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Tools & DIYHand Toolsswanson tool co cp216 alwayssharp refillable mechanical carpenter pencil
Swanson Tool Co CP216 AlwaysSharp Refillable Mechanical Carpenter Pencil
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Swanson Tool Co CP216 AlwaysSharp Refillable Mechanical Carpenter Pencil

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Boost your productivity with the Swanson Tool Co CP216 AlwaysSharp Refillable Mechanical Carpenter Pencil. This 10-piece set includes two durable, always sharp pencils, each equipped with 8 black graphite tips, and comes with 8 additional replacement tips. Designed to maintain its length, this carpenter pencil won't get lost in your tool pouch and eliminates the need for constant sharpening. The black graphite tip lasts 5 times longer, reducing waste and ensuring a consistently sharp tip that resists breakage and smearing. No razor blade needed for sharpening. Ideal for carpenters and DIY enthusiasts, the AlwaysSharp Refillable Carpenter Pencil is a reliable tool for precise marking and drawing.

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Manufacturer: ‎Swanson Tool

Variants: 1 Count (Pack of 1) Red Pencil Refills, 1 Count (Pack of 2) Black Pencil Refills, 1 Count (Pack of 1) Black Pencil Refills, 10 Piece Set 2 pack pencils

Dimensions: ‎0.5 x 3.88 x 9.38 inches

Weight: ‎0.01 ounces

Brand: Swanson Tool Co.

Writing Instrument Form: Mechanical Graphite Pencil

Color: Blue

Ink Color: Graphite Black

Age Range (Description): Adult

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3541 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

These are my preferred marking implement. They work like the old popper pencils that I used to have in school so many years ago, you pull a lead holder out from the front and insert it into the back to push a fresh holder up. In addition to that the leads in the lead holders are reversible so before you pop out a lead holder pull the lead out of it and flip it around and you get double use from each holder. My biggest gripe of these pencils is that the pocket clips suck. I have 2 places I'll principally keep the pencil on me in the back of my hat or in my pocket; when you keep them in your pocket invariably the small plastic clip breaks off and the slick rectangular pencil falls into your pocket. I with the clips were stronger of someone made a replacement because once the clip breaks the pen loses a lot of its utility and ease of use. I find myself putting them in retractors and attaching them to saws so that there is always a pencil there which means swiping leads becomes a pain. These mark well and are EZ to keep sharp, the lead is soft enough to mark on most any surface but hard enough to last and not break up with use.
5out of 5
These are the best pencils I've ever used! I paid full price and they are worth it. Nice! Well Made! Seems To Be Made to Last a Long Time! I received this product for free for my fair and honest review. Full Disclosure: - I received this product (very kindly) at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the product, based upon my own personal experience. - I have not been coached or asked to provide positive feedback, nor have I received any compensation or incentive from the company for this review. - I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR part 255 "guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising". - I am not affiliated with this company or any of their products, in any way. - The views expressed here are my own, based on my personal use and experience with the product, and are unbiased and honest reviews. Any feedback, positive or negative, regarding this product is based on my personal experience with the product. - I treat each product review as though I paid full price for it. - Like most people, I rely heavily on product reviews when deciding to purchase an item from a particular manufacturer or company.. This increases my performance level as a reviewer and allows me to review a greater number of products, providing more companies, and individuals like yourself, with valuable feedback and product information. Your valuable feedback is greatly appreciated! Hope You and Your Family Have A Great Year, Chef Faris
Simple said, these are great! Even after 3 wood working projects around the house I'm still on the first tip! One thing I don't think the ad mentions is that, not only can you easily change the tips, you can pull the lead out of eact and turn it around so you really have twice the tips. Just a plain great shop pencil that I really recommend!
January 07, 2023
5out of 5
I bought these for a couple of co-workers because they both like carpenters pencils. I did buy myself a set also, but I don't like carpenters pencils, I need more of a point so that I can mark more accurately. But I have been using mine for things like marking next to my square or a straight edge and they actually work very well for that because they mark very close and stay sharp! So now I carry both my Pica and this one and that seems to be a great combo.
5out of 5
I don't have too much use for a carpenter's pencil as an electrician, but I've found myself making marks I've needed to remove once every so often, but not frequently enough to carry around a normal captenter's pencil and a sharpener. I grabbed this because it alleviated my need for a sharpener and my worry for carry wear and tear from being in my tool belt. I didn't expect much out of the cartridge tips, I thought them like normal mechanical pencils, that I would snap them 3 or 4 times while writing a paper, but these tips are sturdy,I've been using it for all my marks, and haven't needed to change the first tip in the month I've had it. Then to find the second pencil is fully loaded with tips too, and they give you a bunch of more replacement tips. I'm certain I'll lose both these mech pencils before I could ever dream of going through these tips. This is a no brainer buy for me. I can't speak for carpenters, but from what I've seen, even for them, skipping out on this is just old dogs who can't learn new tricks. I'm gonna give the other pencil to a carpenter friend in a company mine works with often, and I'll update on it in a few months on how much he likes or dislikes it. *edit* I just found out on accident that the led tips are double sided, literally doubled the already excessive amount of tips they give you. I feel like I need to mail them another $5 to not feel like I'm robing them blind. The value for this pencil is endless. ( Though I do have to admit I found this out because the led tip came out while I was using it, so that could be a problem for people used to regular carpenter pencils). Oh and my carpenter friend likes and loves it. He keeps and uses it because it makes clean razor thin marks every time. but he can't use it for writing because of the shape of the tip.
5out of 5
Time is money 💰 this pencil saves me time.
October 15, 2023
3out of 5
I prefer a lumber pencil & just keep sharpening it--you're in a woodshop, there are plenty of blades/sanding surfaces, easy peasy. The line for this is a little fat/yields inaccuracy, & the cap not fitting on the back/always having to hold in my pocket or mouth, is a pain. No need to improve on the classic. I heard ages ago NASA spent $7 million to develop a pen that writes in zero gravity. The Soviet's used a pencil. Don't over think it.
November 07, 2023
5out of 5
Works great . Was a little skeptical about it working in rain but works great. Lost the cap though