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Tools & DIYHand Toolstacray carabiner keychain clip anti lost key holder and quick release
TACRAY Carabiner Keychain Clip - Anti-lost key holder and Quick Release
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TACRAY Carabiner Keychain Clip - Anti-lost key holder and Quick Release

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Discover the TACRAY Carabiner Keychain Clip, a versatile accessory designed to prevent key loss. This quick-release backpack clasp/hook comes with a multitool, making it an ideal choice for both men and women. The Ti-KC03 model offers practicality and convenience in one compact package.

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Manufacturer: ‎TACRAY

Variants: Stainless Steel, Titanium, SS-KC01A, Metal, Ti-KC01, Ti-KC01K, Ti-KC03, 不锈钢

Color: Grey

Material: Ti-KC03


Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2.09 x 1.1 x 0.14 inches

Included Components: Screwdriver, Key Holder, Carabiner, Bottle Opener

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4out of 5

616 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Very nice, high quality carabiner tool. Finish is exceptional and the gate is very sturdy. The bottle opener is excellent; it grabs the cap firmly and lifts the cap off in one go. My personal reference for bottle openers are the one's found on Victorinox SAKs and multi-tools and this one works just as well. I've had other tools that haven't worked well at all in this area such as my Nite-Ize Doohickey and even my Dango wallet is less than ideal. The box wrench cutouts are a bit hit or miss; I haven't sat down to really figure it out but it seems that they are a mix of some metric and imperial sizes. If one fits the nut or bolt it certainly works though. The flat head screwdriver works as expected and is quite handy. The phillips head driver is very cool and I have found extensive uses for it from opening computer cases, tightening mounting brackets on networking equipment and tightening knobs on cabinets. The phillips head has gotten a bit mangled from use though but this is not too surprising. Despite all of the claims of titanium being stronger than steel it is still a relatively soft metal, especially in comparison to knife and tool steels which still get mangled and wear from use. This hasn't affected functionality at all but if you want to keep the tool looking exceptionally nice use it sparingly. Overall a very functional and fantastic looking carabiner tool.
5out of 5
I like the little knife
I love all things titanium and have another ti keychain carabiner. What makes this one so useful is the hidden scalper blade. So useful when i'm without an EDC pocket knife ... for opening packages, cutting cord, paper, digging out a sliver, etc. Just remember to leave it at home if you're going on an airliner. I'd hate to surrender a 40 dollar carabiner.
July 24, 2023
5out of 5
Solid materials and holds a good amount of keys
September 27, 2023
3out of 5
I really liked the key chain but within the first month the spring had popped out. I put back in and it lasted 2 more months before it popped out again and this time I didn't find the spring. It needs a better way for the spring to stay in the bottom holes. Luckily I didn't lose my work keys along with the spring.
October 10, 2023
5out of 5
Using this as the ultimate key ring clip.
Got this after getting an S-biner and quickly realizing there's always a risk of items slipping off of the relatively unsecured loop. Had to wade through a lot of flashy carabiners to find this function-focused piece. Slips on and off smoothly with one hand, sturdy (steel?) construction, closed off loop so things don't fall off like S-biners, and corner is sharp enough to cut through tape. I'm sure I'll never remember to use them, but has a tiny Phillips screwdriver, short ruler (1 inch/25mm), bottle opener, and slots for hex wrench. Simple, yet versatile. Thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. Year-and-a-half update: Still use it daily, spring feels just as good as Day One. Markings have mostly rubbed off, and I definitely never remember to use the screwdriver/ruler/hex wrench, but for the current price of $13? It's an amazing deal. 5 stars all over again.
5out of 5
We’ll made, small and good for travel. Not for anyone looking for something with any heft.