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Tools & DIYHand Toolsretractable precision tweezers for splinters with leather sheath edc
Retractable Precision Tweezers for Splinters with Leather Sheath EDC
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Retractable Precision Tweezers for Splinters with Leather Sheath EDC

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Discover the CIVIVI Precision Tweezers, perfect for splinter removal. These retractable tweezers come with a leather sheath, making them an ideal addition to any man's EDC kit. Easy to carry on a keychain, they are part of the Tac-N-Tweeze range, designed by Bob Terzuola. Model number C19062B-A.

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Manufacturer: ‎WE Knife Co.,Ltd

Dimensions: 4.77"L x 0.08"W

Weight: ‎0.85 ounces


Material: Stainless Steel, Brass

Color: Black

Product Dimensions: 4.77"L x 0.08"W

Style: Tool

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988 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

August 22, 2023
3out of 5
I needed some travel tweezers because the kids are like splinter magnets. These line up very well and have very fine tips, perfect for splinter extraction. There has got to be a cheaper option, but these were the first ones I saw. When I ordered them, I thought I was going to keep them on my keychain, but they're a little bigger than I was imagining, so I keep them in the glove box.
I bought a pair and it would not grab ahold of a hair splinter. I thought maybe it was defective so I did a return for the same item which had the same issue. And I'm so stupid I forgot to send back the original so I got charged for the second one so I have $50 in tweezers... And I use the term tweezers very loosely.. it was a great concept and probably would work great for larger splinters but that's how it should be marketed. The price point is just outrageous when you can get world class tweezers for about the same price from tweezerman or any other maker... Even fine German stainless steel ones. Again the concept is rather unique, and I always want to support outside the box thinkers, but these simply will not even grab hair on your arm. Don't believe me? Go ahead, order away. I have 2 pairs I'll sell you for a great deal of $45! 💰
October 30, 2023
5out of 5
First, I didn’t want to spend $20-30 for a pair of tweezers, but I was tired of buying ones that couldn’t get splinters out. This thing works great and you can dig in and pull out any splinters. I almost feel like I have to lock it up so I don’t lose it. I did try plucking hairs with this, it didn’t work to well. I wasn’t looking for it to be able to do that, I just wanted to see how well it would do. For the purpose of pulling out splinters hands down one of the best ones out there!
December 07, 2023
5out of 5
Well built tweezers, the retraction feature keeps them safe and small. Leather case is secure and should help protect the tweezer tips from debris.
July 14, 2023
4out of 5
I picked up a pair for work. Metal splinters suck. It works for those super fine splinters but overall as a general purpose, they're kind of too pin point. A bit pricey too. They have a solid build and the case is nice too. Keep these in my work tech kit. Overall, I'd only get knowing that they're really meant for super thin things.
October 28, 2023
5out of 5
Outside of being really cool, these are great tweezers. Used them to remove splinters and in electrical work, far better than regular tweezers.
November 20, 2023
5out of 5
Absolutely love these little tweezers. They're super tiny yet amazingly precise and sturdy. I personally don't put them on my keychain although I think they are small enough to go on it. I keep them in my little EDC pouch. 10 out of 10 recommend
Had a bloody microscopic splinter in my finger for 4 days. Regular (borrowed) tweezers failed. I got home and was able to get a knife blade under it, but my needlenose pliers and toenail clippers (I know, I got desperate) both failed. I don't dig out splinters with my knife entirely, just because I don't... want to cut myself open? Anyways. I had these CIVIVI tweezers in my cart for several weeks since realizing I didn't have a pair of tweezers in my first aid kit, or even in my household. Only thing that made me hesitate was the price. Of course it did. $30 is a lot for a pair of tweezers! Yesterday, after more failed attempts to extract the splinter, I decided I'd had enough, and I dropped the coin on these, next-day delivery. I received it, unboxed it, and literally under sixty seconds after sitting down with them, the splinter was removed. So let's talk about these tweezers, and about the company behind them. The name CIVIVI caught my attention because I'm familiar with their brand. They make knives, and DAMN classy ones at that, for medium-range prices of $80-130. I own one of their knives and it lives up to its price tag being well-engineered, sturdy, but also having a unique sort of elegance to its design that, as a megapoor who can't afford a $200 knife, I really appreciate. It makes me feel like I have a premium knife without having to pay a premium cost. These tweezers share such design. Their feature of retracting into a metal case works wonderfully. The round screw tightens reliably in the deployed or sheathed positions (or anywhere in between, if you fancy) with finger-tightness. This retractable design also allows the tips of the tweezers to be VERY pointy, which is an absolute boon when dealing with splinters thinner than a human hair. It also means that, if necessary, they can dig into the skin to remove deeply embedded splinters. Mine was embedded BARELY deeply enough to be below flush with my skin. The points are like the tips of two scalpels coming together with perfect precision. Precision that is necessarily held to a high standard, which a renowned knifemaker like CIVIVI would be very used to. The tweezers were smaller than I expected, but that certainly lent to their abilities. This thing is a precision instrument, there's no doubt about it. Also, the finish on it is stunning. It really makes no sense to care about the aesthetics of a pair of tweezers, even less so for CIVIVI to put effort into it when designing them, but they are gorgeous in person. Evident of the pride that CIVIVI takes in the elegance of its products. If it isn't beautiful, it isn't CIVIVI. The leather sheath is real leather, and is mildly challenging to get the tweezers into for the first time, but I imagine it'll get easier over time. The tweezers don't fit entirely within the sheath, but I can't imagine that to be a huge issue for most people. The sheath is helpful for me because it means I can drop these things in my first aid kit and not worry about them scarring up any of the other softer (sometimes paper) materials that they'll be adjacent to.