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Tools & DIYPower Toolsvg1m power tool organizer wall mount drill storage rack iron black
VG1M Power Tool Organizer, Wall Mount Drill Storage Rack, Iron, Black
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VG1M Power Tool Organizer, Wall Mount Drill Storage Rack, Iron, Black

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Maximize your workspace with the VG1M Power Tool Organizer Wall Mount. This drill storage rack features 2 self-adhesive socket fixers, 4 layers of cordless drill holders, and 6 drill holder wall mounts. Made from durable iron in a sleek black finish, it's the perfect solution for garage storage. Keep your tools organized and easily accessible with this versatile wall mount. Ideal for both professional workshops and home garages, it's designed to hold a variety of power tools for easy access and increased productivity. The VG1M Power Tool Organizer Wall Mount is the ultimate storage solution for your power tools.

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Manufacturer: ‎VG1M

Dimensions: 8.74"D x 26.2"W x 18.35"H

Weight: ‎8 pounds

Material: Iron

Color: Black

Special Feature: Easy to Install, Removable, Extra Height

Product Dimensions: 8.74"D x 26.2"W x 18.35"H

Shelf Type: Iron

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4out of 5

34 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 23, 2023
5out of 5
Heavy and sturdy enough, abundant storage space I can clearly feel the weight of this stand when holding it in the hand,so it is strong enough to hold 6 drills and stack various tool boxes. There are also shelves on the side that can hold drill bits, screwdrivers and pliers. The instruction manual for this tool rack is very detailed. It contains the quantity of each component and uses diagrams to illustrate the installation sequence and installation method. I had it installed quickly and it was easy to assemble. The size of this shelf is also very suitable. Not only are its mounting holes located at 16-inch centers, but the intervals are also reasonable, so you won't feel crowded after hanging the cordless. And the height of its middle layer is also high enough, and the partitions are strong enough to accommodate several of my tool boxes. Not only does this shelf have enough storage space, but it’s also very beautiful. When I put all the tools where they should be, it freed up a lot of work space. Great product!
2out of 5
overall its ok but its really wobbly and feels cheaply made. its smaller than I thought but thats ok. also we weren't able to get part of it to screw in, the screws would not fit no matter what we tried. really doesn't feel like it was worth 50$
3out of 5
This rack is pretty basic and works well but is not very sturdy compared to others I have in the workshop. The metal is just not as thick but it's sturdy enough to do it's job. Not too much to say beyond that. Pro's: Does the job Cons: Thinner metal than others. Not as many upgrades such as drawer or power strip/charge station etc.
October 25, 2023
3out of 5
I have always struggled for a single home for our power tools. They always seem to get lost in the abyss of our larger toolbox. I got this organizer for convenience sake, and I’m glad I did. It is nice and sturdy, and it was fairly easy to put together. (Though I used my own tools and screws since the ones that came with the organizer weren’t fitting well). It holds our Dewalt power tools & a few other things we frequently use with no problem.
October 08, 2023
3out of 5
I wanted to like this product and don’t get me wrong; I did. It’s just there are some things the manufacturer could have done differently. First thing, I ended up using my own hardware to secure the rack to the wall. The included drywall anchors and screws are so inefficient, I ended up stripping the head of one of the screws. So, I ended up using my own screws and washers (washers are not included) to secure the rack to my wall. I also noticed the screws provided did not sit flush with the product. Not a deal breaker but I found it odd. Once I did get the rack secured, I was pleased with the outcome. Very stable (I did secure one side into a stud vs. the drywall), and this rack is holding well over 20lbs of tools without any sag. This tool rack is constructed of metal, but you will need a drill, drill bit, and Phillips head screwdriver to complete the task. One thing to remember, when assembling the rack, the sides will orient on one side only. If you try the other side, you’ll discover like I did, it will not fit. Overall, it is not a bad product and works, however, I recommend using your own hardware (even though it may cost you a little extra amount) to adequately secure the rack. I wouldn’t purchase this again, but I won’t be getting rid of it either, if that makes sense.
October 09, 2023
4out of 5
This is quite a bit heavier than I expected. Usually, the shelving is flimsy, but that doesn't seem to be the case with this unit. It, of course, takes some assembly, but that's to be expected. We have mostly Milwaukee, and they fit just fine. I'll update if we find that the shelving doesn't end up holding up, but for now, I'm impressed, especially for the price.
3out of 5
This item reminds me of high school shop class as it looks like a shop project a high schooler would make, though admittedly the paint job is a much better. First off, the holes to stick screwdrivers in are too small. I have a basic Stanley starter set and the larger flathead won't fit in the holes. Secondly the holes are too close together, so I have to skip every other hole. Thirdly, the screwdrivers don't sit straight unless you take your time to balance them, otherwise they flop over at all kinds of angles. On the other side, the drill bit holder has 2 layers of holes; this would have work well to do the screwdriver side the same. The shelf space is small but fine for storing extra batteries or other small items. I only have 2 cordless drills, but they both hang fine on the rack. The side hangers feel a bit sturdier than the front ones, especially if I leave the battery on with the added weight, but I think the front ones are sturdy enough to not have any issues. Finally, there is a plier rack which holds my assortment of plier and snips/cutters fine. Overall, it's a very simple rack and I feel the price is a bit higher than the value it provides. I think a few modifications could be made to improve its function and appearance.