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Outdoor & CampingCamping Gearrtic 45 qt hard cooler insulated portable ice chest box
RTIC 45 qt Hard Cooler Insulated Portable Ice Chest Box
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RTIC 45 qt Hard Cooler Insulated Portable Ice Chest Box

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RTIC Hard Cooler RTIC coolers are just what you need for a day trip at the lake, camping, picnic, fishing, the beach, or on a boat. Made for portability with heavy-duty rope handles that allow you to take it anywhere the adventure takes you. This carry cooler is all about extremes. Your food and beverages will stay colder and for longer in this ice chest box. It’s made for impact resistance, durability, and long-lasting ice retention. The hard ice chest cooler features up to 3 inches of closed-cell foam insulation that makes these the best coolers for keeping ice. It makes an ideal beverage cooler, travel cooler, beer can cooler, lunch box cooler, camp cooler, fishing cooler, boat cooler, can and bottle cooler, soda can cooler, and more. The drink and food cooler box comes in 20 qt, 45 qt, 65 qt, 110 qt, and 145 qt sizes. The hard shell cooler can double up as a bench, step stool, tabletop, or extra cutting board.

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Manufacturer: ‎RTIC Cooler, 45 qt

Variants: Black 45 Quart, White 45 Quart, Navy 45 Quart, Tan 45 Quart, Olive 45 Quart, Blue 45 Quart, Gray 45 Quart

Dimensions: 15.63"D x 26"W x 15.5"H

Weight: 22 Pounds

Brand: RTIC

Color: Blue

Material: Rubber

Package Information: Box

Capacity: 45 Quarts

Product Dimensions: 15.63"D x 26"W x 15.5"H

Item Weight: 22 Pounds

Special Feature: Insulated

Included Components: Handle

Recommended Uses For Product: Camping

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1518 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

The RTIC is a competitor to another brand (named after an ape-like creature) which is much more expensive, but it is built just as well if not better making the RTIC the no-brainer choice. This cooler is big, sturdy with thick walls with very high quality construction. The outside is tough and durable, the lid is solid and has a very thick seal like a refrigerator door, and the rope handles are heavy-duty and are perfect to allow one or two people to carry the cooler. I love the smart engineering, for instance it has two serious drain plugs that are different - one drains to about 3 inches from the bottom, the other drains completely. So if you're re-icing the cooler and you want to keep just a bit of the cold melted water at the bottom you can. The RTIC folks also offer a divider - THANK YOU! Instead of putting everything into just a huge box the divider can separate drinks from food, etc. It's not water tight so melted ice water from one side will make it over to the other, but its a great way to organize things AND the divider doubles as a cutting board! Brilliant!
This is the best cooler I have ever owned. Not sure how it compares to a Yeti, but I don't have a need for ice to stay for days. It works better than any cooler I have ever owned. I have taken it to the beach and it keeps ice for much longer than any other product I have used. It also looks great. I actually get positive comments on my cooler lol. Definitely recommend!!!
September 30, 2023
5out of 5
RTIC is a well made brand and works great. They come in various sizes. I put the ice in and it lasts for days not hours. It is a little pricey but overall is worth the cost for a cooler that works this well and will last many seasons.
October 13, 2023
5out of 5
After several days on the road, in rather warm temperatures, the ice was still frozen and our items were still cold. Plus, it's a better price than some competitors. We bought the 65 qt and liked it so well, we bought the 45 qt for shorter trips when we don't need the larger one.
For my needs this is pretty great, I've been going to a town a 2-3 hours away from my home semi frequently lately, and they have this ice cream that my family loves. I'm there once a month and would stock up on 5-8 pints of their ice cream for everyone. The cheap coolers packed with ice would not keep the ice cream properly cooled when I'd head back home, they'd melt about 30-40% and refreeze with that weird texture. So I figured since we'll be doing some camping and day trips to the beach in a few months that I'll invest in a quality cooler. Went with this brand because its more reasonably priced but just as good of quality as the obvious similar product that is 50% more costly. I also bought this with 8 large ice packs, I use 4 to pre chill the cooler the night before, then the other 4 for when I head out, and put I believe 10lbs of ice in. If you pre chill the cooler and replace with fresh ice paks/ice right before the trip, then this thing is a mini fridge for at least 3 full days. Now the ice cream does not melt at all on the trip back, and 12oz cans of soda stay cold in the cooler for 5 days. I am confident it'd keep everything cold for at least a full 24hrs when in the desert heat, will update in the summer if it does not. I also need to find out if the drainage holes are 100% water tight or not, as I've usually dumped the ice out after a couple days before significant melting occurs, but left the cooler in my office the past week to just grab a cold drink and test the insulation of the cooler, and realized too late that the carpet around the cooler is wet and probably a half gallon of melted ice water leaked out. Will update if it was just cause I didn't have the plugs screwed in tight, or if there is a defect.
5out of 5
I purchased this for a cross-country drive to keep my food cool. Upon unboxing I was extremely impressed with the build quality and sturdiness of the cooler. The lid has a nice rubber gasket that seals securely around the perimeter lower section. It has dual drain plugs (1 large and 1 small) on either end that seal tightly and don't have to be removed to drain water. The attention to detail and quality on this cooler is "high value". For years I've used other (well-known/respected) cooler brands but they are no where near as good as this RTIC. I can keep the interior nice and cool for days in a hot car with a bag of ice. Like all coolers, it's going to lose its coolness over time but it lasts much longer than the el-cheapo $40-60 ones. Just be aware that the improved coolness duration is accomplished by much thicker walls and and secure lid seal. What I'm saying is these higher performance coolers are big on the outside and small on the inside so factor this in when packing your car or camper. Also, if you want to replace your old crappy cooler that loses its coolness in 1-2 days, measure its interior volume and match it to the interior volume of a new RTIC. Don't use the exterior dimensions if you want to have the same capacity. Remember “big on the outside small on the inside”. RTIC also has some great accessories (extra cost) that include a wire basket and freezer packs that all nicely fit inside the cooler. I purchased a basket that allowed me to better organize my food and 2 freezer packs that sit nicely along the bottom of the cooler. They are slimline and don’t take up much room. BTW: The size I bought will accommodate a gallon of milk standing upright. While this cooler is expensive at around $200 it is well worth the cost and will be the last cooler you’ll ever have to buy (unless of course you lose yours off your roof rack in the desert) :-) .
May 09, 2023
5out of 5
This ice chest works amazing. Holds ice longer than any other ice chest I’ve came across. Plus I like the color options. I went with the white top and red body
5out of 5
The RTIC 45 qt Hard Cooler is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. It keeps things icy cold for days, even in the scorching heat. The durability and build quality are impressive, and the latches seal tightly to prevent any leaks. It's spacious, easy to carry, and a true workhorse for camping, tailgating, or fishing trips. A reliable cooler that's worth every penny! Best of all, cheaper then a Yeti.