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Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Set (7 pcs)
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Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Set (7 pcs)

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Step into the role of a lifetime with the Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set. This 7-piece set comes in standard packaging and includes everything your child needs to transform into a medical professional. Perfect for imaginative play, Halloween costumes, school events, and more. Encourage creativity, role-playing, and fun with this high-quality dress-up set. Ideal for children who love to play doctor or nurse. The Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set is a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or just because. Order yours today and watch your child's imagination soar!

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Manufacturer: Melissa and Doug

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Sure wish I had seen this before buying the playschool Dr. set for my 3-4 year old grandson. Just like their Policeman costume (AMAZING quality and accessories), the Dr. set is way above average in construction and instruments. The stethoscope even gives coughing sounds. I does not give a heartbeat but none of the play sets do and at least this one makes noise. 4 great pockets to store the "instruments" in AND a mask, which Alex loves most of all. The mask has Velcro so it fits any head by hooking over the ears. There is a place to write the child's name in on a card in the front pocket and a large, realistic medical emblem on the back. Like all of their costumes, the Dr. outfit comes on a hanger with heavy plastic over it. That way, after playing, the instruments go into the 4 pockets, the stethoscope over the hanger, the lab coat on the hanger and then cover it all up to hang neatly in the closet. Sure beats having all those items all over the house! Melissa and Doug outfits really are worth way more than the price they charge to get all of their extras. I'm careful with my money but I really believe these costumes are the best this grandma, or anyone can buy.
February 27, 2014
4out of 5
I am very happy with the quality of the jacket - that is the main reason we bought it for my son because who can be a doctor without the doctor's coat? :) The ID badge that you can personalize is a nice touch. The surgeon's mask didn't fit him well but he didn't seem to really care for it anyway. As many others have said, I didn't care for the stethescope's sounds. It was a little freaky but mainly, it was sooooo annoying to hear! All the tools, in my opinion, are just teal-colored plastic. I didn't really like them when researching it online and I feel the same way with them in my hands. Because of this we purchased the Fisher Price doctor's kit. Kinda sucked to have to buy 2 items for basically one gift - and the M&D set was a tad pricey IMO for just the doctor's coat. It's a cute set, though. I will warn any parents who knows their child will want to open this ASAP - there are red threads practically sewn into the coat to hold all the various instruments (for display purposes). These were impossble to get off! I had to use a knife/scissors combo and it was hard to do without cutting the jacket.
This is a fantastic gift for a 5 year old, especially one that enjoys playing dress-up. We purchased this for our nephew, who has recently started getting excited about dress-up. He loved that this came with lots of tools – a stethoscope, shot, mask, jacket, name-tag, and a couple of other cool doctor tools. Some of them click and do something when played with, which he loved, and the stethoscope makes a heart beat sound when it's button is depressed (and batteries are added). Because this is much more than just a costume – it has all of the fun accessories with it that look real enough to a 5 year old – it is a really exciting toy. We thought this would be something he would play with for 5 minutes, but he spent an hour with it the first night he got it, doctoring everyone willing to sit for him. He called us a few days later (with assistance, of course), and he threatened to make a house call if we didnt come to see him for our appointment right then. We heard he dressed up and continued to play doctor to all visitors who came to the house over this past weekend. Who knows how long he'll continue to play with it, but he's already gotten so much time out of it and was so excited about it from the start, that we are so happy with the gift. We should mention that he did have an accident earlier this year and had to go to the ER for a few hours to get stitched up, and it was especially exciting to him to be able to play the role of doctor, after having that stressful but stimulating experience.
June 19, 2023
5out of 5
This doctors jacket is well made. There are lots of pockets for doctor items and comes with a few so that you don’t have to buy anything additional right away. My son who’s 2 fits in it (a little big) and my daughter who’s almost 5 still has plenty of room to learn and play in it.
December 08, 2011
3out of 5
When I was trying to decide which doctor's kit to buy, I was torn between this one and the Fisher Price medical kit (Fisher-Price Medical Kit .) In the end, I actually bought both, and this is why: The Melissa & Doug kit has the adorable jacket and is a good price for all it contains, but it does not have a blood pressure cuff, which is something my son was really interested in. I was also worried about the stethoscope after reading the other reviews. After both kits arrived, I was very glad I had both! The Melissa & Doug stethoscope is, indeed, not very usable. It needed a very specific battery, which I found in the jewelry department of our local major retail store that starts with a "W" and ends with "Mart." Then, after putting the battery in, the stethoscope makes this weird, loud coughing sound when you push the button. It's kind of disturbing, actually. My kids (ages 3 and 1), just stared at it for a while, and then my older child said, "Oh, it's sick!" The stethoscope also doesn't stay in my son's ears, so he just wears it around his neck. There is no storage for all the pieces, either, other than sticking them in all the pockets of the coat. They fall out easily if the doctor's coat is moved, so we ended that pretty quickly. Since I had the Fisher Price kit, we just combined all the medical equipment into that storage bag, and it fit nicely. The thermometer that comes with the M&D kit is also strange and doesn't resemble any thermometer my kids are used to seeing. I'm very glad I have both kits so the kids can have the best of both worlds! It also makes it easier to have two syringes, since that seems to be the favorite tool, and both kids can have one! Admittedly, the surgical mask is adorable when I put it on the kids, but they won't wear it for more than a few seconds. Oh, and my son wears a size 5T shirt, and the doctor's coat is a little baggy on him, which I think is great since he can use the coat for even longer!