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Tools & DIYHand Toolsvibelite extendable magnetic flashlight magnet pickup tool
VIBELITE Extendable Magnetic Flashlight & Magnet Pickup Tool
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VIBELITE Extendable Magnetic Flashlight & Magnet Pickup Tool

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Discover the VIBELITE Extendable Magnetic Flashlight, a perfect blend of practicality and innovation. This telescoping magnet pickup tool is not just a gadget, but a thoughtful gift idea. Ideal for Christmas stocking stuffers, it's a unique present for men, husbands, dads, fathers, mechanics, tech enthusiasts, handymen, and even women. Experience the convenience of having a magnetic tool at your fingertips. Explore more about us and our range of cool gadgets.

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Manufacturer: ‎VIBELITE

Variants: Black Magnetic Tool Set, Magnetic Tool, Sliver Magnetic Tool

Dimensions: ‎2"D x 2"W x 7"H

Weight: ‎4.6 ounces

Special Feature: Flexible, Durable

Color: Light Black

Power Source: Battery Powered

Light Source Type: LED

Material: Aluminum

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4out of 5

13435 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

October 10, 2023
4out of 5
Very useful good size being magnetic was a +
July 27, 2023
4out of 5
I feel it is a little cheap but it still is really cold and when you work on cars it’s pretty neat because u can bend it under and get a light on the spots u normally couldn’t I’m going to look for a better quality one it’s an amazing idea in theory we’ll see how long it lasts.
September 28, 2023
5out of 5
This product is a great gift for anyone who works on vehicles
October 22, 2023
5out of 5
The magnet is awesome and handy!!
5out of 5
My garage brothers will relate to this. Ever been under the hood and cant quite get a grip on the nut, bolt, or washer because your fingers are just too freakin fat? You know what happens next, you drop the damn thing and you listen. Did it hit the garage floor? If it did you know its in the middle where you can reach it. Or maybe it doesnt and now you have to find the part somewhere between where you were working ... but of course it didnt drop straight down. Now imagine a zen environment where losing those small parts never happens again? No more cussing at the vehicle or the unsuspecting wife who just doesnt understand the process ... only serenity. If you dont have a tool(s) like this get it. It will make your life much easier. The kit includes a must have lighted and magnetic tip in one tool. In addition to a lighted mirror for all those dark areas where that damn part rolled into.
August 21, 2023
4out of 5
Bought this for my husband for Christmas he uses them a lot.
November 01, 2023
5out of 5
Nice gift.
October 14, 2023
5out of 5