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Tools & DIYHand Toolsmulti tool pouch edc pocket organizer for men
Multi-Tool Pouch, EDC Pocket Organizer for Men
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Multi-Tool Pouch, EDC Pocket Organizer for Men

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Discover the VIPERADE VE10 Tool Pouch, a compact EDC organizer designed for men. This small utility pouch comes equipped with 7 pockets, perfect for multitools and everyday carry items. Enhance your organization with this EDC pocket organizer.

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Manufacturer: ‎VIPERADE

Variants: X-pac Orange, Black, Black Camo, X-pac Black, X-pac Green, Black+Orange

Weight: 1.76 Ounces

Color: Black


Material: Nylon

Item Weight: 1.76 Ounces

Number Of Pockets: 7

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4out of 5

535 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

This product is very well made and holds quite a lot. No issues with the product itself. Rating 5 stars, even though I find myself either not carrying it because it’s quite large in the pocket, or looking for extra stuff to fill it with which in my opinion is counter-productive as I like to carry what I need & use only.
January 19, 2023
4out of 5
Perfect fit for a nice pocket pouch. The photo is a little misleading as if you truthfully had all of that stuff in this pouch, it either wouldn’t close or would be so fat it wouldn’t fit your pocket. Was hoping to be able to fit more, but still holds a knife, prybar, mini flash light, and my wallet well. But now I am left without anymore room and the pockets outside are useless when the pouch is full as they are much too tight to fit anything. I wouldn’t put anything In there that I think might break as it doesn’t offer much protection.
September 15, 2023
5out of 5
Great product and storage nice quality
The media could not be loaded. Pros Recently got into the EDC community and wanted a little pouch that i could slide in my pocket and walk around with comfortably. This pouch works really well for that. Its able to carry all my gear nicely for its size (gear larger than 3-3.5in might have some difficulties) and fits in my pocket without crazy bulk in my opinion. Materials and construction look superb so no need to worry about that. Cons A couple cons i could point out are that putting things in both of the large beveled pockets on the inside of this pouch doesnt really work out if you have stuff in the front because itll block things from entering the beveled pocket(so i really only carry flat things there). Also the entire pouch is padded with a layer of foam, for added protection i assume, which is nice depending on how you look at it. Itll add that protection but it takes away from the potential thinness. Overall i think this is a great pouch that i can see lasting quite a while, and would definitely recommend it but really only if your gear isnt too big and you dont carry a lot. For me its a great buy. 👍
August 10, 2023
5out of 5
Perfect size for a thigh pocket. mine holds: small booboo kit (bandaids/salves/etc) olight Pen and flashlight small sharpie pocket knife small multi tool knipex pliers razor blade
August 17, 2022
3out of 5
The problem with writing this is that the pouch is well made. Strong zippers. Clean stitching. I'd like to use this. The problem is how thick the padding is. I put my light and knife in it and it's near 3 inches thick and I couldn't zip it closed easily. It's barely long enough for a standard pen. Really, even a chapstick has problems in this. It's certainly not a pocket pouch if the things you put in it are thicker than a comb.
September 22, 2022
5out of 5
I love everything about this little “taco.” Holds vape 510 batteries, cart tube, charger, Spyderco Native5 LW, a couple challenge coins and a mini prybar with plenty of room to spare for cards/IDs/cash, small flashlight, etc. The orange hex is fantastic (can’t tell I like orange from the pix, can you?). IMO the VE10 should be offered in more colors. I’d definitely buy a blue hex and will keep checking in future hopes that happens.
5out of 5
I loaded this thing so that it is too bulky for EDC, but i like to keep it nearby, in the car or something. Still fits in my pocket if I need it though. It carries a mini crescent, a mini ratchet/bit driver, and inside has another mini rachet with extention and a 5/16 socket (for hose/worm gear clamps) otacle pry bar, tweezers, mini caliper, keys+organizer, another pry bar, tiny knife, P2 bit, and a telescopic fire bellow. It fits more, but my pockets don't (work pants). I have many EDC accessories that I do always have, but some of this gear nearby and bundled up is great. Helps keep me out of the tool box when a friend needs a quick tighten up