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Zeke's Gold Grab! - Family Fun Card Game
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Zeke's Gold Grab! - Family Fun Card Game

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Experience the thrill of Zeke's Gold Grab, an award-winning card game perfect for family fun. Ideal for kids, teens, and adults, this game is a must-have for your family game night. Engage in exciting gameplay with Zeke's Gold Grab, the ultimate card game for all ages.

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4out of 5

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Manufacturer: Stephrock

Weight: 0.353 ounces

Age Range (Description): Kid

Number of Players: 2-6

Brand: Zeke's Gold Grab

Theme: Family Trick Taking Card Game

Material: Cardstock

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4out of 5

63 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
Fun game for the entire family. Fast paced game, so keeps it interesting even for the younger kids. Has a bit of complexity, some counting and also intense moments when you try and bring a points leader down with "fool's gold"… Basically a fun game that keeps everyone interested and adds some fun high intensity moments. Just what you need for fun family sessions.
November 27, 2023
5out of 5
Played this last night. 5 people, and we all liked the game. Fast moving.
5out of 5
It's an expensive stocking stuffer and it's an expensive card game but my granddaughter and family members love it. It's better than getting them something cheaper that they won't use.
Great family game. I bought this without knowing anyone who has played it, so it was a risk. Glad I bought this game as me and everyone in my family/extended family loves the game a lot! DO IT, BUY THIS GAME!!!
June 12, 2021
5out of 5
It was very easy to learn and a lot of fun!
December 27, 2020
5out of 5
Played with extended family and immediately went home and bought for myself. Game rules are easy to pick up and the game plays at at any speed you would like with different levels of strategy (kid or adult). Cards are made of quality material, fun imagery and bright colors. Worth an add to your family game night library. Grab your gold and slip the father-in-law your fools gold!
July 26, 2021
5out of 5
We figured out this fun card game fairly quickly and enjoyed playing multiple times! The cards themselves and sturdy and colorful. It's great for math skills - our 8-year-old grandson added up points easily by 20's, 10's, 5's, and 1's. It was even more fun with 3 players. The "BORO" card didn't seem to make much sense, so could be eliminated, especially for 2 players. TIP; the "round" ends when your whole deck AND hand are gone. That wasn't clear. Each person adds up their own points. Only gold points count, not face value of card itself. Worth the price. We'll play again.
May 29, 2023
5out of 5
My 10 year old loves this game and has taught it to all of his grandparents. It’s a fun, easy to learn game for the whole family to play.