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Toys & GamesBlocks & Buildingwingift 12 in 1 christmas building block set mini stem toys party favor
WINGIFT 12 in 1 Christmas Building Block Set, Mini STEM Toys, Party Favor
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WINGIFT 12 in 1 Christmas Building Block Set, Mini STEM Toys, Party Favor

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WINGIFT 12 in 1 Pre Filled Christmas Building Block Set-12 Pcs Mini Building Blocks Toys, STEM Building Blocks Toys, Classroom Prize Toys, Party Favor for Kids,Birthday,Goodie Bags,Carnival Prizes Christmas Building Blocks Set As a group of construction enthusiasts, we have been obsessed with collecting various building blocks for many years, continuously lookingfor creative works and drawings on various platforms to challenge more exquisite and uniqueworks. By chance, we met each other because of thesame hobby, and also found that many brick builders in the world are eager for pursuecreativity and individuality, just like us, enge moreexquisite and unique works

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Manufacturer: Yingli

Variants: Christmas Building Blocks Set, Christmas Robot Building Block Set

Dimensions: 9.25 x 7.68 x 4.53 inches

Weight: 1.01 pounds

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5 reviews

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5out of 5
The Loco Christmas Combination and Disassemble toy is so much fun. The building blocks, train and robot have red, white and green vibrant colors that are very bright. It is versatile as it combines into multiple different toys. The toy comes with its very own screwdriver to assemble and dissemble the toys. Only one piece of the building toy was molded slightly incorrectly but everything fit together. The instructions were very helpful to build it and the pictures helped, too.
This is a really fun Santa train transformer! Bright and colorful. Comes with a large screwdriver for assembly. Watch the video to see exactly how to works. It takes assembly / disassembly when you want to change it back-and-forth. This toy is Made in China and being sold by a Chinese company on Amazon. At the current price of 26 bucks. . . I think it’s twice the price it should be for Chinese plastic. . . .But. . . I quite like it.