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Tools & DIYHand Toolsglue masters professional grade ca super glue 56g 2oz medium viscosity
GLUE MASTERS Professional Grade CA Super Glue, 56g, 2OZ Medium Viscosity
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GLUE MASTERS Professional Grade CA Super Glue, 56g, 2OZ Medium Viscosity

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Experience the power of Glue Masters Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) 'Super Glue'. With 56 grams of medium viscosity adhesive, it's perfect for plastic, wood, and DIY crafts. Born in 2014, Glue Masters has been providing reliable and versatile gluing solutions. This 2OZ medium viscosity super glue is your go-to for a strong, durable bond. Enhance your crafting and repair projects with Glue Masters.

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Manufacturer: Glue Masters



Specific Uses For Product: Model, Shoe

Material: cyanoacrylate

Compatible Material: Fiberglass, Glass, Ceramic, Wood, Plastic, Glass, Metal, Rubber, Porcelain, Plastic, Metal

Item Form: Liquid

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8395 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Thought it couldn't be saved, but it looks wonderful! The glue is not as thick as a white "school" glue, but it it is not watery like other super glues. A small application goes a long way; it was easy at first to apply too much. There is a small window for adjusting pieces, but it sets quickly and the seams on the repair are virtually invisible. I am more than satisfied with this product.
October 08, 2023
5out of 5
If I could give this a 10, I'd give it an 11! I've never found a glue that works the way this does! I initially purchased for my acrylic nails, and because it is literally an INSTANT bond, I tried it on wood. Seriously, a must have for around the house! Then only regret I have is that I bought the smallest bottle. I'm buying more today! If you're on the fence, debate no more! It's WORKS!
This glue is by far the best single compound multipurpose extreme adhesion stuff in a little bottle I've ever seen and or debeloped. One huge pain in the but is gone now. We have island kitchen with centered hood and after splitting my head open twice I decided to use those silicon corner cushions for any pointed corners. The slippery sticky carpool la that they put on those corners is useless if you want them to stay in place. I cleaned the sticky glue out of four of them and cleaned each corner with acetone to be sure of no residual left. I then removed the bottle from the third shelf down in my refrigerator and opened the black cap and applied four very tiny drops of this glue to each corner piece and then in succession I applied each one carefully to each corner and after I applied the fourth one the first and second ones were securely fastened to stainless steel range hood. I have repaired an angels broken wings ( now she can fly again) I repaired a pot metal bicycle brake lever and it still holds incredibly well. A number of other times I have used this glue and have been blessed to find an adhesive that performs flawlessly when using. My wife does a lot of crafting and she keeps trying to steal mine so now I hide it behind the tartar sauce in the fridge door. Please use a bit of caution while using and be sure to apply to only one of the surfaces to be joined. This glue will also quickly bond your fingers to each other or any other object you decide to have become a semi permanent fixture to any of your appendages. My next project is to use this adhesive one drop at a time to join 4x8 sheets of 1" white PVC lattice work for the interior of our lanai. THIS ADHESIVE PROOVED BY FAR TO OFFER THE ABSOLUTE BEST ADHESION. There were five different ones that I did comparative studies as I really will be involving a lot of my time into designing and fabricating the new lanais and supplemental cattery for our feline residents enjoyment. I gave this a five star for easy to remove. This is when you utilize a solvent that is designed to break it down. Acetone is by far the best. Nail polish remover is essentially acetone and in some brands there are lubricants so please don't use it to prep area. Back to question yes it is to remove if you really want to remove it.
5out of 5
Using for scale modeling. This is much better than standard super glues. It holds well, the precision applicators are great once you get used to them and can better control the flow of glue. Hold is really good when using accelerator to cure the glue. I would definitely buy again.
November 09, 2023
5out of 5
Just make sure you keep in the refrigerator as recommended on the back of the bottle it will last much longer.
5out of 5
My rather expensive three year old plastic glasses frames snapped if half while I was cleaning them. I tried to use super glue on them but that didn't work at all. I researched and found this glue on Amazon and bought the GLUEMASTERS thick viscosity and it worked very well. You need to hold it in place for about a minute and then it holds good. It has been a couple of weeks and it is still holding.
November 10, 2023
4out of 5
good product
5out of 5
You haven't lived if you haven't discovered the joy of using this with baking soda to build a little pile of the soda and soaking it with a few drops of well-aimed THIN glue so that it saturates before hardening into a rock within a second... you can repair almost anything with this technique, and file, sand or drill the resulting 'fix'!