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Prank Pack Prank-O Gag Gift Box, Cargo Socks Novelty Box
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Prank Pack Prank-O Gag Gift Box, Cargo Socks Novelty Box

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Unleash the ultimate prankster in you with the Prank Pack Prank Gift Box, featuring Cargo Socks. This hilarious, authentic Prank-O gag present box is perfect for wrapping your real gift, adding a layer of humor and surprise. Ideal for those who love novelty gifting, this box is sure to create unforgettable moments. Make your gift-giving more fun and memorable with our Prank Pack Prank Gift Box.

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Manufacturer: Prank-O

Variants: Bike Seat Belt, Noggin Net, Visorganizer, Toe Tunes, Socks & Lids, Hayneedle, Scrap'n Snacks, Cheese Printer, iDrive, Renoodle, Carbecue, Liquor Vest, Bathe & Brew, Fire Chief, Hot Lips, Mold Farm, Nap Sack, Auto Sauna, Cargo Socks, Multicolor, Tech Neck, Blankeez, Extreme Chores, First Fire, Iarm, Jigsaw Puzzle, Sizzl - Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets

Dimensions: 11.3 x 12 x 0.12 inches

Weight: 3.84 ounces

Brand: Prank Pack

Color: Cargo Socks

Material: Cardboard

Occasion: Mother's Day, Christmas, Father's Day, Birthday

Theme: Christmas

Cartoon Character: Holiday,Funny

Number of Items: 1

Unit Count: 1.0 Count

Pattern: Polka Dots

Size: 6 Pair (Pack of 1)

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4out of 5

16552 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

October 12, 2023
5out of 5
Great gift
September 03, 2023
5out of 5
Phenomenal gift. Some people can immediately spot this as a gag gift, for others it takes a bit. It’s great to watch! Box is sturdy, so no need to worry about the actually gift weight (unless you’re gifting actual weights ;) The box is a fair size, so unless you’re planning to fill it I recommend stuffing the corners with tissue paper so the real gift doesn’t rattle/slide. (Pro tip: try to wrap the gift in a way that if the opener shakes the closed box, it sounds like how you’d expect a cloth nap sack to sound.)
September 25, 2023
5out of 5
Probably the best thing I’ve purchased in a long time. I’ll admit, it was a bit of an impulse buy, but well worth it. I almost didn’t get it because $8.99 for a joke to package your actual gift is kind of extreme when you could have easily purchased a gift bag from the dollar store. However, I am so glad I changed my mind. I bought “My First Fire” to package the gift I was taking to a surprise baby shower for the Grandparents to be. The prank box is so believable that it was hard for the grandparents to understand that it was simply a joke. As they scanned the information on the box they were concerned that I thought this gift was appropriate for a baby/small child. The box is extremely sturdy and well constructed. The graphics on all sides are realistic and the written text pulls you in with interest. I found myself wanting to work for this company and meet the people that came up with these ideas. I finally had to tell Grandpa to open the box. It was only until then that he realized it was a prank. The laughter became contagious and we all delighted in this prank. I have to say, it was worth every penny! I would like to add that going to the manufacturer’s site and reading the numerous prank boxes available will leave you with a serious case of “Laugh Face.”
August 18, 2023
5out of 5
This was a Christmas gift for our adult daughter who hates doing puzzles. She had us all in tears with her reaction. The box makes it look so authentic and is like 9 inches by 11 inches. Puzzle box was empty when we got it. We took some of the tiny, tiny puzzle pieces out of the sack and put them loose in the box along with a gift card. When she shook the box it sounded like the real thing. Everyone was in stitches laughing at her be so disappointed in her gift....until she opened it up. After seeing all the fun we had everyone was wanting to give the same gag gift next year. It was worth the small amount we paid for a great gift box.
November 07, 2023
5out of 5
Pranked my son and wife with this at Christmas! Threw some old puzzle pieces inside and made it more fun but you can wrap a real gift inside. It’s looking at the picture on the outside that throws them for a loop. We had a good laugh!
October 05, 2023
5out of 5
Got wife good
October 22, 2023
5out of 5
Gave this to my cycle loving English teacher. He loved it and brings it up whenever I see him, relating to me how fun it was to use and that he will be using it to package gifts for a while.
September 29, 2023
5out of 5
I loved the facial expression when my brother opened it up, he was so excited that it was a puzzle until he started looking at the image and realizing how difficult it was going to be to put together! Luckily there was another gift inside!