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PetsDogsoutward hound hedgehogz plush dog toy small
Outward Hound Hedgehogz Plush Dog Toy, Small
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Outward Hound Hedgehogz Plush Dog Toy, Small

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Outward Hound's plush Hedgehogz are a favorite amongst dogs. Made with minimal seams to reduce tearing, and soft faux-fur to mimic a natural feel, your pet will adore snuggling up and playing games with this cuddly companion. Available in a range of sizes. Small Hedgehogz feature the classic squeaker while medium, large, and XL Hedgehogz feature both squeaking and grunting noisemakers. If your dog likes to play rough, supervised play will help keep the plush Hedgehogz toy lasting longer.

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Manufacturer: Outward Hound

Variants: Large, Small, Medium, XL

Dimensions: 7 x 6.5 x 5 inches; 1.76 Ounces

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22623 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I couldn't be happier with this soft hedgehog dog toy. We've been using it daily for the past 8 weeks, and it has truly exceeded my expectations. The fact that it's still in fantastic condition after all that playtime is a testament to its durability. Our puppy absolutely adores it, and the squeaky feature keeps him engaged and entertained for hours. It's been a real lifesaver in terms of preventing him from getting bored and into mischief. Not to mention, it's the perfect size for his little paws and mouth. If you have a puppy, I wholeheartedly recommend this soft hedgehog toy. It's not only a source of endless amusement for your furry friend but also a testament to the toy's high quality and resilience. It's been a fantastic addition to our puppy's playtime, and I'm confident it will be the same for you and your pup!
Get ready to embark on an epic quest with the Outward Hound Hedgehogz Plush Dog Toy, Medium! This cuddly companion will take your furry friend on a thrilling journey of playtime excitement that will leave tails wagging and paws yearning for more. Buckle up, doggos and doggettes, because we're about to unleash the adventure of a lifetime! From the moment this plush hedgehog enters your pup's life, it becomes more than just a toy—it becomes a trusted sidekick, ready to face any challenge that comes their way. The plush exterior is as soft as a cloud, inviting hours of joyful snuggles and cozy companionship. But don't be fooled by its adorable appearance; beneath that innocent smile lies the heart of a true adventurer. As your furry friend sinks their teeth into this plush wonder, they'll discover a hidden world of squeaky surprises. Each playful bite unleashes a symphony of squeaks that will have them prancing with delight. It's as if the toy itself is cheering them on, encouraging them to embrace their inner hero and conquer the world, one squeak at a time. But the excitement doesn't stop there. The Outward Hound Hedgehogz Plush Dog Toy is more than just a fluffy companion—it's a gateway to imagination and exploration. Watch as your pup's natural instincts kick in, transforming them into fearless warriors in search of fun and adventure. They'll pounce, toss, and chase their new hedgehog friend, their tails wagging with unbridled joy. It's a sight to behold, a spectacle of canine entertainment that will have you in fits of laughter. And let's not forget the interactive bonding experience this toy provides. As you engage in a game of tug-of-war or play fetch with your furry friend, you'll strengthen your bond, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The Outward Hound Hedgehogz Plush Dog Toy becomes more than just a plaything—it becomes a catalyst for love, laughter, and shared moments of pure happiness. In conclusion, the Outward Hound Hedgehogz Plush Dog Toy, Medium, is a must-have for every canine adventurer. With its cuddly exterior, squeaky surprises, and the ability to ignite your pup's imagination, it's more than just a toy—it's a gateway to epic quests and endless joy. So, unleash the explorer within, embrace the squeaks of excitement, and let this plush hedgehog become the heroic companion your dog deserves!
4out of 5
I got this for my 9 month old lab/border collie mix and the poor thing was disemboweled within 15 minutes. I'm not going to deduct stars for that because that's how my puppy likes to play with stuffies, but this is really not a toy for aggressive chewers if you're hoping it will last. I did enjoy the grunting sound it makes and the look on my dog's face when it made the sound. Also, there is no shortage of stuffing inside this stuffie (trust me, I've been picking it up off the floor for hours now). I think this will be a good toy for dogs that take better care of their toys and not a stuffie killer like mine.
My dog, Brody, LOVES this toy! He carries it around every where he goes! It's hilarious! It makes the best sound. Not just a squeak but a deep noise. I'm so happy because it has lasted longer than any of his other toys! Dog toys are expensive! This Hedgehog is worth the money! And I think it's a great value considering my baby is obsessed with it. I have even had other friends buy it for their dogs. It's a little big for him, but who cares! He looks adorable and he's super happy! That's all I could ask for!
November 06, 2023
5out of 5
The size is great for any dog. My medium to small dog loves this toy. We ended up buying him the larger one and he loves it. The squeak is the best for them and he chews on it all day. The durability is awesome for this toy.
September 15, 2023
5out of 5
My dog adores his hedgehog friends so much! I buy one about every three months or so because his favorite thing to do with them is to chew each paw to find the squeaker toy inside. Then when that's done he goes to work finding the squeaker toy in its belly. The whole process takes about a week before he has found and removed each squeaker but after that? He carries around the hog like a comfort toy that it is. It's my favorite thing to watch. My dog, Finn, is a 70lbs lab so he's not gentle with the toy and the durability and longevity reflect that. I'm not sure any soft toy could endure Finn's determination to destroy but this one does the best from all the toys we've found. Generally, after a few months of my dog pulling the toy apart, we throw away what is left of the hedgehog and start the process all over. It's just about my favorite thing to unbox the toy while Finn watches in excitement because he always seems to know that his friend has returned for another visit. It's entertainment for the both of us and I'll probably never stop buying the toy for him.
November 05, 2023
5out of 5
All our dogs loved it. I left it sitting on the sofa to throw away the packaging. When I came back it was gone. They knew it was for them. They “steal” it from each other. My pit Bull tore it open(as usual) and pulled the stuffing out. They still love it even without the stuffing.