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Mould King 13186 Pirates Ship Model Building Blocks Kits
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Mould King 13186 Pirates Ship Model Building Blocks Kits

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Discover the Mould King 13186, a MOC Large Black Pearl Ship Model Building Blocks Kit. This sailboat construction set, with over 5266 pieces, is perfect for kids aged 8 and up, as well as adult collection enthusiasts. A great gift idea, this Pirates Ship Model offers an engaging and rewarding building experience.

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Manufacturer: Mould King

Dimensions: 46.89 x 8.85 x 27.95 inches

Weight: 15.56 pounds

Brand: Mould King

Age Range (Description): Kid,Adult

Color: Black

Theme: Building,Colorful,Pirates,Sailboat

Cartoon Character: King,Pirate

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6 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

I've built all three of the large Mould King Pirate Ships: Queen Anne's Revenge, Flying Dutchman and this one The BP. This one is by far the best if you can afford the price and space it will take up! They gave me all the parts, instructions were easy to follow, everything is quality. It was a really fun build and unlike the Flying Dutchman... The bricks stay together nicely. Love their obsession with cannons lol! So all this praise why not 5 stars? Because even though the string rigging looks great when done...It takes away from the playability of the ship. This ship can come apart in 3 sections showing some really nice detail like fish on ice, bottles strewn about, a cool captain's quarters. But if you rig it like the instructions say you will not be able to show anyone all the great inside detail. Plus for me the rigging was tedious. This could've been a masterpiece if they could've incorporated being able to take apart the ship AND keep the string " fanciness ". Still love it and do recommend it :) You should not have to glue anything if built properly, it's strong.
4out of 5
I've been a fan of the Lego Pirates line since I was small. But we've never gotten a huge frigate bristling with cannons, from lego proper, and I suspect we never will due to production and market demand. This set isn't perfect, but it went together very well and all the pieces were there. The biggest issue with the set is with the rigging. There's plenty of line available, but the measurements are a little short at places. Best tie some of the knots with tweezers. After you have the ship rigged for sail, I'm not sure how easy it will be to get to the lower deck (if at all). The upper deck and poop deck are in 2 sections that (in theory) allow access, but the rigging will be difficult to maintain should one try to get in there after. That being said this ship is huge! It's very impressive and you'll need a large workspace to put it together- the instructions are pretty easy to follow and well defined. I would definitely recommend this for any age of sail enthusiast who never "grew up" and has a good deal of patience for ship rigging. For the price - definitely recommend
August 05, 2023
5out of 5
I have never been a Lego Purist or Lego Snob, but I do like the original Legos a lot. If I ever was a Lego Snob, I was cured today when this arrived in on my porch. This box weighs over 15 lbs, and it is packed to the top with bricks. The Instruction manual weighs at least 2 lbs. I won't be building this for a while, but I can tell you the instructions are very detailed, and I think this is going to be a fun build. Mould King is getting 5 stars in advance, if this were a Lego, it would be twice as expensive. The box is sturdy and it was well packed. I say if you like tall ships, the level of detail inside and out is phenomenal. Yes the inside is very detailed. I say it's worth the money before I build it.