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Tools & DIYHand Toolslichamp 16 ft tape measure 6 pack easy read with 18 fractions
LICHAMP 16 ft Tape Measure 6 Pack, Easy Read with 1/8 Fractions
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LICHAMP 16 ft Tape Measure 6 Pack, Easy Read with 1/8 Fractions

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Discover the LICHAMP 16 ft Tape Measure, available in a convenient 6 pack. These retractable, easy-read measuring tapes are designed with 1/8 fractions for precise measurements. Each tape measure extends to 16 feet and features a 3/4 inch wide blade. The ergonomic design of the case ensures comfortable use, while the superior internal mechanism guarantees smooth operation. For added durability, each tape blade is coated with heavy-duty nylon. Upgrade your toolkit with the LICHAMP Tape Measure 16 ft 6 Pack.

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Manufacturer: Lichamp

Dimensions: 192"L x 0.75"W

Color: Yellow,Black

Brand: Lichamp

Product Dimensions: 192"L x 0.75"W

Blade Length: 16 Feet

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472 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
There are a few things that I think that you can't have too many of. Anyone who does a lot of DIY knows how frustrating it is, when you can't find a darned tape measure. I have several tool boxes and power tool bags. And, now I have enough tape measures to have one in each box or bag (I think). This six pack of 16' tapes is a great choice. The quality of materials and construction is as good as any I've seen. 16' is probably the best choice for most home owners and DIY'ers. I have a 50' winding reel tape for longer measures. The tapes are strong enough that they have about an 8 ft stand out (how far you can extend the tape, unsupported) which is important when your doing long measurements without an assistant. The tape case is hard plastic with a hard rubber jacket. It's very durable and will take a real beating. The tape is very easy to read. It's all in imperial measures. No metrics. The first foot is in simple inches, all black. Beyond that, it has feet and inches marked in red along the top and 32'nds ticks along the bottom with 8th's marked with numbers. The end hook has a nail or screw head notch and has the thickness slip for accuracy in either butt or pull measurements. The tape is the standard 'industrial yellow' finish with a mylar coating for durability. The wrist strap is very strong and will not easily break. It's a nice feature and will help for hanging on to it. The belt clip is strong spring steel with a nice chrome finish. The thumb lock is very easily engaged or disengaged. This a great feature that will be very helpful. This six pack is a very economical purchase. If you have a small company and wish to supply a good tape for your team, or like me, just a home owner and DIY'er who wants to have a tape handy, ALL THE TIME, this is a great purchase. Five stars.
I used to have a tool box overflowing with measuring tapes. But over time my abundant collection has dwindled. So I purchased a couple high-quality "Pro" tapes along with this 6-pack box of what I would call cheap "disposable" measuring tapes. Now when someone needs to borrow a measuring tape I'll lend them one these. My expensive tapes will stay safe in the tool box and I won't freak out when a cheap tape is not returned.
4out of 5
Would definitely recommend these for a homeowner or as just an extra tape measure for when you need more than one.
October 18, 2023
5out of 5
Been using it for 8 months and never had an issue. Only problem is I keep losing them.
It is noting special it is a regular tape measure, not super flimsy which is good.
September 28, 2022
5out of 5
So I’ve ordered sets of (6) tape measurers before and this one is by far the best quality I’ve tried (I own a furniture store). They are sturdy and catch the edge well, and retract easily. The front metal tip is firmly attached, which is great (the others I’ve tried snapped off after a couple days rendering them useless). Will order again when it’s time.
5out of 5
Does what you get a measuring tape to do! Amazing value! I am constantly needing a tape measure for various reasons. Put one in my office, at my sewing table, in the family crafting area and one in the garage in each car!
5out of 5
I teach student leadership and we often create posters and other displays to build school spirit. I needed new tape measures because the two I had fell victim to students pulling them out too far just to "see" what would happen. These tape measures arrived quickly. They were a little smaller than expected, however, they are perfect! They fit well in my students' hands and not a single one has been broken (yet). We've used them for the last two events and everything looked great. As far as accuracy, the students used the same tape measure to measure windows and paper so everything fit perfectly - we didn't compare them to other measuring devices. Next year, I plan to have 85 kids in my program, so I might need to order more tape measures, and if I do, I will be reordering these. :)