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Geeek Club Nano Bots STEM Robotics Kit for Kids and Adults
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Geeek Club Nano Bots STEM Robotics Kit for Kids and Adults

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Unleash your inner engineer with the Geeek Club Robot Building Kit. Perfect for both kids and adults, this STEM Robotics Kit comes with Smart Nano Bots and all the necessary tools. Dive into the world of circuit board engineering and robotic science with this educational DIY set. Build your own robot and learn while having fun. Ideal for sparking interest in STEM fields, this kit is more than just a toy, it's a gateway to the future of technology. Get your hands on the Geeek Club Robot Building Kit and start your journey into the fascinating world of robotics.

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Manufacturer: Geeek Club Corp

Variants: NANO BOTS without tools, Voodoo Bots No Toolkit, Voodoo Bots with Tools, NANO BOTS with tools, Cute Bots

Weight: 2.22 pounds

Brand: Geeek Club

Theme: Robotics

Age Range (Description): Kid,Adult

Educational Objective: Hand-Eye Coordination, Exploratory Skills, Motor Skills, STEM

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4out of 5

189 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

I took it as a gift for my daughter - she is fond of programming, and I wanted her to be distracted from the computer. Now we sit every evening and assemble the bots together. There are simpler voodoo bots and bots with small diodes - they are more complex. But when we assembled the first one and it started to glow and move - it was an indescribable delight and pleasure from the work done.
Great set comes with alot of stuff for the money. the sodering iron could be better and honestly I'd recommend you get a better one it helps. kind of slow to build makes it hard to keep kids focused. honestly thought I was getting a beginner set but it seems pretty advanced for a younger adult item. if your kid has the attention span needed by all means it's a great time
5out of 5
For my it is a very interesting experience. I buy such a set for the first time and was very surprised at how exciting it is for everyone! I will order more so that there is a whole collection of 7 robots.
May 14, 2023
1out of 5
I’d like to give an accurate review but I can’t even put the robots together. No physical instructions included in the box and the QR codes in every pack only lead to their main website which you will find clicking instructions leads you to a broken website. Yes I could follow the YouTube tutorials but I don’t want to sit there pausing and starting a video every step of the way. In my opinion now a waste of money
3out of 5
I’m a beginner when it comes to soldering, I can do bread boards fine, but this is on a whole other level. The instructions were just pictures- that often weren’t clear where to solder parts together. The video instructions don’t talk through anything, it might just point at something and it didn’t follow the book instructions step by step- but did more efficient steps to assembly (solder this part before you put it on another part that you can’t get to). I got one bot to work with the lights on well, two other bots the lights worked but some lights were extremely dim compared to others. I tried and tried to get the motors to work, ended up leaving them off all of them. When a robot didn’t work I was so bummed, and I can’t tell where it goes wrong, that’s the hard part- there’s no feedback to tell you how to fix what’s wrong. There wasn’t enough room on some of the connections to make the LEDs or resistors fully connected. I did enjoy the time it took to focus on each one, kept me busy. It’s a great idea, and I will likely try the company again at a more advanced level, but I wouldn’t give it as a gift unless I knew the person could solder really really well.
He loves to build, loves robotics. The robots were really cool and fun to work with. I recommend this building kit.
February 11, 2023
5out of 5
He sits for hours, which is an amazing achievement for any 9 year old, playing and building all kinds of robot toys. And this applies not only to boys of 8-10 years old. They are loved by a friend's 8-year-old daughter, they are loved by a 48-year-old dad, and they are loved by a 75-year-old grandfather. Fun for the whole family!
August 28, 2023
5out of 5
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