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PetsDogswoof pupsicle xl 75 lbs long lasting safe easy to clean fillable dog toy
WOOF Pupsicle XL 75 lbs, Long-Lasting, Safe, Easy to Clean, Fillable Dog Toy
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WOOF Pupsicle XL 75 lbs, Long-Lasting, Safe, Easy to Clean, Fillable Dog Toy

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Keep your large breed dog entertained and engaged with the WOOF Pupsicle XL Dog Toy. This long-lasting toy is perfect for dogs 75 lbs and up, providing a fun and safe distraction. The Pupsicle is easy to clean and can be filled with your pup's favorite treats or kibble for added stimulation. Ideal for promoting healthy chewing habits and reducing boredom, this X-Large dog toy is a must-have for pet parents seeking a durable and interactive toy for their furry friend.

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Manufacturer: WOOF

Variants: X-Large, Large, Small

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Amazon's Top Reviews

October 13, 2023
4out of 5
This is touted as a better, easier to clean equivalent to the Kong cone treat dispensers. They are significantly better, so there's no comparison. But, you may want TWO of the treat making molds because if you have a can of something, you may as well make all of it into the treats at once versus in batches. My only complaints are: it can be hard to screw together or unscrew, so it needs a bit of moisture or spray food oil applied to make is much easier. It's pretty heavy and hard for my dog to pick up. Clean-up is easy. Durability is great. Love this product!!!
I had high hopes but, alas, Steven believes it is his duty and job to destroy. It's a great treat trap! The pops seemed to be tasty and the recipes look easy. I bought both L and XL and the L is still in tact. The XL still functions, its just torn apart on top. Steve is always with me and I want to keep him busy enough at work to not get naughty, so we are constantly trying new busy toys and even though he ate the top, I would still recommend this one. It's well made and keeps him busy until it's empty.
5out of 5
I have 2 XL and 4 Large. We freeze their wet food, puréed pumpkin, applesauce, and anything else that’s safe and spreadable! The hole is small enough for them to have to work for it but better than the Kongs since they never seem to be able to finish those, guessing it’s the shape. Also, they’ve held up for MONTHS of super aggressive chewing, gnawing and licking from my 50 and 60 lb pups. Only complaint is the size L should be labeled more like XS so if you have anything over 40 lbs GET THE XL.
5out of 5
There is absolutely nothing that I dislike about this product. It is perfect. I freeze Honest kitchen pate and pumpkin purée in the silicone mold. The molds easily release and the frozen treat smoothly goes in this holder. And probably one of the nicest things is how easy it is to seat and twist down. So well made. Extremely sturdy! Can’t believe how much Moose loves it and how easy it is to use and clean. I had purchased the large when he was smaller but now at 142 lbs the XL was very necessary. Also the XL is much larger than the large. We Love ❤️ ❤️ it and highly recommend it.
November 11, 2023
5out of 5
My dog is about one years old and still full of energy. I gave her one of these and it keeps her busy for about 45 minutes and then afterwards she chews on it so far it’s still together put a lot of bite marks in it. I’ve only had it for two weeks now. I wish that the company made more frozen treats but I guess I can get Recipes off the Internet
I have a pitbull and anyone thats ever had one knows these dogs don't half a$$ anything and will destroy a meal like a fat kid with a Snickers. I got this in the hopes of replacing what I found to be very messy Kongs, and this definitely does that. I went for the mold+toy set, and I now freeze a couple dozen balls at a time. Keeps my power-licker solidly distracted. Pro: Way less mess than a kong when you're using peanut butter or other at-home stuffers. Cheaper when you use your own stuffers for sure. Keeps the slobber from going everywhere. Ideal for hot days or just when you want to calm your dog down for a bit. Con: I know its advertised as like 35+ min but if youre dog has a tongue larger than a few cm then youre looking at 20 min. max. A lot can happen in 20 min but yeah - just be honest with yourself. Yes it is pricey but if your dog is normal and just focusing on the stuffer/treat and not chewing on the actual holder, then you probably only have to buy one of these once a year or every two years i.e. $28/365 =$0.08/day. Cheaper than a Xanax for you and ~another~ squeaky toy that will be destroyed in 10 min. Enjoy that 20 min of you time.
October 29, 2023
4out of 5
I bought three from Woof direct, 2 XL and 1 L, but they sent 3 XLs. Instead of contacting them i just ordered the Large on Amazon. And holy moly… large is like a small. I wonder what the small would look like or if it’s even possible to be smaller than a large. The sizes are so whacked. My dogs do love them, though.
So far, I have no complaints. I can see that this toy might not work well for some combinations of dogs and people, but for my two current dogs (blue heeler and small terrier), this thing, plus the treat mold, is GREAT! I love that the dogs get it more or less fully emptied, and it is washable. I love that I can pre-prepare a whole bunch of frozen fillings by using the treat mold (sold separately). Yes, I agree that this is a very expensive item, especially if you buy the treat mold along with the toy. I bought two toys at a very reduced price on Prime day, also bought the treat mold at full price, and consider the combined purchase a great value at this cost. The current price (for the toy) is comparable to the cost of an extra-large Toppl, and I've seen it at a price similar to the current cost of a large Toppl. I checked the current price of the XXL "extreme" Kong I needed to use for one dog, and the current price on a different web site is almost the same as the Woof Pupsicle. To answer questions and issues I've seen mentioned... * My terrier weighs 16 pounds and uses the large toy with no problem. Possibly it is minimally less thoroughly cleaned out, but I'm not positive about that. My only warning would be that you ought to keep track of calories and/or what you put in it because you could potentially give a small dog way too many empty calories from "junk food." * The toy is still usable without the treat mold. Just fill up the solid half of the toy and stick it in the freezer overnight, same as you would do with a Kong, except it takes up less space. * Do introduce it properly, by initially giving it with NON-frozen and sticky food in it. An even more slow, careful, step-wise introduction may be necessary if your dog is a destructo-dog. * The terrier takes about 20 minutes to empty it of frozen canned dog food. That's non-trivial, and I'm not sure why people are complaining. The heeler takes less time (maybe 15 minutes?), but it's still an amount of time that is helpful for me, and this licking activity seems to be especially calming for her (as compared to using the food puzzle toys with kibble). * It initially was extremely difficult to open and close the thing. I was best able to do it with a "light" touch, not pulling and making sure not to press the two surfaces together. After not very long, it became much easier. I didn't need to use oil. If you have trouble getting it closed, it became a lot easier after the solid part was frozen (while the vented part stayed at room temperature). * I agree with others that a larger version might be nice, but a larger version might make dogs more likely to destroy the toy in place of emptying it by focused licking. * I'm not sure that any of these toys are truly indestructible. People are mentioning Kongs. Well, my Kongs have required periodic replacement. They have tooth marks and eventually get "modified" to where pieces might get torn off and consumed. For one dog, I had to upgrade to the XXL-size Extreme (black) version, and she also put tooth marks in that. I own a fortune's worth of Kongs, Toppls, and a couple similar food toys, and they all have their issues. They have holes in them that allow liquid to immediately come out (before freezing occurs). They are bulky and use up a lot of space in the freezer, and the unusual shapes make them non-stackable. For me, Kong toys are time-consuming to fill and difficult to clean. My dogs couldn't get the very end cleaned out without throwing the Kong around (making a big mess), and even then it wasn't fully clean. Some did end up with mold in that part of them. [It looks like new inventions, like plugs (or something like that), may solve some of the problems; I didn't have those.] I mention the other toys only to say that this unique brilliant toy has seeming solved all those problems, and my dogs truly LOVE this toy as well. Be assured, I will update this review if anything changes.