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Tools & DIYHand Tools2 in 1 multi tool pen set 2 pack
2-in-1 Multi-Tool Pen Set (2 Pack)
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2-in-1 Multi-Tool Pen Set (2 Pack)

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RAK 2-Pack Multi-Tool Pen Set - Ideal Christmas Gifts for Men, featuring LED Tactical Pen Light, Stylus, Ruler, Level, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver, and Ballpoint. Perfect Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Him.

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Manufacturer: ‎RAK Pro Tools

Weight: ‎3.2 ounces

Brand: RAK

Writing Instrument Form: Ballpoint Pen

Ink Color: Black

Age Range (Description): Adult,Teen,Senior

Material: Aluminum, Metal

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7643 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Pens are great, they write well. The clip on the larger pen which allows it to grip onto, either a pocket or a pen holder on a backpack is fragile. Don’t pull too hard if the pen suddenly gets stuck in your pocket. Besides this small issue the pen is great and has many uses. I would certainly buy them as a gift set for any EDC enthusiasts or someone in the engineering field, or anyone who attends school. I specifically like that both pens have a level installed within them and they both hoist a screwdriver set hidden in the casing of the pen. The weight of the pen itself is also ergonomically advantageous for people who must write precisely and those who enjoy the look of refined penmanship. The color makes the pen standout and the ruler feature engraved along the length of the pen adds a very unique design that attracts the eyes. Personally I have not used the ruler feature or made a point of ensuring it’s accuracy but it’s always nice to have some sort of metric tool that can be used easily. Mostly due to the hexagonal design of the casing because it allows for the pen to rest flat on any surface. This is also beneficial when using the level. Another great feature of the larger pen is the LED light attached to the top end, which is bright and sturdy. The overall robust and “industrial” look and feel, of the pen make it feel genuine and worth the money.
July 26, 2023
5out of 5
I purchase whenever these are on sale. It’sa great stocking stuffer out a little something for the person who has everything! My gadget sons love theirs!
November 30, 2023
5out of 5
Very happy again with the great service received well in time , the product is of great quality , fantastic tool , I decided to buy 2 as one for myself and mate whos' engineer , we are both very happy with this and I am glad i could present a wonderful quality gift--appreciated
5out of 5
These are rugged, well made, and have so many functions. They come with a replacement ink for each pen. Great to have in the tool box, comes in handy when doing projects.
December 03, 2023
5out of 5
Love this pen and it has everything I need! The first one initially was messed up but talked to seller and they sent me a new one at no charge. Exactly how a business should handle things.
I bought this set due to it popping up higher in Amazon searches than others. However, having used a cheaper 2 pen bundle under other names, I can say that these are exactly the same. With the exception of the design of the larger pen having the can opener in the center of the pen. Pros: Exactly the same as other cheaper brands. So although that's not really a pro, it at least means you're getting the same thing. I typically use it as a pen first and a Phillips screwdriver second for electronics. Both work fantastic in that regard. Cons: It's exactly the same as other models. My last "other brand" looked exactly the same as the smaller pen in this pack. Exactly. The. Same. It has the same printed on ruler (inches, millimeters, centimeters), so because it's printed on, it will get scratched and come off eventually just like the other brands. The screwdriver bit in both pens are stuck, just like the other brands, and you'll need some pliers to remove it so you can change from Phillips to flathead. However, the biggest flaw is in the larger pen. They attached the screwdriver bit to the removable pen portion. Well, the pen is held in by friction. So a quick twist to hide the pen immediately jammed the screwdriver attachment so it could not be removed without "persuasion". Long story short, the design makes the screwdriver on the larger pen mostly unusable. However, if you need the larger pen for a pen function, a flashlight and a bottle opener, it's got you covered. Overall, it's not terribly more expensive than the cheaper models. However, I use the pen and screwdriver both, and that makes the problems with the larger RAK pen make me leave it at home, so that means it wasn't really worth it. At least for me.
There are many similar products in-store and online and I've bought a few from different places, but this one is set apart by the quality of its build and its tactfulness. Having 2 pens is better than 1 and having them both be different is a secret blessing. The LED light at the end of Pen 1 is incredibly bright and the bottle-opener does work, although it does frighten me that it'll bend or break the pen (it hasn't thus far). The hidden screwdriver and flathead are nice additions to Pen 2 and are sturdy enough to get their jobs done. The pen writes better than I expected it to and I haven't seen any signs of early drying or scattered ink distribution. In summation: it works. It's not a scam nor a knockoff. This is the real thing. Working in the field of architecture, these pens certainly find themselves useful at work and after-hours.
3out of 5
First, at the time of this review, the listing is very deceptive. The title, main description and most of the pictures make it look like you are getting two of the same pens, but only the larger pen has all the listed features. The smaller one lacks the LED and bottle opener, two of the coolest features, IMO. Next, on the larger pen, I could not reach the internal storage for the driver bits and touch screen stylus. The instructions show it just pulling out with the ink section, but not on my pen! Even the smallest pliers I have could not get that storage tube free or reach the tools inside. Probably just bad quality control? If you still want to try this product, the exact same pens are for sale under the KEZKALS label for much less ($16 vs $25 right now). Links change, so search by Amazon's internal number (ASIN) B09DP8YG9X