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Tools & DIYPower Toolssnow joe 24v ss11 xr 11 inch cordless snow shovel with 5 ah battery kit
Snow Joe 24V-SS11-XR 11-Inch Cordless Snow Shovel with 5-Ah Battery Kit
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Snow Joe 24V-SS11-XR 11-Inch Cordless Snow Shovel with 5-Ah Battery Kit

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WHEN IT COMES TO SNOW, GO WITH JOE®. Introducing the ultimate grab-n-go cordless snow-busting tool: 24V-SS11-XR from SNOW JOE. Combining innovation and functionality, SNOW JOE provides an easy, convenient, and cordless solution to get snow out of your way this winter. Powered by SNOW JOE’s exclusive IONMAX 24-Volt lithium-ion battery system, 24V-SS11-XR can quickly clear up to 370 sq ft of 3" snow from your porch, patio, steps, sidewalk, and more. The light choice is the right choice with SNOW JOE! Weighing less than 12 lbs, 24V-SS11-XR blasts through up to 2,025 pounds of snow per charge while the dual-handle design eliminates the need to bend and strain, maximizing user comfort and ease of use. Equipped with a heavy-duty 2-blade paddle auger, SNOW JOE throws snow up to 20 feet away, clearing an 11-inch wide by 7-inch-deep path with each pass. And the durable scraper blade at the base of the unit lets you clear right to the ground without damaging your deck or pavement! When the job is done, 24V-SS11-XR stores easily inside of a hall closet for quick, convenient access. And with a maximum charge time of just 2 hours and 20 minutes, 24V-SS11-XR will be recharged and ready for the next task. GET EQUIPPED® this winter with the 24V-SS11-XR 24-Volt 5.0 Ah Cordless Snow Shovel from SNOW JOE® and leave back-breaking snow removal behind you.

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Manufacturer: Snow Joe

Variants: Kit (w/ 5-Ah Battery + Quick Charger), Kit (w/ 2 batteries + Quick Charger, Kit w/ Snow Broom

Dimensions: 13"D x 11"W x 22"H

Weight: 12 Pounds

Brand: Snow Joe

Power Source: Battery Powered

Product Dimensions: 13"D x 11"W x 22"H

Item Weight: 12 Pounds

Color: Kit (w/5-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)

Maximum Throw Distance: 20 Feet

Voltage: 24 Volts

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Amazon's Top Reviews

September 25, 2023
4out of 5
Works well on lighter snow
I live in Castle Rock, Colorado. It snows a lot here. Although I have a pretty powerful snow blower, like me, it is getting old and sometimes hard to start and to keep running. On those occasions, I have been relying on my good old snow shovel and personal stamina. At 69 years old this task is not getting any easier; however, it does help me stay in shape and gives me some exercise time burning calories that I monitor on my iWatch program when I feel the need to brag. The other day, I noticed a young man using a battery operated snow shovel that looked pretty neat and struck up a conversation with him. He said he loved the machine, but wish he would have bought an extra battery because he sometimes forgets to charge the battery and ends up pulling out the trusty shovel. I took his advice to heart and bought both this snow shovel and the extra battery in an effort to eliminate the trusty old shovel when the powerhouse snow blower in on the blink. I am glad I did because the battery pooped out before I finished the job on my first use before the second battery arrived and it takes 3.4 hours to recharge the battery. At only 11 pounds and a 7-inch path, this product makes it easy to remove snow from steps, porches, patios, decks and walkways, but it is not a snow blower. It works like a snow blower; however, in deep snow, you have to remove the snow in layers. It will stop if the blades get more than about 7 inches in the blade. It does blow the snow quite a distance and is much faster and easier than a regular shovel. I got a pretty good workout in my arms and shoulders the last time I used it because I had to shave off several layers of deep snow. Reading the safety instructions are a must before using this product. Rocks can become lodged in blades. In those cases, users must be mindful to remove the battery and wait for several seconds before putting fingers or tools to remove whatever is stuck in the blades. This is a powerful product that could easily amputate fingers of careless users. Additionally, the blade is made of durable plastic; however, unlike a steel blade snow blower, the concrete could eventually grind down the blade. Further, this product does not remove ice and does leave a little bit of remnant snow on the driveway and sidewalks that quickly melts in the sun. Unfortunately, I live on the south side (shaded) of the street where it takes longer to melt. Overall, I am very pleased with the utility of this product and it is well worth the price for me. Please use it safely and do yourself a favor and buy a second battery. Enjoy!
5out of 5
I researched Amazon and other sites to find the best snowblower for our deck. The reason is: dogs. WE need to make sure that there's a clear path for the dogs from our back door to the base of the steps so that they can go do their "duty." That being said, I ended up purchasing this unit. It has worked well..but if there was anything I would change, it would be: I'd go one step larger. Why? Because of the depth that the larger one will do. This one, I've found works well when there's just a small bit of snow (3 or 4" of snow) on the deck. Anything more, you'll wish you had gone iwht the larger one. PROS: Easy battery charge, well made CONS: none noted
I was excited to finally get it. I saw the TV commercials. I assembled it without a problem. All wires looked fine during assembly. I made sure it was fully charged. Put the battery in. Held in the safety. Pulled the trigger. Nothing absolutely nothing. What a disappointment. I called customer service. They said only thing to do is send it back to warranty repair. I had to box up the tool. Take it to a CVS for UPS pickup. I am disabled and not happy about this at all. It's been weeks. No answer from Customer service. It will be spring by the time it gets back. Update: Snow Joe ❄ finally got their shipment in I called several times talked to customer service. The larger 13 inch. Shipment came in. Customer service said they were sending a new one in the box. A few days later. The box Showed up. Assembling the unit the only thing that gave me a problem was the line that is in side the shaft like I read on other reviews the same problem. Definitely gave me a little bit of trouble. Trying to get extra wire. Into the handle shaft. Afterthought: A shot of WD. Probably would have allowed the wire. To move a little smoother down the shaft. A week later. Snow showed up 3 inches of solid water soaked snow extremely heavy exactly the type that always clogs the chute on my Honda snowblower. This is exactly why I had wanted the snow thrower. Myself I am in my 60's now. Both shoulders have shoulder lock. Making throwing snow with a shovel very painful. Full charge on the battery. I was doubtful that the thrower could throw the slop. I was happily surprised ! It was slinging slop. Doing a great job. Where my daughter cleaned off her car 6 inch packed spot. Stopped the spinning auger. Probably I was pushing to fast into it. Releasing the trigger for a few seconds. Gave it time to reset. Slower push into the pile. Cleared the hard packed snow. Overall I had 1 star before. Understanding the supply chain issues. Customer service help is why I changed to 5 Stars. I have a large driveway. Halfway through I was down to 1 light on the battery. 2 batteries are definitely needed for larger driveways.
December 09, 2022
4out of 5
Since it only throws snow straight ahead you have to do the same patch over and over. It is very powerful and the battery last quite a while, I got 2 batteries. It doesn’t weigh very much. The bottom gets stuck on any crack in the pavement which is very bothersome on uneven surfaces. It went right through 4-5 in of snow no problem at a pretty fast pace. Overall it’s easier than breaking your back with a normal shovel. One issue on mine was the shaft that attaches to the blades part has quite a bit of movement. I tightened the screws and it’s better but I’m not sure how long it’ll last since your always hitting uneven ground and picking it up putting it down with the slack I can see it getting looser with no way to tighten it anymore. For the price I’m glad I got it. Hopefully it lasts a few seasons, we get lots of snow.
September 05, 2023
4out of 5
I like this little snow blower. Not heavy and hopefully easy for me to use