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Outdoor & CampingOutdoor Accessoriesxurleq 710000 lumen led tactical handheld flashlight for outdoor activities
XURLEQ 710000 Lumen LED Tactical Handheld Flashlight for Outdoor Activities
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XURLEQ 710000 Lumen LED Tactical Handheld Flashlight for Outdoor Activities

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Illuminate your outdoor adventures with the XURLEQ Handheld Flashlight. With a powerful 710000 Lumen LED light, this tactical flashlight offers three adjustable modes for versatile use. Whether you're camping, hiking, biking, or facing an emergency, its zoomable feature and water-resistant design make it a reliable companion. Experience the difference in brightness and durability with the XURLEQ Handheld Flashlight.

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Manufacturer: XURLEQ

Dimensions: ‎6.1"D x 1.9"W x 1.9"H

Weight: ‎12.1 ounces

Special Feature: Adjustable,Portable,Resistant,Sturdy,Water Resistant,Waterproof

Color: Black

Power Source: Battery Powered

Light Source Type: LED

Material: Aluminum

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2773 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

Bright enough, but not sure if it produces 7100, really. I like the position of the button, easy to operate, but it doesn't remember the last mode it went off last time, so you cannot start with a weak light if you want to, it always starts with the most powerful mode, which in most cases is not a big issue. The rubber piece, covering the USB port, is a problem, can be easily scratched out or even easily ripped off by a holster. The moving front part is little inconvenient when you remove it from the holster, but it's ok, the flashlight is small enough and can be carried on a pocket. Although I'd prefer to keep/carry it in a holster in addition to other tools. 4/5 because of the rubber cover design, I'd prefer to take the battery off and charge it outside, but to get a better, more sturdy flashlight case. The brightness also causes some questions about real 7100. I'd say it's less, but have no tool to measure it.
3out of 5
THe product is very bright at the beginning, but the brightness decreases rapidly in a matter of a few minutes.
September 03, 2021
5out of 5
I was looking for a flashlight that was inexpensive and this one caught my attention. Without much thought, I went ahead and ordered it. It arrived on time and properly packaged. Again, I didn't give out much thought. I read the insert, included in the box, and my interest was piqued. Smart charging (charging cable included) because it controls charging to prevent overcharging or under charging. I found that to be exceptionally convenient because I could put it on the charger and pretty much forget about it. I liked that convenience. Then a situation arose where I needed to use it. Holy-moly! Talk about bright! It illuminated a very large area of my backyard. Then I tried the focused illumination and, also, quite impressive. The projection exceeded my backyard, so I can't attest to its full capacity. I can say that it easily exceeded 100 yards. Upon turning it on, it projects a bright white on its first click, click it again and it reduces brightness by maybe half. (Still very bright but softer color.) I forgot it on our deck (off the charger,) for about two weeks, yet it held its charge and worked perfectly. It's durable and well constructed, but not excessively heavy. I plan on giving this flashlight as Christmas gifts. Very impressive piece of equipment. Its value far exceeds its price.
5out of 5
I use this flashlight every night to walk my dogs around my property. It’s great I can focus the beam to see better and bright detail at a distance (~50+ yards away). This allows me to keep a close eye on my dogs as they roam. And close up it creates so much light I can walk with a partner and have no problem watching the rough terrain as we walk the property. I use it for about 20-30 min each night and the first time I needed to charge it was a month after purchase! I have also dropped it a few times and am very impressed with the durability. I couldn’t be happier.
September 26, 2020
4out of 5
This is a very bright, well made flashlight. Has a nice heavy duty weight to it, while still being small enough to keep it in your backpack or glove compartment. I bought it because of the strength of the light as well as I didn't want multiple modes with flashing lights etc... I simply wanted a single or two mode flashlight with high and low mode. This is a great option for that. Super well made and is easily rechargeable using the included micro usb cable. My only complaint is the texture is really smooth so it's not very grippy. It does come with an attached lanyard so that will prevent drops. Overall 4 our of 5 stars.
November 22, 2021
4out of 5
So many of these flashlights have a million modes of flashing and strobing and bringht and dim and you have to click through each one between coming on and off. Not this one. Turn on it and it's full bright, one more click and it's dimmer, one more and it's back off. The focus lense just slides further or closer to the bulb and works well. There's a weird cross hair that appears when strongly focused. It does actually get a little hot when you keep it on full power. I haven't tested or killed the battery, but I get the impression it would only last a few hours.
5out of 5
Bought this in preperation for the winter weather that hit southern Texas earlier this year. I was one of the lucky few to not have long term power outages but for the time that I was without powe, this baby did the job. Turn it on in the lowest setting and set it on the dining table pointing upward. Provided light up until we fell asleep 3 hours after. The wide beam gives enough light for a wide field of view and the spot light is bright but adjust the spot light carefully otherwise you'll get a magnified projection of the LEDs and it does warm up some in the lowest setting. No big complaints. It did the job. Very happy with it.
January 11, 2023
3out of 5
Ok to keep in the house for a back up of a back up but the brightness isn’t actually bright, the fisheye lens doesn’t direct the beam correctly and just gives the impression it’s bright