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PetsCatspotaroma 10 floppy fish cat toy remote activated catnip kitten toys
Potaroma 10" Floppy Fish Cat Toy, Remote Activated, Catnip Kitten Toys
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Potaroma 10" Floppy Fish Cat Toy, Remote Activated, Catnip Kitten Toys

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Introducing the Potaroma Cat Toys Floppy Fish - an upgraded, remote and motion activated toy that your cat will love. This 10" flopping fish cat dog toy is designed to keep your pet entertained for hours. It's not just a toy, it's a cat kicker wiggle fish filled with catnip to stimulate your kitten's senses. The interactive cat exercise remote grey carp is perfect for keeping your pet active and engaged. Remember, our world's too big that she's just part of our life; make her life bigger with Potaroma Cat Toys Floppy Fish.

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Manufacturer: Potaroma

Variants: Remote Clownfish, Remote Grey Carp

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11880 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

August 06, 2023
4out of 5
First one received had a problem charging. Seller promptly replaced it and the replacement charges just fine. My 2 cats are attracted to the silvervine/catnip packet in it. They like to sniff it and one likes to rub against it. They seem surprised when it starts flopping. It is on the same frequency as my tv remote, so it turns on every time I adjust the tv volume, but there is another button on the tv remote that shuts the fish off and doesn't interfere with what I'm watching or doing with the tv. Haven't had to use the supplied remote for the fish. One cat will wrestle with the fish when it starts flopping, the other either sits and watches it or walks away. I'm happy I got it replaced, it's worthwhile (my living room is a cat playground with many types of cat toys and my non-toy-interested dog doesn't seem to mind). It gets a moderate amount of cat time and attention and honestly runs more from my frequently adjusting the tv volume. A full charge seems to last about a week before needing to be recharged.
5out of 5
I bought this fish toy for my puppy for one of her Christmas gifts. It's the best toy that I have ever bought that she likes! She's a hard dog to buy for! Dog items are so expensive!! I didn't know that before getting her Lol. When I have this toy her I couldn't believe what I was looking at, it was amazing to say the least! It looks like a real fish, and it's really durable. To charge the fish you put the charge cord that comes with the fish you plug it into your cable box. It doesn't take long to charge, and one charge last for weeks depending on how much your dog plays with it. The fish flops around like a fish out of water, it looks like a real fish without the nasty fish smell Lol. My dog plays with the toy everyday, and she plays hard, and bites the fish, and shacks the fish from side to side. The fish is strong, and flops around with purpose. This is the best toy that I have ever bought, and I recommend it highly. You can buy it for not just a dog, but a CAT as well. So if you pet gets bored, or is always underfoot like my dog is buy this fish and I promise you that your pet will have hours of play with this toy, and last for years to come!! It saved me from going insane trying to keep my dog following me around the house looking for something to get into, or looking for something to do.
After seeing these fish toys on TikToks being used by parents to pat their babies to sleep, I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. This fish is undeniably cute as a toy, and the remote feature is a great touch (at the time of purchase this was the only fish toy with a remote, which made it stand out). However, I wish it had a continuous patting option without requiring constant motion or a remote. While it didn't work as a sleep aid for us, it's still a fun toy to play with. I'm still on the search for a more suitable patting fish!
My husband is so weirded-out by this thing. The silver-blue color, he says, looks like a real fish flopping around on the floor. It's not small, either, it's the size of a large kicker toy. It's more durable than I expected though -- the cat isn't hard on it, but it's held up to being stepped on a few times. And tossed to the other side of the floor, when my husband is too freaked out by it to keep looking as it. As long as it has some juice it starts up when the cat paws at it, or when we turn something on with the Roku remote. Yes, some other remotes will activate it too, which is a little strange til you realize that's what's going on. The remote that comes with it has less range than the Roku clicker -- so don't expect to taunt your cat with it from the next room. (Well, unless maybe you're also planning on streaming videos.) The only complaint I have, and it's really quite minor, is that the battery seems to run down pretty quick. I feel like I charge it, and then within two or three days (with minimal activation) it needs to be recharged. I guess I could turn it off when I'm not with the cat, but that kind of defeats having a cat toy that he can turn on by himself... So I just check on it twice a week or so and recharge it when it won't react -- not a big deal cos it's super easy to charge. I do have one additional piece of feedback for the manufacturer though: the zipper for the battery compartment should be snaps or closure tape, or the zipper should tuck into a pocket, so that the cat will not be able to chew the zipper even accidentally. I try to tuck the zipper tab in, and I haven't seen our cat chewing on the zipper tab, but I feel like a cat could easily chip a tooth, and an aggressive cat may try to pull off the little zipper tab.
It's really cute. The cover of the fish looks really nice and is welk made. We did have our first fish arrive DOA, but one email and the company quickly replaced it without issue.
November 23, 2023
4out of 5
Overall it's cute. Cat played with it and so did the dogs! Don't waste your money on the remote it died after one day. First charge lasted a few days after that lucky if it lasts for one day. Cute but you have to charge it often.
One cat loves it's, the other doesn't care about it and was maybe even a bit scared by it at first. It is a bit noisy, and the battery doesn't last very long. But the cat who likes it will play with it whether it's "active" or not. She honestly really likes to like to play with the fish "sack" when the battery pack is out to charge. She does get excited when it's turned on too though but it doesn't hold her interest for a long time. It's also a pain to constantly charge. So not quite what I expected, but still four stars because one cat still enjoys it.
November 18, 2023
5out of 5
This rechargeable, realistic "fish" cat toy is our cats favorite toy! (ours too!) She plays with it on her own, or together with us for interactive play time. The fish has a very realistic flopping action and appears just like a real fish. It's been two years since we bought it and it still charges and works like brand new! If you have a cat, or a family member with cats, friends with cats, this makes a great gift!