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Gund Tristen T-Rex Dinosaur Stuffed Animal
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Gund Tristen T-Rex Dinosaur Stuffed Animal

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Discover the joy of GUND's Tristen, a delightful green T-Rex plush toy that brings the Jurassic period to life with its vibrant smile. Crafted from unique corduroy fabric and adorned with blue spikes, Tristen is a standout addition to any toy collection. This dinosaur plush toy comes with an informative hangtag, making it an educational gift for young learners fascinated by prehistoric creatures. Suitable for children aged one and up, it's a perfect present for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. As with all GUND products, Tristen is made from high-quality, huggable soft plush, ensuring it remains a faithful friend for years. Easy to clean with surface-washable fabric. GUND, a leading plush company for over a century, is renowned globally for its quality innovative products. We are committed to creating new original and licensed designs to captivate the next generation of customers, using premium materials for unmatched softness and huggability. Tristen-T-Rex: A 14-inch tall soft corduroy plush, ideal for play or decor, and an excellent gift for young dinosaur fans.

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Manufacturer: Gund

Dimensions: 18.11 x 10.04 x 9.84 inches

Weight: 7 ounces

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563 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

April 25, 2023
5out of 5
Got him for my wife’s b day. She loves him
I have been looking for a stuffed toy that my son can sleep with and this one is great. He loves dinosaurs and because this one is made with corduroy instead of synthetic fur that sheds, it doesn't mess with his allergies (most of his other stuffed animals shed so bad, he cannot breathe or sleep with them because of that). This dinosaur is very well made and durable and of course it is really cute too. I didn't want anything too too scary as my son is only 2 yrs old and I believe this will be his favorite for years to come. It is also very soft and huggable too. We both love it! **UPDATE** My son is now 6 yrs old and he STILL loves this dinosaur and sleeps with it too. We have had it for years and it is still just as nice as the day I got it for him. IT IS VERY WELL MADE!!! It has outlasted ALL of his old stuffed animals too.
September 30, 2017
5out of 5
This is a gift for my 18 month old grandson and I am sure he will love it. The stuffed animal is adorable, very soft and cuddly, the perfect size and most importantly, it seems very durable. I am very happy with this purchase.
October 13, 2023
5out of 5
Very well made and lovely plush Dino!
4out of 5
Our 5 year old grandson lost his favorite dinosaur; his replacement had to be green and have teeth showing! This little guy was just the ticket. Our grandson LOVES him. He takes him everywhere he goes. However, that is a problem: His arm started to tear away from the body on the inside after just a week! We had to give him a battle scar sewing job as he could not have the dinosaur leave him again. It could have been the constant attention T Rex received that caused his injury. Otherwise, the dinosaur is durable and cuddly. That's why I gave him a 4 star overall, with 3 stars for durability.
I bought this as a birthday present for my son when he turned 4. That was 3 months ago and this dino is still his best bud. He absolutely loves him. His younger brother (soon to be 3) also loves this dinosaur, to the point where we think Santa is going to have to bring another one of these so that they stop fighting over him! It's a great stuffed animal. Much more durable than your typical stuffed animal. And although initially I thought it wasn't as "huggable" as I was expecting, both of the boys snuggle with him all of the time, so they are quite happy with everything about him.
While I am thrilled with the quality, size and adorability-factor of this stuffed dinosaur, I am amazed it took as long as it did to arrive, and that Amazon is still telling me if won't arrive until the end of February. The processing and shipping from this seller are a bit wacky. I thought this was listed as Prime-eligible. This was supposed to be a Christmas present for my 2 YO son but it arrived 2 days ago, after I'd given up hope. The package said it was shipped from Vienna, Austria! I am not upset- I saw it would not arrive in time for the holidays once the order was in and it was my mistake for not reading all the details. But a few weeks shipping was a bit crazy. Another strange thing is that this is supposed to be GUND, but the tag says "Just Because". Is that a company owned by GUND? Never heard of it before and nowhere does it say GUND on this guy. That said, the dinosaur is a great huggable size for a little child (about the size of your average teddy bear), is a soft but solid build, with a corduroy-like fabric. Color is vibrant and true to picture, stitching is tight. He's a little stiff still from being so new but he's pretty cuddly. And no weird smell, which I've noticed in a lot of stuffed toys that come from overseas. In any case, for the price and quality, I'm happy and my son is VERY happy! He is dragging this guy around the house roaring at me and sleeps with him each night. Very cute. I recommend this toy, just be aware of the shipping and maybe contact the seller ahead of time to see if there's anything better they can do. (Just noticed this is still listed as a Prime item, so I'm not sure what went wrong with my order.)
September 24, 2011
5out of 5
I had pretty high hopes for this dinosaur after reading the reviews. I'm normally not a stuffed animal buyer but my son (16 months) is in love with dinosaurs. This t-rex exceeded every single expectation. He's big enough that he can be cuddled with and carried around and even pushed in the baby doll stroller ... both my 16 month, 2 and half year old and my neighbor's 4 year old love to tote him around ... he's cuddly, and made out of corduroy (mostly) and is so cute! Both my daughter and my son love him so much I might end up having to get another one ... I am very pleased with my purchase ... he's actually created a lot of interest in dinosaurs with my daughter, so much so that we started taking books from the library to read about dinosaurs ... I think he'd be a hit with any little dinosaur lover.