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Outdoor & CampingCamping Gearcivivi mini praxis folding pocket knife 298 d2 steel blade
CIVIVI Mini Praxis Folding Pocket Knife - 2.98" D2 Steel Blade
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CIVIVI Mini Praxis Folding Pocket Knife - 2.98" D2 Steel Blade

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Discover the CIVIVI Mini Praxis Folding Pocket Knife, a compact EDC essential featuring a 2.98" D2 Steel Blade and a durable G10 Handle. Ideal for both men and women, this small pocket knife comes with a convenient clip for easy carry. Perfect for camping, survival, and hiking adventures, the C18026C-1 model is a sharp and reliable choice for your outdoor needs.

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Manufacturer: WeKnife

Weight: 4.1 ounces

Recommended Uses For Product: Camping, Hiking


Model Name: C18026C-1

Special Feature: Foldable

Age Range (Description): Adult

Included Components: Knife

Handle Material: Fiberglass

Color: Green

Blade Material: D2

Style: Green G10

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4out of 5

1698 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

November 25, 2023
5out of 5
We bought this just for added home security and honestly this is a well made knife. It’s sharp and durable for sure, with a comfortable and practical handle for usage. Also comes with a nice case to conceal it and easily hide it from your kids.
4out of 5
I bought this knife because I have the full size and love it it’s sharp and opens smooth and crispy and super easy feels great in the hand has a nice deep Carry clip that can be either left hand or right well worth the money Now for the con and it might be a one off and not the normal because the full-size is great and doesn’t have this issue the issue is the blade lock bar is to low in to the handle and it’s very hard to release so much so I’m thinking of sending it back and getting another to see if it’s just a over site on quality controls end I can’t see having to press my thumb down in to the channel to get to unlock its pretty expensive effort to get to it and unlock so for that I gave it 4 stars may not bother some with a smaller thumb but if you have a fat thumb probably not for you but like I said may just be a one off issue I’ll update when I get a replacement on the issue
5out of 5
I bought two of these to make an all black one, I sold the other one to my friend. Me and my friend both love these knives. They are durable and easy to use. It doesn’t have a spring system so if you’re looking for speed I don’t recommend it. Besides that it’s perfect. It’s smooth, reliable and well sized.
November 11, 2023
5out of 5
What can I say? I bought 2 of them. These are great little blades, great materials and ergonomics and at the price they are a real bargain. I like the size and shape they are easy to carry and they don't get in the way when you have to reach for something in your pocket. Would I recommend them? You bet!
October 27, 2023
5out of 5
I was pleasantly surprised by this pocket knife. It was razor sharp straight out of the box (literally could shave the hair from my arm) and held an edge very well. The actions was smooth; opening and closing the knife was easy and fast. The handle was ergonomic and slim, making it a great EDC and easy to use on a day to day basis.
November 22, 2023
5out of 5
Excellent quality and value for the money. Makes for a nice EDC knife. Its a good size and weight for most people. Very easy to open & close with just one hand. Would definitely recommend.
5out of 5
I love this knife. I wanted something smaller, easier to handle and pocket than my Spyderco Para 3, because I've just never liked how the para 3 operates or how much pocket it takes up. It's a very nice knife, but just not right for me. The mini praxis, however, fits my hand perfectly and sits very nicely in the pocket without making it difficult to retrieve anything else in that pocket. The flipper action is great, and for my hands it works infinitely faster and more comfortably than the para 3's thumb hole. I'll take a flipper every time over that, and not only because it allows for a better blade profile. The mini praxis is also far, far, far less expensive than the para 3, though that's to be expected with the difference in steel (s110v vs D2). I bought the mini praxis and the civivi elementum at the same time because I couldn't decide (and the red and black elementum was just so handsome), and while both are very nice, I've been carrying the mini praxis ever since. The handle is slightly thinner, it has a much better choil, and on mine at least the action is a little smoother. They're extremely similar knives, both D2 steel, but as of the time of this writing, the mini praxis is half the price ($30) of the elementum! I would suggest anyone trying to decide between the two go with the mini praxis. If you don't prefer it, you're not out much money and you'll still have a great knife to abuse or give away. I titled this "nearly perfect" only because liner locks aren't my favorite, and not the best for one-handed use. If I could get a satin finish blade, stainless steel or titanium handled mini praxis with either a button lock or a cross bar lock, I'd be overjoyed and never need to buy another knife again (though I probably would still do so). The mini praxis and elementum are my first civivis, but definitely won't be my last.
I’ve owned Benchmades, SpiderCo, Kershaw, you name it. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new EDC knife simply because I didn’t really need to. Finally bought this to replace a lost Kershaw that I had been using daily for years, and I am very impressed. The overall fit and finish is what I would expect from a knife in the $100-200 range. It is that good. I couldn’t find a single machining error. The anodization is remarkably even for the price, actually noticeably better than what I’ve seen from Benchmade. The scales are nicely beveled and fit well in the hand. Most importantly, the grind on the blade is the best I’ve seen out of the box. I can’t speak for QC as this is my first Civivi, but if you receive a knife anywhere as nice as what I got, you will be happy. Having owned a lot of knives over the years, I’m very impressed with what Civivi is putting out for the price. While I haven’t owned it for long and can’t speak for durability, given the build quality I’d expect it to last for a while. My only gripe, and this is more personal preference, is that it’s a bit stiff to open. The action, once triggered, is smooth as butter, but it requires quite a bit of force to trigger.