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SportsSkateboardsoftrucks skateboard indoor practice complete
Softrucks Skateboard Indoor Practice Complete
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Softrucks Skateboard Indoor Practice Complete

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Softrucks are innovative practice trucks for learning and perfecting core fundamentals and advanced technical flip tricks. Softrucks eliminate the rolling action while maintaining the familiar feel of standard trucks. The result provides risers of all abilities a powerful platform for developing and improving board skills anytime, anywhere. Softrucks are 100% made in the USA.

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Manufacturer: ‎Softrucks

Variants: Stained Black / Black 8.0", Stained Green / Blue 8.0", Dipped White / Black 7.75", Stained Blue / Black 8.0", Stained Purple / Blue 8.0", Stained Red / Blue 7.75", Natural 7.75", Stained Blue / Black 7.75", Dipped White / Black 8.0", Natural 8.0", Dipped Black / Black 8.0", Stained Red / Black 7.75", Dipped White / Blue 8.0", Stained Black / Black 7.75", Stained Green / Blue 7.75", Stained Black / Blue 7.75", Dipped Black / Blue 8.0", Dipped White / Blue 7.75", Stained Green / Black 7.75", Dipped Black / Black 7.75", Stained Blue / Blue 8.0", Stained Purple / Black 8.0", Stained Purple / Blue 7.75", Stained Purple / Black 7.75", Stained Red / Black 8.0", Natural / Blue 7.75", Stained Black / Blue 8.0", Stained Green / Black 8.0", Stained Blue / Blue 7.75", Dipped Black / Blue 7.75", Stained Red / Blue 8.0"

Brand: Softrucks

Color: Dipped White / Black

Deck Width: 7.75 Inches

Material: Maple Wood

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147 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

I bought this for my son (supposedly). I think I use it a bit more often than he... but it is nice for an old skater like me to keep my skills.... and my son and his friends enjoy messing around with it. Easy to learn basic ollies without worrying about the board flying off into the street (or furniture/walls/etc.) haha.
January 12, 2021
5out of 5
My son loves using this board indoors to practice tricks. Saves on the noise of using a regular skateboard!
October 29, 2022
5out of 5
This product works as advertised. Feels most like a board out of the products I've used.
Zero if I could! We (a public jr. high) bought this complete board one year ago for our school, for Special Ed. and other students to use for a few minutes a day during lunch time in our hands-on-phones-off zone of our school student center. While we have had the board for a whole year (purchased Jan. 4, 2022), the school year is only 180 days. I called customer service to aske them to send me a new truck since the bolt dangerously ripped through and is protruding. They were very rude and told me that the board was no longer under its 30 days (that's not very long for a skateboard of this sort) that they would not send me a new truck. When I asked to talk to someone else besides customer service, they said I couldn't. The part is obviously faulty since only one hole/bolt ripped through and I have another softrucks board I bought used 4 years ago that gets more use than this one but that has not broken in this manner. As you can see this board is in great shape, aside from the faulty part. In comparison, a company like SpikeBall replaces broken parts without question. I can't believe a company selling a product like this would not replace a faulty part that is very dangerous.
Softrucks are quite clever and it was nice being able to order them already mounted to a decent board. WEIGHT: I'm right at 200 lbs. Even under my weight, the rubber trucks are extremely stable and don't deform much at all. MATERIAL / FEEL: The trucks are a very hard rubber. It feels exactly like standing on a regular skateboard that just doesn't roll. Despite being hard, they are also still soft to the touch and very grippy (not damaging) on smooth surfaces. DESIGN: You're able to do everything you can do on a regular still standing skateboard, making it perfect for practicing ollies, flips, etc. You can even practice manual balance thanks to the shape. BOARD: The board itself is higher quality than I was expecting, since the real product here is the practice trucks. It's a solid, basic 7-layer maple deck. GRIPETAPE: The griptape is applied perfectly with no bubbles. SUMMARY: Awesome product that is worth the money, with or without the included board option. Supports 200+ Lbs. Great for practicing inside or just for focusing on something without the roll factor.
4out of 5
Fun way to bring the skateboard inside for the winter. There is more than a little bit of a learning curve, coming from a conventional skateboard. The “trucks” are strong and well made, but the rubber compound they are made of is too grippy. WAY gripper than most skateboard wheels. This makes it very difficult to perform or learn tricks that require, or benefit from the “wheels” sliding (shuv’s, variable, etc..) even on my living room carpet it grips so much I almost got sacked just doing a pop shuv.
5out of 5
it is brightly colored and has smooth surface on the bottom. this is a gift for my grandson
November 06, 2020
5out of 5
This thing is great. Clean, allows us to play inside, doesn’t hurt carpet and isn’t too loud either.