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Tools & DIYPower Toolswago 221 412 compact splicing connectors 2 conductor pack of 100
Wago 221-412 Compact Splicing Connectors, 2-Conductor, Pack of 100
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Wago 221-412 Compact Splicing Connectors, 2-Conductor, Pack of 100

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Discover the efficiency of LEVER-NUTS® Splicing Connectors, ideal for all conductor types. Whether you're working on intercom system wiring, electrical ovens, or in hazardous locations, WAGO's compact 221 Series Splicing Connector makes the process swift and effortless. No need for conductor preparation - simply combine any conductor types and sizes. The user-friendly operating lever allows for tool-free terminations, making it a perfect choice for distribution applications. Enhance your project with our mounting carrier included Splicing Connectors.

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Manufacturer: Wago Corporation

Dimensions: 4.53"W x 1.73"H

Current Rating: 20 Amps

Gauge: 12.0

Connector Type: IDC

Number Of Contacts: 2

Material: Polycarbonate (PC)

Color: Clear

Brand: WAGO

Voltage: 450 Volts

Number Of Poles: 2

Product Dimensions: 4.53"W x 1.73"H

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8974 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
Large pack is cheaper and can get these usually next day.
I use them all the time there definitely pretty sweet
6/24/17 update - Still the best wire nut replacement made. The wide levers are easy to activate and they lock down solidly. The best connector I have eve seen for joining braided and solid wire and wires of differing sizes. I've used my first 100 and have not had a failure. Wire nuts pop off all the time, not the WAGO lever nuts! My late father was an electrical engineer and when I was a kid, we worked weekends wiring garages and additions for friends and neighbors. He taught me how to wire and we went through a ton of wire nuts and told me to only buy UL rated metal insert wire nuts and showed me the tricks to twisting wires and wire nuts tight with lineman pliers. He would have really liked these Wago Lever-Nuts which are simply a great innovation for folks who want to make sure they have a solid wire connection in seconds with none of the screwing around required with standard wire nuts. These won't replace wire nuts for a pro electrician due to cost but they rock for weekend project use. I just bought 100 of these from Amazon 15 minutes ago after using another model of the Wago Lever-Nuts (the 222's) supplied in a Ring Pro camera kit. I've used Wago push in connectors in the past and they are OK but limited because they are hard to take apart and remove wires. The Lever-Nuts are an awesome improvement and the Wago 221's are a BIG improvement over the older Wago 222's for multiple reasons - wider levers and clear plastic being two major benefits.. As I just mentioned, the levers on these 221's are a LOT wider than the levers on the 222's which is good because the smaller 222 levers are tough to grab and they can snap back hard. I nearly lost a fingernail due to a direct hit from a 222 lever popping back quickly. Man those little levers on the 222's pack a wallop when you don't get them locked in the open position. Pro: - Incredibly solid grip on wires, even when the wire sizes vary widely - Reusable - just lift the levers and remove - FAR better than wire nuts for different sized wires. When I have a 12 gauge solid wire and an 18 gauge stranded lamp wire, I typically solder them and then screw on a wire nut, a real pain and completely passe now with these 221 Lever Nuts - CLEAR - you can visually confirm your connection Con: - Price - a LOT more expensive than wire nuts but I KNOW I have an unbreakable wire connection with the Wago 222 Lever-Nuts. I really like this product and it's rare when something this revolutionary comes along and is such a large leap over the current technology.
5out of 5
Makes wiring up stranded to solid wire a breeze. Easy to test things out without using traditional wire nuts.
October 12, 2023
5out of 5
Great for working on older homes with brittle insulation, short pigtails and small boxes. Also securely ties old solid wire to different gauge or stranded wire coming from new ceiling fans or light fixtures. Faster, easier, for the Home owner/ Handyman doing light electrical work.
July 06, 2023
5out of 5
I work with computer equipment and other systems. I'm often finding myself splicing wires of wildly different gauges. These make it super quick, easy, and secure. When I hear the snap I know I have a good connection every time.
September 08, 2023
5out of 5
I loved how easy it was to splice together connections and how tight it clamped on the wire,absolutely love these
I love these Wago lever nuts, and use them whenever I can for 14 and 12 ga wire. They are so easy to use, and so easy to remove again. Just remember to strip according to strip gauge, and keep the wires straight (or straighten them with pliers or something if replacing a twist-on wire nut. These are a little more bulky than a twist on wire nut, so may not always fit in the box, but they are so much quicker and easier to use.