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Tools & DIYHand Toolsalientape nano double sided tape 10ft set of 3 heavy duty removable
Alientape Nano Double Sided Tape, 10ft Set of 3, Heavy Duty, Removable
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Alientape Nano Double Sided Tape, 10ft Set of 3, Heavy Duty, Removable

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Experience the ultimate adhesive solution with the Alientape Nano Double Sided Tape. This multipurpose, removable, transparent grip mounting tape is perfect for a variety of uses. From securing carpets and hanging photo frames to mounting posters and other décor, its strong, washable, and heavy-duty properties make it a must-have in every home. As seen on TV, this 10 feet set of 3 tapes offers superior sticking power for all your needs. Get your Alientape Nano Double Sided Tape today and discover the difference it can make.

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Manufacturer: Emson

Variants: 6 Pack Tape, 10 Feet Set of 3 Tape

Dimensions: 10.3 x 5.4 x 15.7 inches; 1.6 Pounds

Brand: Bell+Howell

Color: Transparent

Material: Aluminum

Number of Items: 3

Recommended Uses For Product: Indoor,Outdoor

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4out of 5

37008 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

4out of 5
Another teacher recommended this tape to me. It works great on cinder block walls in my classroom. I got it in August, hung several items on my walls in August, and they are still holding strong. I did take off a star because some items (laminated cardstock) that were at my preschoolers' eye level came off the wall when my preschoolers yanked them off the wall. So it definitely isn't permanent (not that it said it was), but I thought it might hold up against little hands. On a positive note, the tape did not leave any residue on the walls. I have ordered more to use in the future, and I put it on my wish list for others to buy for me. It works better than any other adhesive I have tried, including masking tape, floor tape, hot glue, and sticky tack. So, I definitely recommend it!
November 11, 2023
5out of 5
Thus far I have used this tape to tack up tiny lights under my kitchen cabinets and to adapt flexible eye cups to fit two cameras for which there are none actually made to fit. We also used this tape to secure some pictures in our RV. In all cases it has proven to work as advertised and I am really happy to have a roll in the house and another in the RV.
3out of 5
I'd read some reviews about it being difficult to remove, even damaging finishes, but I figured that was a problem for future me because I figured I wouldn't need to unstick the rugs I wanted to stay in place for years. So, part of this is my fault - I still wanted pads underneath my rugs, and I figured the holes in the pads would allow adhesion to both the pad and the rugs, with the tape being so thick and "mushy." About a year later, now, after having to keep fixing my rug placement, I finally removed everything, removed the padding, and stuck down most of my rugs with a different product, but tried again with one particular hand-made rug that doesn't have a firm backing. The key issue is removing the old. It would have been impossible without a heat gun, and even then it was very difficult. Yes, I want the rug to stay in place - but the product advertises how easy it is to remove and reuse. Even with the heat gun, which is a precarious balancing act with not wanting to damage hardwood floors, I could only get the tape up in useless bits that would have been impossible to reuse. So here's the bottom line; if you want something to stick for a long time, this stuff will probably be really great for you. If you're interested in being able to undo things fairly easily, and reuse the product, think again - I do not think this will work well for you. As for my rugs, I mentioned I did try again on one that couldn't use other products, so we'll see how that goes, but on my "normal" rugs we are trying something else.
October 12, 2023
4out of 5
I used the Alien Tape to secure screening to my windows where I needed more shade. It works well if the screening is not very heavy. I did have to remove a piece and adjust placement which proved to be a challenge. I also had to add more to make the screen stay in place in a couple of places, but overall I am very pleased with this purchase.
Review of Alientape Nano Double Sided Tape, Multipurpose Removable Adhesive Transparent Grip Mounting Tape Washable Strong Sticky Heavy Duty for Carpet Photo Frame Poster Décor As Seen On TV @ $17.95 for 3 rolls (total of 30 feet) at time of order. I am sure I will find other uses for this later on, but I ordered this for two specific applications in my old 2002 Taurus. I needed a strong tape that would hold a light that I used in my trunk to replace the broken trunk/cargo light. The other applications were for the two cigar lighter/power points on the dashboard. One of them, an OEM part, kept coming out and the other was a replacement that did not fit correctly to begin with. This tape did the things I needed it to do and did it well, so far at least. It's thick. It’s not all that easy to work with. It is already sticky on one side with a thin plastic coating that you peel off on the other side. Yes, it is a sticky, double-sided tape. You don’t get a whole lot, but it is slightly cheaper in a 3-roll package, and I can share with family. This seems very versatile. It does not seem very wall friendly, especially painted walls and surfaces. This stuff is removeable and reuseable. But one must be careful of what you want to attach and where you want to attach it. I included a picture of the light attached in my trunk. The 3M adhesive that came with that light kit was not holding the light in place. This alien tape has done well so far, and that is with a lot of bumpy roads. Hopefully this helps someone decide on this product.
October 24, 2023
5out of 5
I first bought some I found in Dollar General to try it out and I LOVE this stuff ! So when I saw it on Amazon, at such a good price, I jumped on it! Things I have had a problem hanging, I can now hang with ease. Inside or out. I put the controls for the fan on the side of a couple of tables, out of the way, and can be moved anywhere. I WILL put this in all the Christmas stockings this year!!
October 02, 2023
4out of 5
I used alien tape to create the Jurassic Park gate for my son's birthday party. Worked super well to adhere the boxes to eachother. Even when the gate fell in the wind. I also used to to hold down the tablecloths on outside tables as normal tape never worked and it worked well. Definitely can see it damaging something like a wall of used on that fashion. But Excited to see the other uses!
November 06, 2023
4out of 5
Quick shipping and great product. Exactly what I was looking for.