to assemble.
August 15, 2023
5out of 5
Easy build. Maybe 2hrs. Most pieces fit snug. The landing gear (and wheel hubs) plus the intake cones are the only pieces that are kinda loose. Otherwise, easy to follow instructions and easy to put together. For a non-Lego set, this came out well.
5out of 5
I love this sr-71 it’s so much bigger then I expected and the instruction book looked amazing!!