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PetsDogsdurable squeaky plush dog toys for large medium small dogs
Durable Squeaky Plush Dog Toys for Large, Medium, Small Dogs
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Durable Squeaky Plush Dog Toys for Large, Medium, Small Dogs

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Discover our durable Dog Toy, measuring 13 inches in length, perfect for puppy teething, training, and reducing boredom in small to large dogs. However, it's not recommended for very aggressive chewers. Like all plush dog toys, they're not indestructible and require supervised play and timely replacement. Our Puppy Chew Toy is a favorite among dogs, providing companionship and curbing bad behavior caused by boredom. We offer a professional after-sales team and a 90-day replacement policy for any issues. Our Dog Toys are crafted from soft pineapple cotton, providing a soft, comfortable fabric with firm stitching that withstands chewing without harming your dog's gums or mouth. Suitable for large dogs, these Stuffed Dog Toys are not recommended for very aggressive breeds. The toy features a squeaky head for added fun, although the legs do not squeak. For cleanliness and health, our Large Dog Toys are machine washable. Enhance your dog's playtime with our durable, safe, and fun Dog Toys.

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Manufacturer: Fuufome

Dimensions: 12.2 x 7 x 8 inches; 4.32 Ounces

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3179 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

My dogs prefer to destroy blankets and rugs, or haul out garbage, rather than play with their numerous toys! But Bobby has enjoyed the octopus more than most of his toys, played tug of war with it, and picked it up to take outside with him, which is better than his reaction to most toys. If your dog isn’t as picky as Bobby, my guess is this one will be a winner. It’s tough. It is still intact, and looks good, while most toys are quickly torn apart! It is also attractive; doesn’t seem to pick up hair, dust & dirt as much as most of the dog toys, and I’ve been through a LOT. Highly recommend!
4out of 5
my 80lb pit usually rips up toys really quick but with some minor surgeries this guy has still held up and my pup plays with it everyday! Def will repurchase.
Ohhh my goodness! My 60 pound, heavy chewing dog is obsessed with the octopus toy. He picks it over all other toys over and over again! I have to admit, he's adorable the way he ragdoll shakes it, flings it in the air and jumps to catch it, then shakes it again while romping around the living room! I just bought 2 more and thought I should write a review, it's that good. He's had it 5 days already and it hasn't been destroyed!
October 26, 2023
4out of 5
Dog toy reviews are difficult for me, because I have a dog with a very high prey drive so he isn't satisfied until he has gutted the stuffing & found the squeaker! That said, he did rip it open within 10 minutes BUT he LOVED it. In fact, he still plays with it. It's just a little limp these days! Super cute toy!
November 08, 2023
5out of 5
My dog loves her new octopus toy! I never thought I’d get her to move on from the little stuffed banana she loved as a puppy but had clearly outgrown. But this did the trick! She has a particular tentacle she likes carrying it around by and will bring it room to room with her. It’s so cute.
5out of 5
We rescued a 15-month old Siberian Husky in May and needed some toys to help entertain her. I bought several kinds of chews, balls and plush animals, but by far this has been her favorite. She shakes it so the legs fly around and she tosses it up in the air. Through all of her actions, taking it outside and back inside, it has held up perfectly with no rips or tears. I bought more than a dozen different toys but this has remained her favorite through all of her roughhousing. I can highly recommend this toy. I’m going to buy another to have on hand once this one has seen better days because I know how much she enjoys playing with it.
November 10, 2023
5out of 5
Man do we love this toy! I have a 1/2 pit mix (idk other half possibly cattle dog?). This toy arrived 10/24/2023 & as of now, 11/10/2023 it has lost both black eye balls & 1 whole eye! BUT ITS NOT DAMAGED OR FALLING APART AT ALL! :D Its been the perfect toy for my pup. Its 100% cotton which was important to me as well!
November 04, 2023
5out of 5
I bought this almost 3 months ago for my golden retriever puppy and it is still going strong! No holes or anything and he usually tears up his toys within the first couple hours. Best toy I’ve bought so far and the price is amazing.