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Toys & GamesBlocks & Building950 piece welsh corgi micro dog building blocks set
950 Piece Welsh Corgi Micro Dog Building Blocks Set
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950 Piece Welsh Corgi Micro Dog Building Blocks Set

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Experience the joy of building with Larcele's Mini Building Toy Bricks. This 950-piece set allows you to construct a detailed and adorable Micro Welsh Corgi Dog. Perfect for pet lovers and building enthusiasts alike, this set offers hours of creative fun. Ideal for enhancing fine motor skills and creativity. Product code: KLJM-02.

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Manufacturer: Larcele

Variants: Schnauzer, Big Schnauzer, Fortune Cat,model 4569, Husky, Monkey King,model 4749, Big Corgi, Cat,model 2284, Big Husky, Welsh Corgi, Happy Pig, Dachshund, Border Collie, Flamingo, Old English Sheepdog, Cat,model 2285, Panda,model 2843, Poodle, Corgi Dog and Food, Giraffe, Panda,model 2840, Pig,model 558, Golden Retriever, Red Tabby,model 2842

Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 5 inches

Weight: 6.4 ounces

color: Welsh Corgi

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Personally I liked it, I'm a sucker for building stuff and this was pretty fun to put together. It's like lego pieces but they are all just 1 small square piece of thousands to make the model of whatever version you bought. I would say this is definitely NOT for children/kids, as they would be highly tempted to eat all the individual small pieces which there are over thousands of.... Plus the edges are pretty sharp, I didn't notice when the plastic edge cut a bit of my finger but drew no blood just cut my skin a bit so be careful.... So imagine if a kid are this, yikes. Directions can be confusing yes, but if you count the individual layers then you know which part you are on to move on to the next layer and make sure to count how many pieces you need for a row or section... And if your confused about which color to put, just look at the front image of the box for reference. After you got it figured out, it becomes pretty easy actually just make sure the little blocks are evenly laid out the best way you can to make the process go a lot quicker. This is a fun activity to give to a teenager or an adult, they are going to get the most enjoyment out of this.
5out of 5
Pieces are very tiny, instructions are not always clear but real fun to work on it. (Turned out to be an excellent Valentine’s Day gift, a fun project for a couple). Highly recommended.
This is a cute and fun building block project but the pieces are really small and you have to follow the instructions closely to make sure the dog turns out as it’s supposed to. Here comes the tricky part. The instruction manual is not very large and there are several pictures printed on one page. This makes it very hard to see, especially for the black pieces. I ended up taking pictures of each individual step on my phone and blowing them up in size. This way, I could see exactly which pieces were needed to complete the project. The dog itself stands 6 inches tall. There are extra pieces given which is nice if some were to get lost. After the project is finished, I think it’s just made to display. It can’t really be used much to play with since the tail and legs can come off easily when bumped a little. But overall, I do recommend this set. The husky turned out super cute and once we figured out the best way to deal with the instructions, it was not too tricky to do.
March 09, 2022
3out of 5
I've read some of the reviews before writing this which led me to buy it. Some of you thought this is Lego which is hilarious because if you spent at least a couple of minutes reading about it in the description you'd find out right away that it isn't. It took me about 8-9 hours to assemble this. I saw from previous reviewers that they got pieces that resembled Lego but the pieces I got were individual ones with notches. If you look at the description and see the person's hand with the pieces laid out. I got the ones that had jagged edges so I had to "clip" them one by one to create layers. It was a bit frustrating, to say the least since there were over 3000 of them. The instructions are also a bit difficult to follow on where to exactly place the next layer, so I'm unsure if this thing was made correctly since I was guessing. Once you get around 3/4th done you'll have a tougher time getting the pieces to clip. If you look at my picture you'll see gaps here and there because the pieces would get stuck midway latching on. At certain points, I thought about getting a hammer and trying to get them placed correctly haha. Overall: I made it, I'm all right with how it looks so I'll give it 3 stars given the rest of the issues I had. A mixed bag of gratification and frustration every step of the way.
December 31, 2022
1out of 5
After 9 plus hours I am finally done. A few extra things that came up from my update yesterday. I have 42 extra pieces left and some don’t even go to this kit. I know this because some of these pieces are the same pieces you use for the eyes but are white. I was missing a piece that I needed but was able to use one of the extra pieces. I actually had 45 extra pieces if you count the one I used to make up for the missing one and also for some reason there was an empty space behind both feet I put an extra piece on to make the back feet stronger. Last thing I noticed is the box says 3 and up but the booklet says 14+. I wanted to update my review. I have been building this for going on more than 7 hours and I’m maybe about 90% of the way done and that’s just insane. The directions when you start putting layer on layer all the previous layers are blue so it makes it very very hard to continue the build. Also it is very unstable and not sturdy at all. A lot of pieces it’s like a 4 long piece on a 1 length piece so I have had to reputedly put pieces back together more times than I can count. A lot of the pieces just don’t fit right. There are gaps all over and I have pushed this thing as hard as I can against my table and they still don’t fit right. A lot of pieces also are curved. This is just a mess and a very bad product. Another issue I have that I don’t understand is they tell you in the corner of each picture what pieces you need (this I understand) but then right under that picture on most if not all the pages they list like in most 2 pieces that are in the picture above like you need those as well but you never do. When I got this I was a little upset with the size of it as I thought it was bigger. I got over it. Then I opened it for my daughter and the pieces were very small. I also got over that. She went to put it together and looking at the directions it is insane. I knew this was not legos but unlike legos that does a few pieces at a time this thing does if not a full layer 3 at a time. Just shows all 3 and it is very hard to figure out where all the places go. Like first image is 3 layers and each layer just shows each piece laying next to each other. This is a complete waste of money. First and last product I will ever buy from the company.
5out of 5
This is a super cute item. Looks just like the picture when fully assembled. But the pieces are VERY small. And if you happen to place them together incorrectly, good luck taking them apart. It is time consuming and not for children.