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PetsCatspotaroma 40 prince sandpiper cat toy rechargeable interactive kitten exercise
Potaroma 4.0" Prince Sandpiper Cat Toy, Rechargeable Interactive Kitten Exercise
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Potaroma 4.0" Prince Sandpiper Cat Toy, Rechargeable Interactive Kitten Exercise

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Introducing the Potaroma Cat Toys Flapping Bird, a lifelike Sandpiper that chirps and tweets, designed to keep your cat entertained and exercised. This touch-activated kitten toy is rechargeable and perfect for all breeds. It's not just a toy, it's a catnip-infused cat kicker that your feline friend will love. The 4.0" Prince Sandpiper is a part of our life in this big world, providing endless fun for your beloved pet.

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Manufacturer: Potaroma

Variants: Princess Sandpiper 4.0", Pair-Mate Sandpiper 4.0", Prince Sandpiper 4.0"

Dimensions: 4 x 8 x 0.7 inches; 4.16 Ounces

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3633 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 01, 2023
5out of 5
I have a Maine Coon who's hard to entertain and wakes us with loud cries between 2 and 3 every morning, regardless of training tips followed. Most toys, even those with much human interaction have failed to keep his interest for long. These flapping, noise-making bird toys have kept his attention the longest by far. The dogs even love them, too, so there's competition. I did have to remove the catnip packets, because my cat became so high that he humped evey blanket and pillow in his path until the 'drugs' wore off, and if your cat is susceptible to the effects of catnip maybe you'll want to remove the packets whilst initially introducing the toy to avoid some odd (and hilarious) behavior. We'll see how this Kitty does about waking us up at night - he's out cold for now- but he likes the the toys so much I've ordered a second set, regardless.
Of all the cat toys we've purchased over the years, this is without a doubt one of the most well-made and cutest and coolest. Unfortunately, it's always a gamble when it comes to what a cat will like or not. In our case - our senior aged tabby just doesn't have much interest in it. He's not afraid of it (always a plus) but he seems to find it a little annoying. It seems to be the sound of the chirping, which also annoys us too, but we're happy to put up with almost anything that will keep our old boy enthused and active. This toy is really well-made, very good battery life (USB rechargeable), looks nice in any room (for us humans), and does exactly what you expect - it sits idle until it's touched, and then it gently flaps it's wings and makes a bird chirping sound for about 5 seconds or so, then goes back to idle until touched again. We wanted so badly for this to be "the" toy that he would really dig, but he doesn't. He'd rather play with his old-fashioned fuzzy balls lol. Our take - if you have a playful kitten who is just coming out of their "shy time" , say around 4 months old, and introduce this to them - we think it will be a hit. But our old boy doesn't seem to think much of it, and seem to prefer that it would prefer that it didn't squawk at him. Really excellent toy though, regardless. At least he likes to chew on the feathers when we have it turned off.
5out of 5
Was looking for something for my cats to do at night & finally found an item that my dog will not eat! Luv this tweety bird - seriously! I hear him at night when my cats play with him, I hear him tweeting and wings flapping when I vacuum as the vibration, I guess turns him on! The battery life is great - lasting 3-4 days before a new charge is required. He does not chirp constantly, just for a matter of seconds then turns off until attacked by cat! Now for my cats. 2 of them pay no attention but the other 2, well they do the bunny kick with tweety bird, throw him up into the air, catch him and swat him all across the floors - they get pretty aggressive with tweety bird! I have tried other battery-operated cat toys, but my cats lost interest after a short time. Seriously, I highly recommend this toy!!!
This is the very first one (we call this one “BIRDIE”) I purchased for my blue point Himalayan male kitten and he has been so in love with this one that I’ve purchased others by this same company. Although apparently some have had issues with charging, we have not and I’ve actually been surprised how long it does actually hold a charge. Honestly, it’s probably time for me to hand wash the outside furry cover on BIRDIE. My now 7 month old kitten has enjoyed aggressively playing with his chirping bird and he has been enjoying it through several stages of kittenhood. We have since gotten another little kitten that’s around 18 weeks old who is also a blue point Himalayan male kitten (who sadly needed to be socialized due to his breeder passing and not being handled a lot) who is slowly warming up to this toy. Understandably, he has been way more skittish to everything including this toy, so we’ve moved slowly with him to make sure he feels safe and happy and loved. And I mention that both kittens are Himalayans because that can sometimes determine personalities (being part Siamese and Persian), but obviously isn’t always the case as we’ve had plenty of rescues and other breeds. Anyway, hope this is helpful!
November 11, 2023
5out of 5
I purchased the Duck and my kitten loved it so much I purchased 2 of these for my sons kitten and my kitten. My kitten loves this little bird so much it’s hard to get it away from him to charge back up, I was really surprised at how long the battery lasted it did take a couple charges to get the battery life up but it will last a couple days now
November 10, 2023
5out of 5
Our cat is absolutely obsessed with this. We have a few different motion toys but this one is definitely his favorite. Some of the other noise making toys are too loud for living in an apartment or will be too obnoxious that he won’t even want to play, but the chirping noises from the bird are a perfect level and it’ll time out fairly quickly if it doesn’t feel any movement. The fabric is so soft and it’s easy enough that he can pick it up in his mouth and chuck it around. This is a must-buy for your cat!!
November 09, 2023
5out of 5
Very fun! My 2 dogs love it. I gave one a a gift to a friend for her cat. Cat loved it. She had me order a back up as she thought her cat might destroy it with rough play. I ordered another for my dogs and 2 more for Christmas gifts for 2 other friend's cats. So far my dogs have not destroyed any. Pretty durable and easy to charge. highly recommend! Fun for all!
October 23, 2023
5out of 5
Positive notes.... Will have to order more because 2 didnt go over well for 3 cats. One always had to wait and sat sadly by hoping to get a turn. The thing chirps and flaps every time the cat touching it. Price was well worth it. Especially since its chargeable! No money wasted on batteries. Negative notes..... The feathers didnt last, so i do wish there were more on the tail and not so close to the velcro seal. It chirps pretty loudly so you definitely get annoyed after awhile, so if you forget to turn it off, are walking in the dark, hit it, and it will scare the bejeezus out of you! LOL The instructions said it had 2 catnip pouches but mine didnt come with any so will reach out. I did check if it was already inside but it is not.