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CUBELETS Robot Blocks - Curiosity Set, Kids Coding Robots, STEM Learning
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CUBELETS Robot Blocks - Curiosity Set, Kids Coding Robots, STEM Learning

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Assembled for eager inventors, the Curiosity Set includes 10 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets®. Designed to support kids at home, this pack has tons of building options as kids invent and build robot after robot. Also included are Brick Adapters, Bluetooh Hat, and a micro-USB charging cable. Cubelets are robot blocks that help teach important problem-solving skills – like collaboration, engineering, design, and computational thinking. Why blocks? You can build all sorts of things with blocks. Our world is made of blocks. Wood and brick blocks form our homes. Inside, glass blocks filled with code blocks bend light into blocks of letters that shape our perspectives. And now – robot blocks can help you build better thinkers. The experiences we create for students shape them. Cubelets are designed to help students build cognitive skills. So they can solve the biggest problems and teach all the standards we need to cover.

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Manufacturer: Modular Robotics

Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 2.75 inches

Weight: 2.2 pounds

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3out of 5

35 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
Excelente servicio, calidad puntualidad
Cubelets are an awesome kits and very simple to use for young children. Older children may be bored without specific challenges to accomplish. One of my kits arrived already opened and missing the charging cable and clearly already used...
I bought this set for our four year old and he was immediately able to begin building his robots and experimenting. Very proud of his creations and wanted to bring one of his robots in for show and tell the next week. As a parent, while this is a bit pricey but really gets kids thinking relative to other things that are in the same cost ballpark (even other STEM products like marble towers). Kids are as engaged as with this as with watching TV, but I'd prefer experimentation with these functional robot blocks to glazed over in from of a program any day of the week. Modular Robotics also has an incredibly liberal return policy. We broke our power cube due to a drop and they replaced it within a week when we emailed their tech support team with a receipt. They state that they are willing to replace blocks that are even broken due to water damage with a warranty of a year from purchase date making this a viable product even for youngsters. It is also possible to buy individual blocks from their website to compliment the functionality of this set. For instance, we have a two year old that is also engaged with this product from watching his older brother. If you get a second power block, both kids can build robots simultaneously.
5out of 5
My sons that are grade school age love these! They are easy to learn and keep them off a screen and they have to be creative in order to use them! Their school also has these in their STEM room.
Cubelets Curiosity Set creates excitement! As a Digital Teacher Librarian, I had a blast giving the Curiosity Set to some 3rd graders and watching them work and play. They were excited and proud as they discovered the capabilities of the different cubes, and even more so when they realized they can add to their creations with Legos. They challenged each other and themselves as they explored. When asked how the set might help them learn, they talked about time to explore, try, fail, and try again - the building blocks of authentic learning. While an excellent introduction to the Cubelets world, this set will need to be supplemented with additional cubes in order to support more kids and further exploration. Learning should be fun, and Cubelets make it so!
January 27, 2020
5out of 5
I can't say enough about cubelets! Very fun, educational, inventive... toy. I'm a single dad with a six year old boy and we love 'em! I've already added the bar graph, knob, and speaker!
January 09, 2021
2out of 5
Disappointed, as many have pointed out, Bluetooth doesn’t work at all or only for seconds, limited options, very expensive
3out of 5
My son is completely obsessed with robots, so after reading the reviews and watching numerous YouTube videos, I decided to get this for him. Long story short, it's not quite what I was expecting. He's currently 5 (almost 6), and is great with Lego, building blocks, electronic games, etc. He's also quite an artist, and he even developed a phishing scheme to try to crack the family iPad password (thankfully I caught on to what he was up to). But he simply doesn't grok the Cubelets, no matter how many times I explain, demonstrate, help him etc. Granted, this could be just him. But even after nearly a year of playing around with them, he still just doesn't quite get the "act, think, sense" aspects. I honestly don't see how the average 5-year-old could pick up the Cubelets and start creating robots with various functions. I saw many reviews (either on Amazon or other places), that claimed kids will naturally start learning how to "code" the robots. It's just not true, at least not in our case. I really think claiming that this set is appropriate for 4+ is misleading. Another disappointing thing is that even with the larger number of blocks in the Curiosity set, they provide a disappointingly small number of possible combinations. Sure, you can put them together in different configurations, but at the end of the day, you really can't DO a whole lot of different things. Yes, you can make some robots that spin or move, light up, etc. You have a motion sensor, light sensor, etc. etc. On paper it sounds like it would provide "hours of entertainment/learning." In reality, that's not the case. The final kicker is that this is REALLY not the kind of thing you can just give to your child and expect them to figure out and use to entertain themselves. It requires adult guidance, at least for the younger ones. So don't expect this to keep your kids occupied while you paint the house. They really seem like something more appropriate for a classroom setting than a toy box. I'll close by saying I realize that our experience could be unique to us. That said, I suspect most children around my son's age would be similar. Hopefully when he gets another year or two of brain development, he'll start to unlock what these blocks are really supposed to be capable of.