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Toys & GamesBlocks & Buildingwingift 725 piece fish tank building block set with led light
WINGIFT 725 Piece - Fish Tank Building Block Set with LED Light
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WINGIFT 725 Piece - Fish Tank Building Block Set with LED Light

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Discover the WINGIFT 725 Piece Fish Tank Building Block Set, complete with LED Light. This movable Aquarium Building Toy is perfect for both adults and kids. It includes a variety of ocean creatures such as jellyfish, crab, and fish. This Animal Building Toy is ideal for boys and girls aged 8-14. As a team of construction enthusiasts, we've spent years collecting and creating with building blocks. We constantly seek out creative designs on various platforms to challenge ourselves with more intricate and unique creations. Our shared passion brought us together and we've found that many builders around the world share our desire for creativity and individuality. Dive into the world of intricate block building with our Fish Tank Building Set.

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Manufacturer: DE KE

Variants: Fish Tank Building Set, Tiger Building Set

Dimensions: 7.87 x 4.72 x 5.12 inches

Weight: 1.48 pounds

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4out of 5

49 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

August 23, 2023
4out of 5
Cute little set but it did take like a month to arrive. Most of the building is the base and then just a few accessories. It comes with lights but mine didn’t work. I loved the jelly fish and that you can move certain parts. The background was a nice added touch.
4out of 5
I love building bricks and aquariums - so this set was just a must have. The bricks went together fairly easily. A few of the more technic like parts were a bit difficult to get together. The instructions were mostly easy to follow. I found a few misstates in the instructions, but was able to figure out the build anyhow. One fish, I had to completely ignore the instructions and just build it to what it looked like because the instructions were flat out wrong. One of my biggest complaints of this set was that there is no real support system under the main sea floor, so whenever I put a new piece on, the floor would tend to cave in and then I would have to fix it. Overall, this is a neat set. If you aren’t used to building with bricks, this might not be a great one to get. I was able to overcome some of the difficulties with this set because I have been building things like it for 40 years.
My son needed a lot of help from me to help assemble some of the pieces together because they didn't fit as securely as the brand name ones. regardless, he still enjoyed building it and we had some family quality time in.
This aquarium brick set is fun. It's a unique design, because of the tank design and the led lights. The background is a cardboard insert, so it makes it look "busier" than it really is. There isn't that much to actually build, and my child finished this in an afternoon. However, it's still a cool design, with some bricks of different shapes and colors than we had. It's compatible with the bricks we already have, so at least it can be played with other pieces. Overall it would make a nice gift. It comes boxed with color photos of the product, even though some of the writing is in another language.
4out of 5
The media could not be loaded. I've done a few aquarium type "lego" sets, and visually this one is the best. The light bricks on the ends really give it a nice fish tank look in the dark. The gears and knob on the base make some of the fish move around, and even the jelly fish has a light in it which makes it look really cool. For the most part this set is easy to assemble, it took less than a day to complete. That said, there are a few issues with this set. First that I ran into is step 11 (seen in the picture I attached). The cross type peg pieces are too long to properly seat into the red piece, and it has to be completely pushed in for the pieces in the following steps to be attached. Luckily, about 20 seconds with a piece of sand paper gets it shortened down enough to fit properly. The manual needs needs some quality control too as there is another step having you make 2 different plants with arrows showing where they go, but then show the wrong plant in each spot. There's a typo in the step listing, goes, step 76, 78, 77, 79. And finally, the base needs taller legs at the corners to be able to fully turn the knob on the side. There is an off-centered piece in the gear system that in full rotations sticks out too far from the bottom, so if you have it sitting down somewhere you can't fully spin it. Despite these few minor inconveniences I really enjoyed building this set, it looks great, and is at a good price point for a set this size.
5out of 5
My kids (ages 5, 9, and 10) love building block sets. These are one of our favorite things to do as a group and everyone can participate. This was a really fun set and has amazing colors. It took us approximately 2 hours to build, we were not rushing and wasting some time enjoying snacks and such. But we all had a great time and this was easy enough that my 5-year-old was able to assist. Great product and good value for the money!
November 01, 2023
4out of 5
Cool building block aquarium set up. Bright colors and a fun theme. The tank and base are the building challenge the accessories inside are easier to put together. I like how it all comes together in the end and that it has the moving fish element and light up feature. Would recommend.
4out of 5
While this set is mini blocks and not compatible with Lego branded building sets, it was quite fun and easy to build. Our daughter loves building sets and displaying them around the house and is currently on an ocean theme kick. This fish tank set was a winner, and she was able to follow the step by step instructions without help. The blocks are in several separate bags, making finding the correct blocks easy. Some blocks come loose after building when adding pieces close to it, but easily snap back on.