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PetsDogscrinkle dog toy no stuffing duck with soft squeaker
Crinkle Dog Toy - No Stuffing Duck with Soft Squeaker
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Crinkle Dog Toy - No Stuffing Duck with Soft Squeaker

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Discover the joy of pet parenting with Best Pet Supplies' Crinkle Dog Toy. Perfect for small, medium, and large breeds, this adorable, no-stuffing duck toy is designed to provide endless fun for both puppies and senior pups. Its soft squeaker and crinkle features stimulate play, while the plush, no-mess design ensures a clean playtime. Available in a vibrant yellow color, this toy is a must-have for indoor play and chew sessions. Since 2005, Best Pet Supplies has been committed to enhancing the pet parenting journey with a range of premium products, including our best-selling Voyager Harnesses, GigaBite Treats, hygiene essentials, and an array of toys for dogs and cats. We're here to support you every step of the way, creating moments of happiness and a lifetime of memories with your beloved companions.

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Manufacturer: Best Pet Supplies, LLC

Variants: Crinkle Chicken (Beige) Large, Mallard Duck (Gray) Medium, Mallar Duck (Gray, Gray, Brown) Medium, O-Hug-Atan (Orange) Large, 1 Yellow Large, Blue Large, Mallard Duck Wing (Gray) Small, Dark Blue Large, Mallard Duck (Brown) Small, O-Hug-Atan (Brown) Large, Crinkle Chicken (Brown, Beige, Wine Red) Large, Crinkle Chicken (Cream) Large, aCrinkle Duck (Turquoise) Large, Mallard Duck (Gray) Small, Mallard Duck Wing (Gray) Medium, aCrinkle Duck (Yellow, Blue, Pink) Large, Octomutant (Pink) Large, Octomutant (Turquoise) Large, Bunny (Gray) Large, aCrinkle Duck (Light Green) Large, White, Blue & Green Large, Crinkle Chicken (Yellow) Large, Crinkle Chicken (Wine Red) Large, Octomutant (Fuchsia) Large, Crinkle Chicken (Yellow, Pink, Blue) Large, Bunny (Beige) Large, Octomutant (Purple) Large, Crinkle Chicken (Brown) Large, Bunny (Beige, Gray) Large, Crinkle Chicken (Khaki) Large, Crinkle Chicken (Pink) Large, aCrinkle Duck (Light Pink) Large, aCrinkle Duck (White) Large, Mallard Duck (Gray, Gray, Brown) Small, Octomutant (Fuchsia, Purple, Turquoise) Large, Crinkle Chicken (Blue) Large, Mallard Duck (Brown) Medium, aCrinkle Duck (Light Purple) Large

Dimensions: 15.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches; 2.89 Ounces

color: 1 Yellow

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16550 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 25, 2023
5out of 5
This duck is so cute! It’s our dog’s favorite little crinkly toy. Soft and durable. We’ve had it for months and it’s in great condition despite being shared by 2 dogs and it’s been washed in the washer without any problems.
TLDR: lasts forever and my cutie patootie loves it. Price is a steal. I'm used to always being on the hunt for a good doggy chew toy that won't leave tons of strings or residue or get completely murdered and massicated from day 1-3. Somehow this cheap little ducky did what tons of "big dog certified," "kevlar protected," and other fancy marketed toys failed to do -- last forever in a state where it's not completely destroyed, still fun for her to play with, not leave a bunch of residue, and is easy on my wallet. 10/10 I have already bought again. (She always deserves more!)
November 26, 2023
5out of 5
I have a 55 pound lab, And my dog loves this toy. I wasn't too sure about it when I ordered it because I didn't think it would be as much fun since it was not stuffed, But it is one of her favorite toys, I ordered the duck in a large. She has not destroyed it yet And loves the crinkle and squeaker sounds. Great toy in a great value.
December 03, 2023
5out of 5
This toy lasted longer than I expected it to, but eventually was destroyed after 2 weeks. Its still around, it still looks like a duck, but the feet and bill are shredded. Both my dogs love this thing and they get into a tug of war over it on occasion. It has cellophane inside the body that crackles and the bill at one time did squeak, but that lasted about 3 days. So far it’s held up and it’s still in the game.
December 10, 2023
5out of 5
Our dog loves this duck. She knows it by name and is one of her favorites. It is not indestructible so eventually she does chew it enough to get to the stuffing and insides, but we just buy another one. It lasts long enough for plenty of enjoyment so I feel it's worth it.
December 05, 2023
5out of 5
Our 9 wk old pup loves this toy! It makes crinkle noises and has a squeaker. It is good quality and has survived his sharp little teeth so far. Going to order another one for backup as it is the best toy to distract him from chasing our cats... once he sees Mr Crinkle Duck.. he charges straight for his new best friend! He is so happy playing with him. Most definitely recommend!
October 31, 2023
4out of 5
My dog adores his crinkly duck! Not only is the soft plush outside gentle on her teeth but it doesn’t easily tear either. It’s a well made quality dog toy and it’s fit for large dogs. I do have to say my only issue was the squeaker. It took her 4 days to pop a hole in the squeaker so now it doesn’t squeak. However aside from that the toy’s performance is definitely a worthwhile and will buy again!
4out of 5
The duck dog toy is colorful and bright. The squeaker lasted less than one day. The toy does wash well and has withstood numerous washings and my dog still plays with it daily. Probably not meant for a large dog or a chewer.