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PetsCatspotaroma 3in1 cat laser toys rechargeable automatic moving indoor exercise
Potaroma 3in1 Cat Laser Toys, Rechargeable, Automatic Moving, Indoor Exercise
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Potaroma 3in1 Cat Laser Toys, Rechargeable, Automatic Moving, Indoor Exercise

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Unleash your cat's playful side with the Potaroma Cat Laser Toys Interactive 3in1. This rechargeable toy features automatic moving wheels and two feathers, providing endless fun and exercise for your indoor kitten. The kicker toys come in assorted colors, making them visually appealing to all breeds. Keep your cat entertained and active with this versatile toy. Perfect for all breeds, this toy is a must-have for any cat owner.

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Manufacturer: Potaroma

Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 1.9 inches; 8.78 Ounces

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39 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

This is the fifth toy I have ordered from Potaroma within the six months, and I have to say that my kitties and I are never disappointed by their products! Potaroma cat toys are very well designed and well made, and they are owner as well as kitty friendly. They always come with simple printed instructions that make their toys easy to figure out how to assemble and operate. They are the only cat toys that my kitties will play with every single day for long periods of time, and they are built to last! Not only that, but this company stands by their products and offers an amazing “risk-free & hassle-free” guarantee with outstanding customer service. After charging it up for the first time, this 3 in 1 Running Laser Cat Toy took me just a few minutes to put together (assembly consists of just two easy steps of installing two feathers by screwing them into their respective openings). Instructions for using the toy are simple and intuitive, involving a few short and long presses of the toggle button. This toy automatically pauses when the kitties stop playing with it for 5 minutes but can be reactivated for more fun and games within the next 4 hours. Easy peasy. I should note that I previously ordered a couple of toys similar to this one made by other companies but ended up tossing them into the trash. The reason is that the other electronic cat toys on wheels scared my kitties away because moved too quickly and jerkily, and were too loud. By contrast, this Potorama toy moves and spins around at the perfect pace for my kitties to playfully interact with it and not be freaked out. It randomly starts and stops and moves and turns and provides just the right among of excitement and challenge for my kitties. It works equally well on carpet and hard flooring. Sometimes, for a different playtime experience which they also enjoy, I will place this toy inside a shallow box and it will ricochet off the sides and the corners. Or I will place it on top of or underneath the large piece of crinkled up packing paper that I keep in my living room (LOL) for my kitties to play with. As pet parents, we are just as happy with the features of Potaroma kitty toys as our pets are! None of the Potaroma electronic toys are obnoxiously loud and irritating. Plus with their wonderful automatic shutoff and restart features, our kitties can play with these toys intermittently over the course of the day without us needing to do a thing. I love that almost all of their toys are rechargeable, and that they hold a charge for a fairly long period of time. One of my two kitties plays roughly with her toys, yet the Potaroma toys have held up over time. In fact, they continue to look and work as well as the day we took them out of their boxes. I very highly recommend this toy! It’s another winner by Potorama!
September 15, 2023
5out of 5
We just received yesterday , but my 5 foster kitties are crazy about this toy. It keeps them busy constantly. I love it
4out of 5
One can never have enough cat toys. This was one I hadn’t seen before so I figured I’d give it a try. Both of my cats generally like lasers and feathers, but neither of them were into the feathers on this, most likely because of the abrupt movement. However, one of them really loves the laser function and will chase it for quite a while before getting bored. The other will watch from a distance and run away when it gets close to him. The design is pretty clever in my opinion in that it naturally flips back and forth when changing directions. This causes the feathers to wag and the laser to appear and disappear. Speaking of the laser, the design is such that it shines about 2 feet in front of the toy. When it flips over, it points downward, so it’s never an eye safety concern. I wasn’t sure if it would bang up my walls and I’m happy to report that it doesn’t. Charging is easy. Overall it’s a fun cat toy, but only if you don’t have scaredy cats.
September 12, 2023
4out of 5
I have a playful 1-year-old cat that needs more attention then I can give him sometimes, so I always look for interactive toys that he might enjoy. I decided to get this one based on excellent prior reviews. I like the fact that it's rechargeable... I'm done with battery powered toys that run out of juice way too soon. I fully charged this toy and attached the feathers and gave it a try. My cat had a ton of fun with it and even at one point I had to stop him because he was panting so heavily chasing the laser dot. It was more the laser he was interested in chasing than the toy itself. The one thing I don't like about it is the spinning of the toy is way too fast. It's almost too spastic and frantic for him to really be able to enjoy. He does enjoy the laser and does enjoy the toy rolling across the floor, but it rotates around so fast that it freaks him out. If there was a slightly slower mode for the spinning, this would be 5 stars. But, overall, I think most cats will enjoy it.
October 10, 2023
4out of 5
My cats didn't really know how to play with this. They were interested in it and followed it around for a few minutes, but because it spins kind of quickly, they were reluctant to actually touch it. One of my cats did like the laser feature, but the spinning got her a bit dizzy so she couldn't play for long. The rechargeable battery feature is nice, but I think the feathers could be longer. They are so close to the actual moving toy that the cats can't really swat at it, and the feather doesn't really have much movement side to side, it just moves directly with the toy so it doesn't entice the cats.
November 04, 2023
4out of 5
Then why did I give it 4stars you may ask? The toy is fun filled and the cats love running around it but it’s very fast. It hits my cats too hard so my cats wont touch it anymore. The red dot /light is just right in front of it so the cats cannot reach it coz the toy is tough on them. The thing I love about is that it entertained the cats for hours
4out of 5
This toy holds their interest more than a few of the others I have. Love it when they are about ready to pounce and it is moving along bumps into something reverses direction and comes back at them. They leap into the air as if they are under attack. It also is quite able to move from surface to surface, from hard flooring to rugs seamlessly and changing direction randomly also stirs their curiosity. The charge lasts quite awhile. Cats also universally love lasers to pounce on, never quite catching their prey and this function adds to them not getting bored as they become accustomed to the toys movements. Cats never seem to get bored chasing laser dots. Good toy for exercise and to keep their hunting instincts satisfied.