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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LED Rocket Launcher Toy, Air Powered, 100 Feet
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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LED Rocket Launcher Toy, Air Powered, 100 Feet

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Experience the thrill of launching rockets with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Air Rocket Toy. This ultimate LED Rocket Launcher is perfect for kids who love outdoor play. Stomp and launch the light-up, air-powered, foam-tipped rockets up to 100 feet into the sky. Not only is this toy fun and engaging, but it also encourages learning about physics and aerodynamics. Plus, your purchase has a purpose! By choosing NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, you support the exploration, research, and conservation efforts that help make our world a better place.

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Manufacturer: JMW Sales, Inc

Variants: Rocket Launcher, Dual Rocket Racers, Rocket Refill Kit

Dimensions: 10.63 x 4.53 x 12 inches

Weight: 1.12 pounds

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7089 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

October 04, 2023
4out of 5
My kids loved being able to launch these rockets by jumping on the pump. They have a light in them so you can launch them when its darker. Ended up purchasing these again for a gift.
October 09, 2023
5out of 5
These were a gift for my 4yo daughter, but they are fun for all ages! Even my 1.5yo has a blast trying to jump on the launcher & run after the rockets. The decorative colors/designs of the rockets & light up feature are great touches. Would definitely buy again.
I bought this for a 9 year old grandson and his friend who were visiting me. They played with it repeatedly and for long periods of time. One needs a fair amount of space to avoid trees and houses, etc. But I can assure anyone purchasing this item that it stood up to plenty of stomping and rough handline, yet it still worked. It is a simple toy and I am not sure it is really a STEM toy, but it is fun. It perhaps went as high as 50 feet once. Kids can compete with one another or combine their efforts into one blast. And unlike the baking soda model I also purchased, it works! And best of all, no mess.
November 19, 2023
5out of 5
So much non-screen fun, highly recommend! The lights are really cool at night.
November 21, 2023
5out of 5
Nephew absolutely loves his present. Plays with it all the time. Including his parents and siblings.
October 16, 2023
5out of 5
Shoots far and high. Fun for my 3-13 year old. Gets my older kids to want to play outside with the toddler! WIn/win!
November 05, 2023
5out of 5
Got this for my 4 year old and the older kids played with it too! Such a great gift!
October 17, 2023
5out of 5
My 3 yo son loves it!!