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SportsSkateboardmeepo voyager electric longboard 2800w2 motor 31 mph 31 miles range
MEEPO Voyager Electric Longboard, 2800W*2 Motor, 31 MPH & 31 Miles Range
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MEEPO Voyager Electric Longboard, 2800W*2 Motor, 31 MPH & 31 Miles Range

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Experience the thrill of speed and the freedom of open roads with the MEEPO Electric Longboard Skateboard. Designed for adults, this high-performance skateboard boasts a top speed of 31 MPH and a long range of 31 miles, powered by a 2800W*2 belt motor. The deck, made from a durable blend of bamboo and fiberglass, can support a maximum load of 330 LBS. The Voyager model comes with a remote for easy control and maneuverability. Perfect for commuting, leisure rides, or adrenaline-filled adventures. Experience the future of skateboarding with MEEPO.

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Manufacturer: ‎Meepo

Weight: 23.8 Pounds

Brand: Meepo

Age Range (Description): Adult

Skill Level: All

Deck Length: 38.5 Inches

Deck Width: 29.8 Inches

Item Weight: 23.8 Pounds

Material: Fiberglass

Theme: skateboard

Load Capacity: 330 Pounds

Wheel Size: 90 Millimeters

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4out of 5

35 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

July 17, 2023
3out of 5
The board is definitely really nice but at this point not worth it. If you can spend the extra money get the Hurricane or their new board that’s only 700. Not certain with the name. This is due to the range and speed. It only goes about 30-31 mph and I only weight 150lbs. So not really sure what kind of wheels or the scenario I’d be in that would ever accomplish a speed of 40mph so definitely disappointing. Meepo is usually good about the speed ratings but 10mph is a big difference, and ideally I don’t want to go down a mountain to hit that kind of speed. The range has also already dropped quite a bit and I’ve only gone 300 miles. Not sure how everyone rides but overall expected a little more for 1k. Probably going to stick with there 500-700 boards in the future.
3out of 5
This is a nice board. This is my first electric longboard and I am happy enough with the top speed. When I have the 105's on with the 245mm belt, I can get going pretty fast. Definitely not breaking like 35 though. I can get maybe 32 mph max. The downside is that the belts keep snapping. New belts are like $25 each. In one week, I have gone through 3 belts. Two snapped at the same time (with default belts on that came in the box) and then one more just snapped as I was riding around with the 255mm belts with the larger gear. That's a bummer for sure. I even took the extra time to watch videos on how to adjust the board when you put in a newly sized belt. Would sure be nice to have some better protection for the belts from gravel that may be in the road, or get more durable belts. It's definitely scary going max speed have having your belts snap suddenly. Tldr: A week into riding this board, I am already putting down another 75 bucks for new belts.
5out of 5
This board is truly a lot of fun, and provides the freest way around town. People will be double and triple turning watching you fly by on the Voyager. No need for a 4th gear. I'm very comfortable going 20mph to 30mph, up and down hills. I had to replace a couple of belts, which you can easily order. Meepo sent the wrong size of belt with my initial order, and sent free replacements. If you go off-road, little pebbles can get lodged inside the belt/wheels, so you want to regularly check to make sure they're clear. Charges up very quickly, but doesn't go quite as long as I expected. You can't really ride these all day without getting sore anyways. The board is a bit heavy, so carving feels different. Feels like snowboarding with no bindings. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase and enjoying flying down sidewalks and thru parking lots. The brakes work very well, just don't rely on them with a full charge, as is mentioned in the instruction manual. No big deal, just ride around a little before going down a big hill. Goes up hill really well. It's pretty cool and futuristic! So glad it came with the bigger wheels to try out. Both are excellent, except the off road wheels wear out a little quickly. They go over cracks and bumps very well, so no big worries making your way around.
I saw the meepo voyager had better specs so I decided to try that board instead....... Wondering if I made the wrong choice.... The voyager was impressive, but mine just stopped working out of nowhere. No crash. Just stopped turning on.
June 30, 2023
5out of 5
The media could not be loaded. As a board sport enthusiast I’ve always been curious about these but never saw one that met my expectations. I bought this thing and in a week put 200 miles on it and enjoyed every second. The build quality is superb things are put together nicely out of the box. It’s easy to work on and maintain and doesn’t take much to do. I liked the Voyager as apposed to the Hurricane because it’s more traditional looking with the motors underneath. The motors are more power than I’ll ever need I weigh 190 lbs and still haven’t been able to push it to full speed. The last cruise I went on was 22 miles through relatively big hills and long flats and at the end the board still had about 10 miles left. I like the range aspect but this board will outride me all day and I love it. I put a set of the iWonder cloud 120 mm with 40t pinion and the board rides like a dream I highly advise this mod it doesn’t affect range at all in fact I think it’s more efficient for my 15 mph avg for cross country riding. I hope this helps more people on the fence make the best investment they can.
I buy virtually everything off Amazon, and over the years I have never written a review. If ever a product deserved praise, it would be this one. This board is the best thing I have ever owned. It has been such a fun ride, every time I pull it out to cruise. I have been longboarding for decades, and I knew what I wanted in a board. I did careful research on which boards were affordable without sacrificing speed, and this was the best overall board value. The acceleration on this is no joke, it really kicks. You can feel it quietly hum beneath your feet. Quiet, powerful, graceful under pressure. I have put maybe 400 miles on it, and I max the speed out often. I was hesitant before because I read Meepo occasionally has battery issues and I could see it wasn’t a concave deck, both close dealbreakers for me. I did have battery issues, but was persistent with the company and they made sure to guarantee the product properly and quickly. No complaints there. As far as the concave deck, it was my pleasure to discover the deck is designed with a concave deck, although it is a more subtle curvature than what you would find in a sector 9 deck, you just can’t really see the curve in their photos. The concave deck is very reassuring at top speeds and taking turns. It provides just a level of comfort with your feet placement instead of being completely flat. I’m 6’2’” and the length is plenty (I usually ride a 42 inch or higher - but this board doesn’t feel short to me at all, very comfortable length). All in all, the ride of a lifetime. This will not be the last board I buy from Meepo, I’ll buy more for my family to come with me. Tightening the trucks really does get you near 40 mph, and a loose truck ride will give you a nice cruise. Whatever your style, the Voyager X will definitely fill your needs.