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Katy Perry - One Of The Boys
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Katy Perry - One Of The Boys

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Katy Perry - One Of The Boys Exclusive Limited Edition Flamingo Pink Colored Vinyl LP Record Tracklist 1. One Of The Boys 2. I Kissed A Girl 3. Waking Up In Vegas 4. Thinking Of You 5. Mannequin 6. Ur So Gay 7. Hot N Cold 8. If You Can Afford Me 9. Lost 10. Self Inflicted 11. I'm Still Breathing 12. Fingerprints

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Manufacturer: UO Exclusive

Variants: Streaming, MP3, Audio CD, Vinyl

variant: Vinyl

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1387 reviews

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Amazon's Top Reviews

5out of 5
I have a rule for buying CDS: I have to like at least four of the songs to make it worth my while...I took a chance and bought this after hearing only two of the songs played on the radio, but it turns out that I like almost every song. There are a couple where she sings with a very high yet soft voice that I thought was kind of boring, but I enjoyed her vocals the rest of the time. Her style reminds me of the Go-GosBeauty and the Beat , and Thompson Twins. (Yeah, I am an an 80s fan). The lyrics are hysterical; she's very good at telling stories, and even though you might be tempted to think she is exagerating, I could relate to a lot of the scenarios she describes. I love ALL KINDS of music - I have very eclectic tastes, but I have to say it was refreshing to hear a female vocalist who didn't create another hip-hop album or a whiny alternative album (you know, the ones where every single song is directed to some guy).
4out of 5
There's a lot to like about Katy Perry. Her song "I Kissed a Girl" is reigning high on the iTunes chart right now. For those unfamiliar with her, I'd place her sound and style in the genre of pop. Her sound is reminiscent of 80s pop and with a bit of a edge that makes her comparable to other new acts like Sarah Bareilles. Don't be fooled by the cover; Katy Perry's music is far from frilly and girly. In fact, often times it's the opposite as she spins out songs and lyrics that have caught the attention of pop royalty such as Madonna. What you'll like about "One of the Boys" is the chances Katy Perry takes with her lyrics. The song "I Kissed a Girl" isn't truly groundbreaking or edgy but it's a rock-style song with Perry bending gender a bit, taking on the position of a 'girl gone wild' whose just out to have fun and experiment rather than looking for love. The other stand-out song "Ur So Gay" plays with the beat, with Perry's voice dripping and hanging off words and phrases as she rips into her loving boyfriend whose qualities brings questions to her mind. This is what makes Katy Perry so appealing; her music doesn't sound like anything being played on American radio and sounds very fresh and appealing to all audiences. Other stand out songs are "Lost" which is rather ballad-like without being overly mushy and features some great vocal work on her behalf, the very 80s-pop orientated "Mannequin" and "Self Inflicted". What you may not like are the down-tempo songs that definitely feel like a let down compared to her up-temp songs. While these are okay, they distract and feel like filler-tracks or like something that any other new-act would put out. They sound far too safe for an artist that has the ability to pen some great lyrics and match it to a unique and fun beat. These tracks make the cd drag out and feel a bit unbalanced. In all, a great debut that deserves your attention and is worth your money. Check it out.
December 21, 2009
5out of 5
Here is my track by track review of "One of the Boys" by Katy Perry. After selling more than 5 million copies worldwide, this album has cemented Katy into the elites of pop artists. 1. One of the Boys - The title track, this dance song deals with Katy hanging out alot with guys, but really just wanting to be a girl to be in a relationship with one of the guys she likes. In short, she doesn't want to be just One of the Boys anymore. This song is extremely catchy and a great starter. Hopefully an indicator of things to come!! 4/5 2. I Kissed A Girl - We've all heard it, with mixed reactions. I don't necessarily love the message that she is conveying, but the point is that this song is addicting and will be stuck in your head for days on end...and fun to shout along to!! 3/5 3. Waking Up In Vegas - A Fun, face-paced dance track, Katy Perry recalls a trip to the infamous city of sin with her boyfriend, chronically telling the listener about all the different things they did. It is an AMAZING song all around! 4/5 4. Thinking of You - Whoaaa. Slowww Dowwwwwnnnnnnn. Katy takes a MAJOR turn from the rest of the album at this point with this ballad. It is moving and telling, and I truly love it (and am disappointed that it did not do well on the charts!!) The music video is MOVING, TOUCHING, and you NEED to see it to complete the expirience! 5/5 5. Mannequin - Another slower/tamer song, this song is still good nonethless. "I wanna hit you just to see if you cry" exemplifies the rest of the song, with electronic beats and angsty lyrics. A good song, but a skipper. 3/5 6. Ur So Gay - She released this song a while ago on the internet exclusively, and I have to the say that the lyrics are just...clever!! I wish that it wasn't censored though...because there is really no need...anyways, a funny, humorous track!! 3/5 7. Hot N Cold - Her second single, I would venture to say that this song is the single best song on the entire album. A fun dance song (like many others) and it really exemplifies what the whole album is about--just having a good time!! 5/5 8. If You Can Afford Me - Another fast-faced song, this one is pretty fun to listen to. "If you wanna ride, just name your price, don't play cheap with your heart" I like this song alot as well!! 4/5 9. Lost - Katy slows it down a bit, with the music-box like "Lost". This song is SO emotional and PERFECTLY delivered, which makes it easily the best slow song on the album. 5/5 10. Self Inflicted - Stepping up the tempo (anyone else feeling a little nauseous!!?), this song is another SOLID track. It is almost filler, but if it classified as such, it is some of the best filler on the album (which really isn't filler!!!!!) 3/5 11. I'm Still Breathing - Another emotionally tinged ballad, this one is probably ranked lower than Thinking of You and Lost in my eyes (well...ears i guess). 2/5 12. Fingerprints - FILLLLERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. But still good filler. =) 2.5/5 Verdict, A strong album from Katy Perry, you NEEEEEEDDDD TO BUY IT!!!! You will not regret it!
5out of 5
I won't go into a review of the music as that has been covered by many others under the CD edition. Let me tell you about the absolutely fabulous vinyl edition,,, TOP QUALITY !!! This edition is one of the best thought out and just plain fun vinyl sets that I have purchased recently. First off it is a double disc set, 180 gram colored vinyl. Disc 1 is bright red and disc 2 is bright yellow. Glossy standard weight gate fold jacket with a nice photo on either side of Katy. Standard weight white paper sleeves for the discs. 12 tracks, just like it's standard CD counterpart are spread across the first disc, 6 tracks per side. The second disc contains 4 remixes of "I Kissed A Girl" on side one and 4 remixes of "Hot N Cold" on side two. At under the 20 dollar mark this is very much worth the money. I highly recommend this set! Also, the vinyl set of Katy Perry's other album, Teenage Dream, is also just as noteworthy with the same thought of fun and value. Please see my review for that one if you'd like to know more. Thanks for reading my review!
April 20, 2023
5out of 5
A great upbeat album. Full of youthful hope. Very nice.