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Square Off Grand Kingdom Set | Smart Automated Chessboard
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Square Off Grand Kingdom Set | Smart Automated Chessboard

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Square Off Grand Kingdom Chess Set also referred to as the wizards chess board, is an electronic chess board powered by robotics and artificial intelligence with pieces moving on their own, just like some magic! You can play here without an opponent, against the board’s built-in A.I. which has 20 difficulty levels that help hone your chess skills as you play. You can also play with a friend or challenge anyone online from over 40 million chess players anywhere in the world, on the global chess engines. All this right on your board.

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Manufacturer: Square Off

Dimensions: 23.74 x 19.06 x 1.93 inches

Weight: 11.88 pounds

Brand: Square Off

Material: Wood

Theme: Games

Genre: Board game, Strategy, Chess

Number of Players: 2

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3out of 5

152 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

4out of 5
As one of the first of its kind, it’s quite astonishing. It really does work more or less as advertised, which is incredible given the lofty premise. Having said that, it does feel like a gen1 product. Here are the things that bother me, in descending order of priority: 1) The AI strength is wacky. I’m 2300 on LC and I sometimes struggle to beat this AI at “1100 ELO” (!?). Its moves seem to be made up of full strength Stockfish moves mixed with a percentage of outright blunders, which is frustrating, albeit educational. E.g., it might give you a a pawn or two for free but then you need to convert this small advantage against Stockfish at full playing strength for 40 moves straight. In short, no human plays like this AI, which sort of defeats the purpose of playing over-the-board. I’ll try to play more human online opponents and update my review if that changes my overall impression. 2) The dependency on a phone or tablet takes away from the experience. I wish it had a few built-in controls to start a game and display the time. More advanced controls could be relegated to the tethered device but it should be possible to use the board without a tethered device in some limited fashion. 3) As others have said, the motors are loud and slow. It’s OK but it is distracting and makes it impossible to play rapid or blitz. 4) It sometimes knocks over pieces, but I’m not too bothered by this as it’s similar to a real world experience. Overall 4/5 but with the promise of so much more. The software/AI is surprisingly the worst part and should be the easiest to fix.
September 26, 2023
5out of 5
The media could not be loaded. Some of these 1 star reviews are ridiculous. Some people claiming the moving mechanism is broken on arrival are just incapable of reading directions. It clearly says to unscrew the shipping safety screw before use. If you don't, it won't work. Imagine that. Secondly, it is actually decently quiet for what it is. Obviously you're gonna hear some movement and the motors moving but it's not terrible. Considering this is basically the only self moving chess board on the market I'd say this is just a nitpick. The app is also great. Some 1 star reviews there too but I've had nothing but a great experience so far. Lots of options for playing games and viewing stats. Very user friendly. I love the look of the board. It looks very classy and definitely is a head turner. I've played dozens of games so far and it's been nothing but flawless for me. No peices falling over, no glitches or hang-ups, everything works as advertised. I couldn't be happier with it. In conclusion, take some of these 1 star reviews with a grain of salt. People can be so entitled nowadays and expect nothing but absolute perfection and want it for free. Try it for yourself and make your own conclusions. For me it's easily the best chess board I've ever bought. So much fun. I couldn't be happier.
3out of 5
Doesn't work as advertised. Pieces do not reset themselves right. Playing a game half of the time the pieces don't register on the board you are smacking the pieces to the board to make them register. For the price of this board I expected a lot more and I love chess and I would really like for this to work. Contact customer support and their help has been useless. If I do not hear something back soon I am returning this for a full refund I will not pay over $400 for something that is a table ornament
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5 stars) Review: I recently purchased the Grand Kingdom Set by Square Off, and I must say, it has completely revolutionized my chess-playing experience. This extraordinary automated chessboard is truly the epitome of innovation and craftsmanship, making it an essential addition for chess enthusiasts of all ages. Right from the moment I opened the package, I was captivated by the sheer beauty and elegance of the Grand Kingdom Set. The magnetic wooden chess pieces are exquisitely carved, showcasing intricate details and a remarkable level of precision. The smooth, polished surface of the board further enhances the luxurious feel of the set, making it a true work of art that demands attention. The standout feature of the Grand Kingdom Set is undoubtedly the self-moving chess pieces. With a touch of magic, the chessboard brings the game to life as the pieces autonomously glide across the squares, executing each move with grace and precision. It's an awe-inspiring sight that never fails to amaze me and everyone who witnesses it. This innovation takes the game to a whole new level, providing an immersive and dynamic experience that is truly unmatched. Setting up and connecting the Grand Kingdom Set is a breeze. The integrated app works seamlessly, allowing you to challenge AI opponents of varying skill levels or compete against friends and family remotely. The interface is intuitive, offering a range of customizable options to suit individual preferences and gameplay styles. The app also provides insightful analysis and feedback, helping players improve their skills and broaden their strategic thinking. Beyond its technological marvels, the Grand Kingdom Set also functions as a stunning piece of decor. The combination of classic wooden craftsmanship with modern technology results in a chessboard that serves as an exquisite centerpiece for any room. It effortlessly blends into various interior styles, making it not only a source of endless entertainment but also a tasteful addition to your home. Square Off's commitment to excellence extends beyond their product. The customer service provided is exceptional, responsive, and truly goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. It's reassuring to know that you're dealing with a company that genuinely cares about its customers and stands behind their product. In summary, the Grand Kingdom Set by Square Off is a remarkable achievement that elevates the game of chess to new heights. Its fusion of traditional aesthetics with cutting-edge technology creates a captivating and immersive experience. From the self-moving pieces to the seamless app integration, every aspect of this automated chessboard is meticulously designed to provide endless joy and excitement. For chess enthusiasts seeking a remarkable and unforgettable gaming experience, the Grand Kingdom Set is an absolute must-have. Without a doubt, I give it a well-deserved five-star rating!