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SiQ Smart Basketball & App, AI Shot Training Equipment
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SiQ Smart Basketball & App, AI Shot Training Equipment

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Want to shoot like a pro? Play like a pro? Then you'll need to train like a pro! SIQ Smart Basketball is a revolutionary upgrade to the standard basketball. With your SIQ Basketball, you can profile your shooting! * Automatically identify makes, misses and swishes * Track everything including shot distance, heat map, consistency, shot situation (lay ups, relaxed, dribble and off the pass shots) * Monitor your quickness, release angle, spin rate, tilt angle of spin axis, shooter identification, and more! SIQ Smart Basketball works with any outdoor hoop. It’s made with YOU in mind- coming in two game ball sizes to better fit your gaming style. Choose from standard NBA, College, & International ball size 7 (29.5”) or you can choose WNBA, High School, & Youth size 6 (28.5”). Your basketball will connect directly to your SIQ App; which can be found in your favorite app store! Works with Android & Iphones. Have access to professional tips & tricks while working directly with your virtual coach! Playing with more than one ball in your household? No problem! The SIQ is equipped to support multi-ball tracking!

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Manufacturer: ‎SiQ

Variants: Youth/Women’s Size 6 + 12M Subscription Outdoor, Youth/Women’s Size 6 + 12M Subscription Indoor, Men’s Size 7 + 12M Subscription Indoor, Men’s Size 7 + 12M Subscription Outdoor

Weight: 16 Ounces

Brand: SiQ

Material: Leather

Color: orange

Age Range (Description): Youth

Item Weight: 16 Ounces

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4out of 5

125 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I am really enjoying this ball so far. I love the idea of getting feedback on my shot and the ability to get statistics to help improve my game. When I need help I am able to get through to a real person, to make sure that I can get the ball setup and linked to my app. Thanks for the support!
October 17, 2023
5out of 5
This is awesome. My son (13) purchased it himself, it too is a bit to set it up. But once it was connected everything else was simple. He loves using it with his friends. The app is great. It knows if you did a layup or not. Knows the distance of the shot. Super awesome. We haven’t tried to download the app on multiple phones, hoping that works because right now it’s just on my phone. It would be nice to have it on his phone too. Need to try to see if that’s possible
5out of 5
My nephew, 6th grader is really getting to hoops and showing some proficiency. He is also really into technology, so this is a fun intersection. I bought this for him on a whim thinking he would love the how sports and technology can mix and benefit his game. He is a gym rat already but seems to be a little more focused on the process of becoming a better shooter, not just crazy moves to the basket. He defense is till really bad however 😊 I recommend the SIQ completely. Easy to use and really a fun experience.
September 24, 2023
4out of 5
It was so hard to connect. UPDATE: 10/2023 Gotta say, the folks at SIQ are good peeps. They saw the review, that it was hard to connect, and contacted us and asked if we would give it another shot. They sent us a free, updated tech ball with a yearly membership. We're excited to try it out and see if we can give this co a 5 star review. But until then, they get 4 for being genuine and trying to improve our game. Way to go SIQ and we'll get back to you.
5out of 5
I have been using the SIQ Basketball for the past month. As a basketball coach and trainer this is the best basketball on the market. From the friendly ecosystem that connects the ball with the SIQ app. Everything is smoothly and efficiently operated. The accuracy of the ball height degree feature while shooting with is the best feature. This is for all basketball players, coaches and trainers that love statistics and analytics.
5out of 5
I truly love this basketball and software data tracking. This is such a smart basketball and the sensor inside the ball is amazing, tracking makes and misses very accurately. I used to use small digital counters attached to my watch to track makes and misses but having the ball do it, along with your phone is much easier. All range of shots are tracked and the app knows how far your shot is as well as the release angle, release timing, and back spin. It is also fun to see how you rank along side other users, comparing shots taken, shots made and shot percentage over the last day, week, or month. I had a question about the app and received an email response promptly from Daniel who was very helpful and informative. This product is awesome for anyone who loves to shoot baskets. Shooting baskets is my therapy and the SIQ basketball is like a beloved coach. It's a great tool for young kids all the way up to the WNBA or NBA. If there were 100 stars available I would give it 100 stars.
3out of 5
Bought this for my fiancé for his birthday. It was initially very challenging to get the ball to connect, but after we got it to connect it worked fine. After a solid week of use, it crashed and we are unable to get it to connect dispute throwing the ball in the air over a hundred times between the two of us. We have removed the app, add it again, toggled between Bluetooth on/off, tried dribbling, spinning, throwing, got a new phone (coincidence), nothing will get this ball to connect. Incredibly frustrating. When it works, it’s amazing and he thoroughly enjoyed it for the week it was working (he plays daily and once a week for a league). I am returning this ball and will try again. Hopefully we don’t have all the same issues. Not sure why the connect option can’t just be in the Bluetooth drop-down menu (and then calibrate after that, once it’s connected). The throwing feature is annoying.
November 10, 2023
5out of 5
Wish I had a picture but this gift was a success. The ball connected easily and the whole family was amazed this product exists. Great use of technology - VERY nice to see my grandson outside and not in front of his video games.