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Tools & DIYHand Toolstopstache edc multitool sheath for belt
Topstache EDC Multitool Sheath for Belt
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Topstache EDC Multitool Sheath for Belt

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Discover the Topstache EDC Multitool Sheath for Belt - a premium leather belt pouch designed for both work and daily use. This versatile tool organizer securely holds your flashlight, multitool, and multitool kits. Ideal as a gift for men, it comes in a stylish Darkbrown-01 color. Topstache specializes in crafting high-quality EDC bags from materials like leather, nylon, and canvas. Enhance your everyday carry with Topstache.

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Manufacturer: ‎topstache

Variants: Darkbrown-01, Black-01, Black-02, Darkbrown-02

Dimensions: 6"L x 0.6"W x 7.7"H

Weight: 4.06 Ounces

Color: Darkbrown-01

Brand: topstache

Material: Leather

Product Dimensions: 6"L x 0.6"W x 7.7"H

Item Weight: 4.06 Ounces

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4out of 5

1302 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I bought this because I wear Levi’s to work everyday and my pockets are full enough. In my “belt-pouch”, I keep a cheap multitool, an Olight Arkfeld, a small folding knife (either the Gerber Lite folding utility knife or the Baby Banter), a metal pen with a clip, and I’ll sometimes attach my key leash to the metal clip. I really like how much weight this takes out of my pockets. All I carry in my jeans now are my cell phone and a front-pocket wallet. Everything else that I need is right on my hip, at the ready. As a result, my pants are even more comfortable. I’ve been using it daily and it’s not showing any unusual wear. Just the normal scratches (patina?) that leather gets. The stitching is very strong. Sometimes I take it off because there’s a slim chance someone could mistake it for a holster if I’m wearing a jacket, hoodie, or outer-flannel, but that’s really only in sensitive environments that I don’t want to deal with getting asked about it. Even then, I just drop it in my bag and know that all my highest use items are right at the top of the bag and in the exact same place. It’s really great for my uses in I.T. It saves me countless trips to my truck or wherever I left my tool-bag. I’m able to tackle most unexpected issues that pop-up with a good flashlight and a multitool. I mostly keep the knife on there for opening boxes, bags, zip-ties, and cutting through some shrink wrap and insulation. I paid about $27 for this but it’s closer to $22 now. I think it’s worth it. Just don’t expect to be able to wear it with a thin, dress-belt. It will scratch the highly finished leather and be a little uncomfortable because the belt is too narrow. In my opinion, even with a dress-belt it’s still better than trying to keep all that stuff in your pockets. It works and looks fine with khakis or Dickies-style work pants, too. The thicker and wider the belt, the better the fit and weight distribution. If you work in a trade that needs a real tool-belt then this isn’t for you. But if you use a bag or box with specialized tools and don’t carry it into every room you go, you’ll probably really appreciate this thing. You still have your back-pockets to hold a few screwdrivers, pliers, drill-bits, and screws. If I need a tape measure for a task, I will usually move the knife to my fifth pocket and clip the tape measure on where the knife usually goes or clip it to the other side of my belt. If it means anything, I’m a relatively tall guy, so it may appear more noticeably on those who are shorter in stature. I don’t think I’d let that turn me off to it, though I can’t really say for sure. It’s not small but it carries very well. If I’m driving a very long distance I might take it off if I’m using a vehicle with smaller seats. In that case it’s easier (and more comfortable) to just remove my belt for the trip and put it back on when I get out. In a truck or larger, American, fleet-type-car it doesn’t interfere with the seat-belt. I hope this is helpful to someone.
3out of 5
Feels good, sturdy and durable but sadly it's quite small for me. Couldn't fit my all my tools in it.
October 09, 2023
5out of 5
This product is absolutely amazing, fits my Coast flashlight, small adjustable wrench and Leatherman Wave+ perfectly. It did take a couple weeks to break in and form to how I carry it but it looks and feels phenomenal. I'm wearing it daily at work and it's comfortable enough that I forget I have it on. I would buy another one tomorrow if this one fell apart today.
September 19, 2023
5out of 5
Very nice product. The leather is nice and thick and sturdy. Some of the leather may be a little too thick like where the pen sleeve is but that is splitting hairs and saying it is too good of a leather. Only down side is it can weigh a lot and pull you pants down. Because of the length I have figured that you have to have a pant loop in the middle of the carrier to help it from sagging. I carry a Leatherman wave with 2 sets of bits, the bit extender in the loop, a thick pocket knife, metal pen, and a pen light and it is able to hold it all. Just beware because of the size and how it Carrie’s on your side someone may think you are carrying a concealed weapon.
4out of 5
I've been running this every day for a couple months. I love it. It feels sturdy, well made, and doesn't stain my pants. The worst part is the swivel, which ironically is one of the friggin selling points. It makes for a very annoying time trying to clip anything to it as the loop is symmetrical and it's hard to feel where they mouth is and even harder to actually clip keys to it one handed. With the one sided non-swivel clips you typically see on EDC holsters, you can easily feel where the mouth of the caribiner is and clip keys one handed. Don't fix it if it ain't broke and pay attention to the positioning ergonomics of the masses. (Also yes my microtech is a clone and I'm aware.)
5out of 5
This Topstache EDC Multitool Sheath is the perfect "small tool pouch/holster" for every day carry on the farm. When in the vineyard or the orchards, the last thing you want to do is to walk back to the farm truck or drive back to the shop or back to the barn for a tool for a simple repair/work in the field. I used to carry a few tools in an old CRC tool belt but this was clumsy and not easy to carry every day nor was it a comfortable carry. I read various reviews on a variety of small tool carry holsters/sheaths and decided on the Topstache EDC Multitool Sheath to carry a few tool essentials daily on the farm. This tool sheath is well made of leather, stitched and has a triple belt loop feature to hold the sheath on your belt - all for $23.00 on Amazon. When you wear it you don't even know you have it on until you need it! It perfectly fits my Leatherman Surge multitool, Streamlight Pro-Tac 2L flashlight, M-Tech "harvesting" knife and Bercowin 7in1 utility knife along with a ring of keys for the farm. On my hip daily, if and when I need these multipurpose tools in the field. Highly recommended for small tool daily carry work - especially on a farm.
5out of 5
Bought this recently and love it. I don’t write reviews but I felt I needed too with this. The leather is thick and sturdy and you can tell it’s made of good quality. Fits all of my EDC and I would highly recommend the buy.